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Charger Throwback Uniforms On Tap For Monday Night Football

Last year I mentioned the San Diego Chargers 1960's AFL-era powder-blue throwback uniforms. They are, without a doubt, the best uniform in professional sports. Unfortunately team owner Alex Spanos steadfastly refuses to trot them out more than once a year.


The good news is that everyone will be able to see these fine uniforms when the Chargers host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football. ABC can't contain their excitement at finally getting a marque match-up on their Monday night lineup...

As a lifelong Chargers fan, neither can I.

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Sorry to disagree with you ... (Below threshold)

Sorry to disagree with you on this one, but...I have never seen what anybody sees in them things. they look....ugly. I don't get the powder blue at all. not a bit.

I do not understand it at all. make's 'em look weak, like UCLA. I could never figure out why they chose those colors.

then again, those old Chargers jerseys aren't anywhere as gawd-awful ugly as the crap that every other NFL team seems to want to use. I like what the Eagles and Steelers did, just made some refinements, freshen the look. it makes the Chiefs and Vikings uni's actually start to look better, even thought they didn't change at all.

and don't get me started on them Seahawk and U of Oregon uniforms...freakin' liberals...

The real appeal of the Bolt... (Below threshold)

The real appeal of the Bolts throwback jerseys is the memory of the early Charger offenses with the open passing attack. The genius of Sid Gillman. Many others as well; Al Davis included.

I think the NFL limits the ... (Below threshold)

I think the NFL limits the number of times that teams can wear their third jerseys, which are typically the throwback ones.

I really hate it when peopl... (Below threshold)

I really hate it when people call them "throwback" jerseys. They're the "class and style" jerseys. In fact, every jersey change since 1980, has been a stupid design, because its been a nod to the "gangsta" culture. For example, the "silver and black" of the Raiders was once the ubiquitous uniform of many gang members. After that, many NFL teams decided to screw class and style in favor of cashin' in on the "gangsta" style. Wow, that made the NFL look like a bunch of lowlifes playing football, instead of true sportsmen. Examples of the "gangsta" style in the NFL: Denver, San Diego, Baltimore, Atlanta, Seattle, and Tampa Bay. Each team should move back to their original uniforms, except for Baltimore, they should redesign theirs (yuck!). Notice both NY teams use their 1960s uniforms??? The NY Giants uniforms and helmet logo are awesome. Clean and professional. The latest ugliest uniform has got to be the Bengals. They look like they're wearing leopard longerie. However, the Ravens have the ugliest uniforms in the league.

When I was a kid (about 15 ... (Below threshold)

When I was a kid (about 15 years ago) I always hated it when Dallas used their away Jerseys, because whenever I noticed them wearing it they lost.


I love the Raven's uniforms... (Below threshold)

I love the Raven's uniforms. right amount of color, modern-looking numbers. Denver really started this whole shebang off in '97 when they made their uniforms look 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 times better. sure you can say what you want to about orange jerseys, but Denver's were awful. and Tampa Bay went from old-school ugly to fresh, new ugly.

when Atlanta switched the black and red (and that's the only thing they did), I thought it was the coolest thing ever. while it's true black was the gansta color, all they did was reverse them so people wouldn't think they were the frick'n Georgia Bulldogs.

about the NY teams? hate them both. both of them need...something different. I don't know what, but, they need another try.

and the Bengals new uniforms? I was thinking about it when I first saw them, and I thought to myself, "that looks like what would happen if you were buying your kid a halloween costume, and you hated the kid."

Pardon my bias - but I just... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Pardon my bias - but I just can't help myself...

"The best uniform in professional sports" is, without a doubt, that of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Clean, classic, stylish, appropriate and ageless. It says, "baseball" and "St. Louis."

Were you a LA Charger fan o... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Were you a LA Charger fan or just a Johnny come lately? Bolts have been good last two years, but not as exciting as when Coryell(sp?) was coach. Its either Bolts or Broncs this year.

(I've been waiting 15 years... (Below threshold)

(I've been waiting 15 years for the opportunity to say this...to anybody...)

But Kevin, you don't have to wait until tomorrow night to watch a real football team, the Bengals are in Prime Time tonight!

The Chargers were in LA for... (Below threshold)

The Chargers were in LA for only one year as I recall (the first year of the AFL). We didn't move to SD until the early 1970's, so I picked up the habit before Don Coreyll came to town.

Yes. I say they are throwba... (Below threshold)

Yes. I say they are throwback all right. Throw up as well
(That said, I hate the orange uniforms of teh Cleveland "Browns" In fact, I am not pleased with these posers either)

I presume the gentleman wit... (Below threshold)

I presume the gentleman with all the others bearing down on his person, will be able to sue on the grounds of 'common assault' or even 'uncommon assault"!

It's takes real men to wear... (Below threshold)

It's takes real men to wear the Powder Blue which is what the Chargers are. All the rest of you need to get a life.

throw·back n. 1. A... (Below threshold)

throw·back n.
1. A reversion to a former type or ancestral characteristic.

Sorry if I offended anyone with my use of the proper word from the english language. It seemed like the correct word to use in order to distinguish between a third jersey color and a completely different uniform style from or inspired by the past.

Ed, if you wish to share your opinion with the NFL try this link: http://www.nflshop.com/nfl/index.jsp?pageId=nflFeedback

It gives them a real differ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

It gives them a real different look thats for sure

Well, the best uni in all s... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

Well, the best uni in all sport is Yankee pinstripes (ducks, covers, gets beaten soundly). However, I also think that the Chargers' original unis are a whole lot better than their current ones. Hopefully the trend started by the Giants (and now the Bills) will take hold and NFL unis will go back to looking like they should.

wat da hell are you talking... (Below threshold)

wat da hell are you talking about we not liberals and the seattle uni's is awesome

chargers? hahhahahhahaaha y... (Below threshold)

chargers? hahhahahhahaaha you make me laugh man.
STEELERS got best uniform man, and also the giants.






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