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$6,000 Signing Bonuses At Burger King in New Orleans

Yes, you read that headline right. Burger King in New Orleans is offering up to a $6,000 signing bonus for new hires.

Rally's has a hand scrawled sign in the window saying they will pay 10 bucks per hour to flip burgers.

Nearly every business in town has a help wanted sign up, most have several.

CDL drivers are in such short supply, my wife's company is paying $600 finders fees to whoever can find one. (Not to mention what they are paying the drivers)

Meanwhile our public officials are whining 24/7 in the media that contracts are going to out of state companies who will hire out of state workers. I really wonder what planet they are on. There are simply not enough people in town to fill the jobs we have!

The problem is that many of our people lost everything and have no place to live in town. We don't need politicians whining about out of state hires, we need temporary housing. Desperately.


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Comments (23)

But that would be enabling ... (Below threshold)

But that would be enabling capitalism instead of enabling dependancy.

So...what are they paying C... (Below threshold)

So...what are they paying CDL drivers? I live in the PNW but for the right amount of money it might be worth checking it out.

grumpy I don't know exact f... (Below threshold)

grumpy I don't know exact figures but I can tell you with some assuredly the highest wages for CDL drivers in the country is down here right now.

I know one company who is paying 1000 signing bonuses if you drive only 60 days.

I'll find out better on Monday if you are serious but you won't find better wages anywhere right now. Heck, warehousemen are getting almost the same deals.

I don't give credence to al... (Below threshold)

I don't give credence to all of the claims against "out of state preferences," but at least on the surface, this story is pretty bad. I don't know all the details of procedure here, but to award a contract to a no-bid Alaska-based company for around $15 Million more than an in-state company's bid seems a little shady, and more than a little counterproductive to the relief effort.

Paul, thanks for the info. ... (Below threshold)

Paul, thanks for the info. Yes, I'm interested. I have a Class B CDL and am working on getting my Class A (tractor/trailer). Not sure how much in demand a Class B would be but if you can get more info I'd appreciate it.

Immediate help to get peopl... (Below threshold)

Immediate help to get people safe and out of harms way...Absolutely!. Long term assitance, like temporary housing, in the disaster area as opposed to assistance in safe neighboring communities...No F-ing Way!

It's not a fait accompli that New Orleans should be rebuilt: Discussions on alternatives to rebuilding New Orleans.

grumpy the B's are in just ... (Below threshold)

grumpy the B's are in just as high demand maybe higher. On my way home from the store today I see the Coke-Cola bottling company has signs up looking for B's

(generically) The semis bring it into the city but local companies have trouble after that. Beer trucks, Coke, Water, Bread, heh- even the Krispy Kreme Donut shop needs B's.

If you want an exact name and number, I can get you one, but in general terms, everyone in the city is hiring.... no that is not an exaggeration.

BoDiddly, I don't know the ... (Below threshold)

BoDiddly, I don't know the Adams guy from -well- Adam.

AND I'm not defending the contract but (frankly) I'm not sure anyone based in Yazoo city has the depth required to execute a 30 million dollar contract. (again I don't know the company but) there are very few firms in that part of the world that are even close to that large.

In a perfect world, the little guys could get these monster contracts but part of the responsibility in government purchasing is to give it to a company who can handle the work.

My mother was in government purchasing for a long time and you can't be running a 3 million dollar a year business and bid on a 20 million dollar job. It just doesn't work that way.

My point is -and don't get it wrong- I'm not sure this one news story is as damning as it may first appear.

And it was NOT a complete n... (Below threshold)

And it was NOT a complete no bid contract. If the Alaska firm won a bid contest and the Corps extended the existing contract, they -in effect- bid it.

Another point- If a known supplier comes in at 40 million and some other company says they can do it for 25 that is often a sign the little guy does not appreciate the scope of work.

NO should not be rebuilt. K... (Below threshold)

NO should not be rebuilt. Keep the French Quarter & possibly the Garden District. Let the Hotel Chains build housing for their employees in the Quarter.Let the Mississippi river take it's natural course & leave the low lying areas to whatever Nature has in store for those areas.

New Orleans WILL be rebuilt... (Below threshold)

New Orleans WILL be rebuilt with or without federal help. It would be a infinitely less hard if we had the help of our fellow Americans, but we and our families have lived with the same threat of flooding from the time the colony was first settled. It has been a real eye opener to me though that in a time of upheaval we would not only have to deal with the forces of nature but the emotional trauma of realizing that many Americans feel we do not have the right to live in our own homes.

Paul,What you hear... (Below threshold)


What you heard: "contracts are going to out of state companies who will hire out of state workers"

What they really said: "contracts are going to legitimate companies who will not hire my cronies"

Thanks, doctorj. I'm wonder... (Below threshold)

Thanks, doctorj. I'm wondering why don't I ever hear this "We should not rebuild" about other places along the Gulf. Or in New Hampshire, for that matter, where earthen levees apparently also exist. And while we're at it, why shouldn't we just let the Hoover Dam fall down and let the Colorado "Do what it wants to do?" What were people thinking to build in these regions? New Orleans is a very insular community, and I'm not really surprised that the world outside doesn't recognize that there's anything going on outside the miniscule area shown by CNN. I am surprised, however, at how quickly they are willing to write off something they know so little about.

' am surprised, however, at... (Below threshold)

' am surprised, however, at how quickly they are willing to write off something they know so little about.'

I think it has something to do with the idea of handing over $250b to kleptocrats.

Check <a href="http://www.t... (Below threshold)

Check this out.

Paul,I haven't hea... (Below threshold)


I haven't heard too much about how Terrytown and Harvey faired. I used to live their when I was a kid. Do you know anything?

I've been to Terrytown mult... (Below threshold)

I've been to Terrytown multiple times. Lots of wind damage. Trees everywhere. The Harvey canal levee almost burst, but they got it under control.

A few (very few) buildings down. Mostly trees and roofs. Some water but not much.

Hello,I'm interest... (Below threshold)
David K.:


I'm interested in getting a job down there in N.O. I live in Brooklyn NYC, and I want to know more about these 6,000 sign on bonuses from Burger King, etc. Can someone with the info please contact me at: 646-246-2511 or by email: [email protected] and let me know something more on these Jobs?
How long would one have to work before getting that $6,000? Anything intersting would be greatly appreciated.


i want to know more too sha... (Below threshold)

i want to know more too [email protected]

Could you give me some more... (Below threshold)

Could you give me some more info on BK sign on bonus deal also? How long do you have to work there? Which Restaurant is it?

i would go down to new orle... (Below threshold)
jovan johnson:

i would go down to new orleans and work for burger king , for that bonus , do you have info on that ?

Is Burger King still giving... (Below threshold)
Kim Payne:

Is Burger King still giving $6000.00 sign on bonus? and if I went there to work where could I live is there anywhere?
Kim 43 Oklahoma

Anyone with Burger King sig... (Below threshold)
Kim Payne:

Anyone with Burger King sign on Info and housing let me know. [email protected]






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