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Unfortunate Franchises Names

Last week we had the carpets cleaned; something that any visitor to our house could tell you was long overdue. Previously we had been using a chemical dry cleaning company (the type you typically see in office buildings) to clean the carpets semiannually. While the cleaning the provided looked nice (for a little while), I was always bothered by the fact that they weren't pumping and extracting scalding hot water into the carpets to deep clean them. With three small children abusing the carpets regularly I wanted deep steam cleaning. Enter Stanley Steemers, who did a simply fabulous job. That chemical cleaning company will never be back, it's Stanley Steemer for us every 6 months for us from now on.

The whole time they were though here I couldn't help but think how unfortunate it would be to be an employee (or owner) of a Stanley Steemer location in the Cleveland area. The must really be tired of snide remarks...

[Note: If you don't get the reference, you really probably don't want to know...]

If you're completely lost as to why this is "humor" perhaps it's best you just move on to the next post. If you just won't be satisfied until you know what's so funny you can find out here (NSFW). Link contains graphic language that may emotionally scar you for life - you were warned...

Comments (23)

Quite a fun name thats for ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Quite a fun name thats for sure a bit like the steam cleaner machine called RUG DOCTOR the names are just plain fun to hear

You are beyond the pale. Ap... (Below threshold)

You are beyond the pale. Apologize to your loyal fans.

How long can it be before w... (Below threshold)

How long can it be before we see a Rusty Trombone's Musical Intrument Repair popping up somewhere?

Umm, do us all a favor, man... (Below threshold)

Umm, do us all a favor, man, either pull this post altogether or put a FAR STRONGER warning behind that last link. That is just disgusting, and says quite a bit about you that you knew what it was and thought of it then... :)

You have WAY too much free ... (Below threshold)

You have WAY too much free time.

Unbelievably disgusting. I... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Unbelievably disgusting. I know you warned me, but... (no pun intended)

Yes, okay, you warned me...... (Below threshold)

Yes, okay, you warned me... "If you don't get the reference, you really probably don't want to know..." and I was dumb enough to click the link. Damn! And the Back Arrow didn't work.. my browser came back to Wizbang but the knowledge stayed in my head. Please excuse me, I have to go hose off my brain.

"I break with thee,I... (Below threshold)

"I break with thee,
I break with thee,
I break with thee,
and then you throw dog poop-eh on their shoes-eh."

There are some things bette... (Below threshold)

There are some things better left unknown to me. This was one of them!

Get a Bissel steam cleaner ... (Below threshold)

Get a Bissel steam cleaner and do it yourself.
You will be amazed (and even a little repulsed) at
the quantity of dirt you suck out of the carpeting
(the repulsive part is knowing that you were sitting
and rolling around on that stuff).

Once you start cleaning, you won't want to stop.
You'll do the furniture and the cars.
The thrill of cleaning does wear off after a couple
years but it is kind of amazing that there actually
was a thrill to be found there.

Yeah, that's disgusting. Th... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that's disgusting. The company name is, of course, a play on the name of an ancient steam driven car.

And I thought I heard every... (Below threshold)

And I thought I heard everything with the group in San Fran that inflates their scrotums with saline solution. Just goes to show you.

We got a restruant called T... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

We got a restruant called THE TRAILHEAD and a sewing supply store called WOODEN SPOOLS and we used to have a buisness called FUR POCKET AND FREINDS although it sound more like a kids book

Sixty years old, Marine Cor... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Sixty years old, Marine Corps, college, fair amount of travel and never heard that one. Now I'm about to put my brain in a boiling pot of bleach to try and clean that image out of my head. Thanks Kevin.

Did they help you move furn... (Below threshold)

Did they help you move furniture too?

Old Coot, clicking that lin... (Below threshold)

Old Coot, clicking that link is a bell you can never unring...

I am SHOCKED!... (Below threshold)
Dirty Sanchez:


No WAY!... (Below threshold)
Nasty Bukkake:


I'm 51 and was clueless.</p... (Below threshold)

I'm 51 and was clueless.

And just how did YOU know what it was???

I would have preferred the ... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

I would have preferred the following definition

steamer clam
These East Coast soft-shell clams have a thin, brittle shell that doesn't close entirely due to the long, rubbery neck (siphon) extending from the body. Steamers are the smallest of the Atlantic soft-shell variety. They are, as their name indicates, delicious steamed. They're also suitable for batter-dipping and frying. See also CLAM.

Cleveland Steamers and Rust... (Below threshold)

Cleveland Steamers and Rusty Trombones in the same post/comments? This ranks among the best Wizbang columns yet.

At least there was no menti... (Below threshold)

At least there was no mention of chili dogs...

"See also, Hot Carlisle, Pa... (Below threshold)

"See also, Hot Carlisle, Pasadena Mudslide, California Hot Plate..."







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