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Better watch out, Kevin...

The three of us who write for Wizbang! are pretty much scattered around the country . Kevin lives in Virginia, Paul in New Orleans, and I live in New Hampshire.

A litte over a month ago, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Paul got out in time, and he got off comparatively lucky -- his losses will be around five figures.

Then, this weekend, New Hampshire got rained on nearly all weekend. We're fine here in Manchester, but the southwestern corner got nailed hard -- up to a foot of rain. There was a LOT of flooding and other water damage, roads were washed out, bridges were washed away, dams overflowed and threatened to burst, and at least two people were killed. The Weekend Pundit was all over it, and so were our local media.

But that's two of us. Kevin, be careful around the water, OK?


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I live in Maryland, not mor... (Below threshold)

I live in Maryland, not more than about an hour from Nothern Virginia, and while we didn't get a foot of rain we got enough to cause trouble and I think NoVa got about what I did. Maybe you can count that as Kevin's water event and call the whole thing even ;-)

Yep, I'm here in Keene. Wh... (Below threshold)

Yep, I'm here in Keene. Who would have guessed this?

Things are drying out pretty well now, although many roads in Cheshire County are closed-because they aren't there anymore. We lost the road to our house, an isolated rural part of town, and now it takes some extra time to get to work, by driving the long way around.

My in-laws are up in South Acworth which, like Alstead, is inaccessible from any direction. Their phone is down, and the State Police have told us the NH Guard is going door to door evacuating people. We have to just wait for news, but I'm sure they're fine.

For updated highway information, I recommend people check out the NHDOT travel site, which posts road closures.

The response has been great. Many thanks to Keene Police, Fire Department, and Public Works who have put in a bunch of overtime.

It's not a natural disaster... (Below threshold)

It's not a natural disaster we worry about here in Northern Virginia...

It is NOT a given that we s... (Below threshold)

It is NOT a given that we should rebuild New Hampshire.

Who would live where it floods? We should bulldoze the whole state and move those people somewhere else.

What idiot put a state where it floods?!?

We don't need help rebuildi... (Below threshold)

We don't need help rebuilding. Throwing a couple hundred yards of fill into a hole is something we can take care of on our own.

Just send us each a check for $6,000.

At least we're not up to our necks in our own shit.

Paul, you're talking about ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, you're talking about some BIG bulldozers -- we got MOUNTAINS up here.

But if you're talking about just the Keene region, I might see my way to concurring...


I sense sarcasm. Could be ... (Below threshold)

I sense sarcasm. Could be the lighting, though.

Hey Paul, did you see the n... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul, did you see the news about some N'Orlans cops that beat up a drunk in the Quarter? I was shocked, I tell ya', SHOCKED!

I mean, that hardly ever happens...

...in front of cameras.... (Below threshold)

...in front of cameras.

[ducks and runs]

Of course an increase in ex... (Below threshold)

Of course an increase in extreme weather events is an expected consequence of a warmer Earth/oceans . . .

Instead of denial, why don't we just throw in the rowel, say it's all a good thing, and jump into the race for resources in the melting Arctic before everyone else gets them? http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/10/science/10arctic.html?emc=eta1&pagewanted=all

On the other hand, if we force Kyoto on China and India, perhaps we could throw a wrench into their development, thereby extending our global hegemony for another half-century?

Are you a blogger, or Alvin... (Below threshold)

Are you a blogger, or Alvin Smith?

odrady you nailed it. A dru... (Below threshold)

odrady you nailed it. A drunk getting the pee beat out of him by the NOPD on Bourbon is hardly news.

and Silverbubble is the onl... (Below threshold)

and Silverbubble is the only one with a sarcasm detector today.






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