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If I Had A Million Dollars...

"I'd buy you a green dress. (But not a real green dress, that's cruel)." ***
AOL is purchasing Jason Calacanis' Weblogs Inc. for $25 million dollars (or a little less according to The Washington Post), which doesn't include salaries for the folks who write their blogs. There's been lots of teeth-gnashing about what it all means, but perhaps at the end of the day it just reaffirms the old Internet adage that "content is king." AOL is bleeding subscribers and they need content to draw people to AOL.com.

As much as I value the independence of Wizbang, I'll have to admit that my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this analysis of the sale by Tristan Louis using Technorati data. Using the $546 dollar per incoming site link valuation model, Wizbang is currently worth over $1 million dollars.

Actually, given 1946 sites linking, it's $1,063,761.44. Not that I was mildly obsessing or anything...

*** Obligatory Bare Naked Ladies song reference.


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Comments (12)

Not that I'm greedy, but wo... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Not that I'm greedy, but would there be a cut in there for me? And just how much?


Jay, you've got the shaggin... (Below threshold)

Jay, you've got the shaggin' wagon. How much more does one man need?

Always happy to add my two ... (Below threshold)

Always happy to add my two cents....

Patience, patience, patienc... (Below threshold)

Patience, patience, patience, my friend.

And consider, with corporate ownership, there is no way you could have made that Cleveland Steemer post.

anything for those giving y... (Below threshold)

anything for those giving you those links?

One problem. How much deman... (Below threshold)

One problem. How much demand is there for wizbangs?

Congratulations. Can I bor... (Below threshold)

Congratulations. Can I borrow 20 bucks?

Now Kevin, you know you all... (Below threshold)

Now Kevin, you know you all are priceless!!

Also, one feakin dress isn't gonna do it buddy!

If you keep posting CRAP li... (Below threshold)

If you keep posting CRAP like the Stanley Steamer Idea don't count on it....

Hey, put that on your next ... (Below threshold)

Hey, put that on your next car loan app as an asset. I smell a Rolls in your future!

And to think all I ever wan... (Below threshold)

And to think all I ever wanted was a monkey.

Beware of Big Brother Beari... (Below threshold)

Beware of Big Brother Bearing Bucks... :)






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