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Birth Daze

I've always had a bit of contempt for the pseudo-science of "astrology." The idea that the timing of one's birth could have any shape on one's personality, or that it would have a unifying effect on fate, is absurd.

That being said, I've noticed that the month of my birth has been a bit of a unifying factor in my life.

When I was growing up, my best friend was born two days after me. My current best friend is exactly one year and ten days older than I am. And yesterday, I found out that Laurence Simon is exactly two years and two weeks younger than I am.

October was also the date of the two great US stock market crashes, and the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. (Ironically, my birthday commemorates the crash of 1929 and the UN founding date, much to my chagrin).

October very well could rival April's reputation as "the cruelest month..."

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Keep in mind that both spac... (Below threshold)

Keep in mind that both space shuttles that ended in disaster were launched in January.

September 26, then? Duly a... (Below threshold)

September 26, then? Duly added to my birthday calendar so next year I can post a happy birthday. As for this year, happy belated! You are in great company, being exactly 37 years and 3 days older than Sadie. You also share the day with blogger Jay Manifold.

Both the Challenger and Col... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Both the Challenger and Columbia were launched in unseasonably cold temperatures (the low 30's) even for January and Central Florida...My grandmother said that if the moon's position effects the tide, perhaps it effects our birth. She also said a Scorpio (like Jay, even one on the cusp,) "never forgets a kindness or an injury."

I am assuming that Jay was ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I am assuming that Jay was born on Oct 24th.

Someone said that Time was ... (Below threshold)
Larry Zangla:

Someone said that Time was invented so that everything doesn't happen at once.

Jay- If you were born earlier in the month, say, on the 10th, then someone born two weeks earlier would no longer hold some eerie coincidence for you. Keep your contempt for astrology- that's what it deserves.

"Pseudo-science?" Really?<... (Below threshold)

"Pseudo-science?" Really?

I think you got that half right, and it ain't the "S" word.

1971 Texas Stadium o... (Below threshold)

Texas Stadium opens-Cowboys beat Patriots 44-21

A dark day indeed...

Mine is on 1024 as well.</p... (Below threshold)

Mine is on 1024 as well.

While I don't buy into astrology, I do believe environment plays a role in how we develop. Further, I'm inclined to believe that to some extent the seasons (climate) we spend certain developmental stages at could have some affect (3 months in the world of a 4 year old is an enternity).

- MikeB

It could be worse. I share ... (Below threshold)

It could be worse. I share my birthday (December 21) with Jane Fonda and Joseph Stalin.

"A touchstone to determi... (Below threshold)
jd watson:

"A touchstone to determine the actual worth of an "intellectual" - find out how he feels about astrology." -- Robert Heinlein

I share mine with [cue s... (Below threshold)

I share mine with [cue strident "Psycho" strings] Lady Bird Johnson!!!

If I'd been born three-quarters of an hour earlier I coulda had Hanoi Jane and Uncle Joe instead. Dang.

My b-day is Oct. 26 (Unfort... (Below threshold)

My b-day is Oct. 26 (Unfortunately, I believe it is also Hillary's birthday). I know a ton of people born in October and around my birthday.

I think you can credit part of the surge of birthdays in late October and early November to a certain holiday that happens in February more than some astrological reason.

To fatman: ... (Below threshold)

To fatman:

Maybe someday you'll be able to piss on both of their graves ....

The moon affects tides, tru... (Below threshold)

The moon affects tides, true, but that's because oceans are huge. Takes a lot of mass for gravity to have an effect (it being one of the weakest forces in nature). There is actually more gravitational influence from the body of the doctor or nurse present at your birth than there is from the moon.

Anybody ever do a study on what correltation, if any, there is on doctor's and nurses and people's dispositions?

Heh, my birthday falls on t... (Below threshold)

Heh, my birthday falls on the siege of Versailles during the French Revolution. Makes me proud, it does.

I read my horoscope out of ... (Below threshold)

I read my horoscope out of habit, then forget it immediatly. one of my ex-wives was hooked on that crap (and fortune readings, and a lot of other crap I won't go into). I just humored her, but her devotion to that sort of thing made me lose respect for her and ultimately contributed to our demise as a couple.

every now and again, (very rarely) the coincidence is uncanny.

around late may of this year, early in the morning before work, I got a call from a former coworker who was working as an independent IT contractor, telling me he had a couple of potentially long term gigs and it was time for me to take the plunge. I'd previously cofounded a business which did great for 3 years, till we got crushed in the dot.com bust in 2000 - so I was a little gunshy. Since then I'd worked for a company that simply didn't get it, and had been unhappy there for a couple of years.

anyway, long story long, I hemmed and hawed and said I'd think about it.

later that same day, reading the paper, I skimmed my horoscope. it said, word for word:

"It's time others recognized your worth. negotiate a price or contract your services".

freaky huh? I ended up quitting my job about a month later, and I'm now working 20 hours a week for my former employer (for about the same as I used to make in salary), in addition to 40 hours at other clients.

just don't tell my ex. ;)

Aaron - "I think you can cr... (Below threshold)

Aaron - "I think you can credit part of the surge of birthdays in late October and early November to a certain holiday that happens in February more than some astrological reason."

I was a total Ooops! caboose baby, born almost 10 years after my older sister. My birthday is October 1, which is 9 months and 1 day after New Year's Eve.

I've noticed my mom refuses to drink champagne anymore.

in 1939 my father was born,... (Below threshold)

in 1939 my father was born, on oct 14th, In 1966 I was born, on october 14th 1966.

According to family tradition and to my grandmother's lore, My father and I were born 27 minutes apart.

To which she said to me in that voice only a grandchild can remember " you will be just like your dad"

Seeing out my dad turned out, I can only hope Astrology is false false false.

I share my b-day with John ... (Below threshold)

I share my b-day with John Lennon (Oct. 9), but he and I are polar opposites in just about every category. Too bad too, I wouldn't mind a lifetime of fame on just 2 decades of song writing. OTOH, I would mind an assasin's bullet.






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