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A grave blow to New Hampshire culture

Someone has committed a horrible, horrible crime in New Hampshire. They have struck a grave blow against the state, grievously wounded our culture and our appreciation of the arts. I am not certain if life is worth living any more.

New Hampshire's shining paragon of progress has fallen victim to a vile criminal. Some degenerate animal has tried to burn down our only strip club.

I admit I've visited there on occasion. Heck, I even got half a posting out of the place. But while financial constraints, among other reasons, kept me from going there in a while, I still felt better knowing it was there -- kinda like a kid who knows his blanky is neatly folded up in the bottom drawer.

I hope they catch this foul villain, and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Woe to any who would dare threaten our appreciation of Music and Dance.

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You, sir, need to come down... (Below threshold)

You, sir, need to come down to Houston. Especially right now, while the weather's nice. One topless bar? One???? Sheesh. Houston's about one a mile. Over 150 of them total. Houston = sex capital of the U.S.

Sadly, I hear ya on the money thing. :(

I agree Jay, the scantily c... (Below threshold)

I agree Jay, the scantily clad female body is a thing of beauty! It's a shame that it's Not Safe For Work!

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Fl... (Below threshold)

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, and now this...Tis a sign..

Whattaya do with all those dollar bills now?

Not true bullwinkle...it ... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Not true bullwinkle...it opened right up, no problems....and great moogly woogly.

Did they check the parking ... (Below threshold)

Did they check the parking lot for a guy in a trench coat with a video camera? It could have just been a ploy to get a cheap look see at the girls without paying the cover charge.

Where the music stinks,<br ... (Below threshold)

Where the music stinks,
and they water the drinks,
At the Nudie Bar!

Where the girlies dance,
in their underpants,
At the Nudie Bar!

Where you see their butt,
and their trap stays shut,
At the Nudie Bar!

Where you can't touch a breast,
but you can cave in a chest,
At the Nudie Bar!

Where you look at a thigh,
and blacken an eye,
At the Nudie Bar!

Where the beer gives you gas,
but you can stare at a nice ass,
At the Nudie Bar!

Where a buck's enough
to see their stuff,
At the Nudie Bar!

Where the breasts may be fake
but man do they shake,
At the Nudie Bar!

Where you swear like a sailor,
and wish you could nail her,
At the Nudie Bar!

Where the cops are at the door,
and there's a Kennedy on the floor,
At the Nudie Bar!

--Al Bundy...the poet...

hmmm... here's something I'... (Below threshold)

hmmm... here's something I've seen outside their parking lot a bunch of times (just driving by... honest) - carpet cleaners. Afraid to find out what they are cleaning or what carpet it is.

I remember going there a fe... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

I remember going there a few times while I was in New Hampshire.

One word: Bianca.

Hopefully they'll catch this firebug and put him someplace he won't get to see women for quite some time.






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