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Missing: One sun

Diameter: approx. 862,400 miles
Mass: approx. 1,970,760,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons.
Temperature: approx. 6,000 degrees F surface, 15,000,000 degrees F core
Classification: G2-type yellow dwarf
Color: Bright yellow
Answers to the name "Sol."

Last seen in New England approximately two weeks ago.

If you see this sun around New England, please leave information in the comments section below.

There is a reward for information leading to the return of this Sun.


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Comments (28)

Don't worry Jay. It just ap... (Below threshold)

Don't worry Jay. It just appeared here in the Middle Atlantic States this morning. It is on its way in your direction.

We had a sighting earlier t... (Below threshold)

We had a sighting earlier this morning in Northern New Jersey. However, it was quickly followed by the phenomenon known as cloud cover. The sneaky bastard gave us the slip once again.

I'd suggest an Amber Alert.

It's been hanging out too l... (Below threshold)

It's been hanging out too long in So Cal...it's been in the upper 90's with zip for humidity for the last week.

You're welcome to it.

::: raising hand ::: Ummm.... (Below threshold)

::: raising hand ::: Ummm...is there a reward? I think I might have seen Sol...frequently around here.

Just Curious in Orlando

Here in Florida (Sanibel-Gu... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Here in Florida (Sanibel-Gulf Coast) we only lose sight of it after 7pm. Comes back every morning.

Actually there's a little nip in the air now. Went down to 73 degrees last night.

JT - I'll gladly trade you ... (Below threshold)

JT - I'll gladly trade you some sunshine for some water. We have more than enough of the first, too little of the other. Transportation and delivery terms are your end of the deal...

Here he is, what's the rewa... (Below threshold)

Here he is, what's the reward. Sol is in So Florida vacationing.

Sun? What sun?Pug... (Below threshold)

Sun? What sun?

Puger Sound Resident

I hate my typos! Puget Sou... (Below threshold)

I hate my typos! Puget Sound - not Puger! ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

Yeah, I've been to Puger So... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I've been to Puger Sound. Scary place.

We've been bouncing between 40 and 80 everyday for the past two weeks, a wonderful fall so far.

As a scientist, I can tell ... (Below threshold)

As a scientist, I can tell you that the sun is still there.. but due to something that can't be explained to mere mortals, it is taking a vacation

to be returned when the vacation time expires

You're looking for the wron... (Below threshold)

You're looking for the wrong sun. Ours is cooler on the surface and warmer in the interior. Go see http://www.solarviews.com/eng/sun.htm

And don't complain. If you're gonna post figures, get 'em right.

Sol is right here in Housto... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Sol is right here in Houston! ... Jay Tea you are more than welcome to come visit anytime!...

It came out today after a w... (Below threshold)

It came out today after a week of 14 inches of rain in Northwest Connecticut.

I know how this all started:it was those fool weather people on the local radio last week that complained at length in " the sky is falling" mode, that we were 3 inches below average for the year.

The fools always cause droughts or floods by whipping up the "scare the old folks" drama again. These characters don't understand that to get an average there will be periods of below and periods of above average (mean) rainfall.

These handwringers are direct descendants of the global warming crowd. Though the GW crowd would just call the 14 plus inchs, part of the extended drought. (why not they call severe cold snaps part of global warming.)It seems that the more sophisticated the technology the more flawed the predictions.

A few years back a local meteorologist was being interviewed here and was asked how they failed to call the largest rain of the year (2inches) and instead predicted 0 in 10 chences of rain (I went night fishing without a raincoat) The answer according to this weatherman, "was easy." Yesterday was his day off!

Dang... anonymous, I DID ha... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dang... anonymous, I DID have the numbers right. I had the LETTER wrong. Those are the Celsius figures, and I put in the F for Fahrenheit. I'm fixing it now...

I knew something was odd, because your source was the same one I used.


I recommend a dose of Solsc... (Below threshold)

I recommend a dose of Solscape if you are using your Mac, or browse to http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/ and check out the latest images or movies...

Jay, the sun peeked out for... (Below threshold)

Jay, the sun peeked out for about a half-hour today and my wife and I said: "What's that thing?"

No, Jay. Read it again. I... (Below threshold)

No, Jay. Read it again. It says "Mean surface temperature 6,000°C", which is 10,832°F and which rounds up to 11,000°F, not "11 million degrees, F surface".

Stop screaming. Just read more carefully next time.

Sol was "spotted" some 7 ye... (Below threshold)

Sol was "spotted" some 7 years ago and hasn't stopped his elevated activity level.

Be thankful Sol hasn't gone "cool", or else New Englanders would be shovelling, rather than paddling. Those valleys in your state are glacially carved.

10,000 years ago (geologically speaking, that was yesterday) your fine state would have been under a mile of ice, with no chowder to be had.


It is probably global warmi... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

It is probably global warming that is causing the sun not to shine!...

Well if somebody doesn't lo... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well if somebody doesn't locate the sun soon, I think I will go insane.

Well I live in So Cal and t... (Below threshold)

Well I live in So Cal and the Sun comes by here at least once a day...

It hasn't been out here lat... (Below threshold)

It hasn't been out here lately, though a short appearance is scheduled for tomorrow before the long winter of grey rains begins anew. Its amazing Lewis and Clark survived a whole winter here.

Perhaps Sol will wander back towards NE Monday... ...until then, see links above.

Boy, anonymous, you're just... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Boy, anonymous, you're just the life of the party, ain't you?


Yeah, I'm a real fuddy dudd... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I'm a real fuddy duddy, ain't I?

Details matter. Yeah, a horse wins the race, but if it doesn't matter which one won the race, then there wasn't any point in having the race, was there?

Ya see, in this blog, you write about things you read elsewhere, and then you write your opinion about it. So far, so good. But, if we can't trust you to accurately read what you read, and then write about what you read, then why should we trust your opinion to be more worth reading than the typical asshattery that you complain about in others?

In this case, it really doesn't matter much, and I'm mostly just having some fun at your expense. But, what if it DOES matter on a subject with which I'm not as familiar as the sun, and so can't readily spot that you've got it wrong?

The bottom line is that, if you want credibility, then be credible.

Silly me. I thought I could... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Silly me. I thought I could unclench my ass enough on a satirical piece describing the effects of two straight weeks of lousy weather, especially if I hung the "humor" tag on it, and not make sure I hammer down every single nit-picky detail and shred of minutiae.

You just musta been a joy to potty-train.


"You just musta been a joy ... (Below threshold)

"You just musta been a joy to potty-train."


(Deleted by editor, simp... (Below threshold)

(Deleted by editor, simply to have fun at the asshat commenter's expense)






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