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Good thing the Oldsmobile was in the shop...

From both the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe comes this heart-warming story. It seems Ted Kennedy was out along the beach at the Kennedy Compound over the weekend when he spotted some fishermen stranded by rising tides on a breakwater. He first called 911, thene broke out his Boston Whaler (the irony here is delicious) and went out to rescue them. It turned out to be too treacherous for Senator Kennedy (D-Chivas), so he returned to the dock just as firefighters arrived, who used their own rescue boat to recover the fishermen.

I gotta give it to the bloated sot, though; he did give it a good try, and he did a hell of a lot more than a lot of others could -- or would -- have done.

Maybe we can transfer him from the Senate to the Coast Guard?

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Heh.Was his personal... (Below threshold)

Was his personal assistant with him? How about his photographer? Spicolli?

Jay, btw, I scanned the per... (Below threshold)

Jay, btw, I scanned the perfect Spicoli pic, for when you want to comment on Sean Penn, and only a pic will do: it's the back of the liner notes from the "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" soundtrack CD.

You have to admit, he aged well - same clueless look, just more "adult" feeling (i.e., anger).

"...he did a hell of a lot ... (Below threshold)

"...he did a hell of a lot more than a lot of others could -- or would -- have done."

Yeah, Shrub probably would have called FEMA.

John Kerry would have succe... (Below threshold)

John Kerry would have succeeded in spite of his wounds if he wasn't preparing his swiftboat for a docu-drama about "Christmas in Cambodia."

On the other hand, he could have made as good a try as gallant Ted, on his sailboard. Those flowered shorts he wears would have been quite photogenic!

This is what I hate about o... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

This is what I hate about our "sound bite" society. You never get the whole story. One just has to assume that Kennedy was neither drunk nor horny, and, therefore, in an "unusual" state that allowed him to contemplate rendering aid.

To quote Best Of The Web on... (Below threshold)

To quote Best Of The Web on opinionjournal.com, "Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment..."

I can absolutely, positivel... (Below threshold)

I can absolutely, positively tell you he would not pass my physical for USCG, but it would take a few hours, especially since I'd be required to include a transrectal tonsil exam...






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