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Jay Tea and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yes, I only posted one piece a day for the last two days. My apologies, but work and other circumstances conspired to utterly hose me over a 24-hour period. I feel the need to vent, but I don't want to bore more people than absolutely necessary, so I'm stuffing it below the fold.

It all started Sunday morning, around 10:30. I got a call from a colleague (a young lady of whom I'm moderately fond) -- the guy who was supposed to work with her blew off work AGAIN and she was gonna be stuck there by herself. Toss in a brand-new computer system that NONE of us know how to use, and she was seriously screwed being there by herself -- so bad, she was reduced to tears.

I love it when a woman is crying and turns to me for help. It makes me feel all manly and wanted and needed. And if it happens to be a woman I happen to care about a bit, that's all the better.

No, on second thought, I don't. It makes me very angry, and that anger is best sated by finding out what made her cry and causing the person responsible to suffer.

So, on my day off when I had approximately 1.7 metric assloads of housework to do (of which I probably woulda done three items max), I tossed myself into the shower and off to work. For 8 hours. After putting in my 40 as of Friday.

So I dragged my ass home just in time to eat and watch "Desperate Housewives." (Just how damned disturbing was that dinner at Bree's? I COULD NOT BELIEVE what Andrew said about his own mother to George. I wanted to alternately laugh hysterically and drive an icepick through my ears at his calmly telling George the intimate details of his parents' sex life.)

Woke up at 5 to do laundry. Found out that the building has a new washer and dryer -- but only the washer's hooked up. That's OK, there's a 24-hour laundromat about 1.5 miles from home. But the washer isn't ready, either -- I found out that it stops after the "rinse" cycle and just sits there, soaking and soaking and soaking, never bothering to drain or spin. So I have to haul a basket full of dripping-wet, nearly-saturated clothes to the laundromat.

But I ain't going nowhere. There's a car parked right in front of my garage door, almost dead-centered on my "NO PARKING" sign. Turns out one of my neighbors (the building's designated asshole) has a guest over who doesn't read very well. So I lost 20 minutes getting the neighbor up and getting his car out of the way. If I still had the old Cavalier and not the Shaggin' Wagon, I might've tried to just push the POS out of my way, but I like the Shaggin' Wagon too much to do that.

After dumping the clothes off at the laundromat and stuffing in an hour's worth of quarters, I hauled my butt down the highway to run an errand for work (yes, I'm putting in for the time and tolls, padded slightly to cover the price of gas). We needed something from another location, and Good Old Jay can be counted on to shlep stuff around -- especially since he's got the room for it. Got it, got back just as the dryer was spinning down, hauled the clothes home, tossed on the work clothes, pounded down a quick breakfast, fixed a lunch, and beat cheeks to work -- a mere 20 minutes late for my 8:30 scheduled start.

Where we spent the whole day STILL trying to learn the "new, improved" system of managing the work flow. We're so far behind, it's beyond funny, and into parody.

I've come to a realization: my employer has a tremendously devious tactic for engendering what I call "stupid loyalty" -- loyalty beyond any reasonable expectation. They do that by hiring at the local level people of integrity and compassion, so we tend to have tremendous dedication to each other, and bust our asses to get the work done -- "forgiving" the corporate jerks that engineer the conditions that make the work load so impossible.

But over the last two months, three of the people I feel the most respect/loyalty/affection/dedication to have either left or given their notice (including the lady mentioned above, and I'm starting to realize that I just might deserve better than a company that has given me two raises of less than 3% each over the last 30 months -- not even keeping up with inflation. And with only a couple people sticking around who I still feel that way towards, I'm wondering if I ought to poke around and see if there are some greener pastures, preferably closer than 25 miles from home.

(And before anyone starts playing matchmaker between me and my departing colleague, I've considered it -- and rejected it. For one, she's nearly 13 years younger. For another, she's just too damned nice -- my rougher aspects would steamroller her, and "nice" people like her should be allowed to continue to be "nice," and kept from getting too close to brutes like me.)


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Comments (15)

I had a bad day yesterday, ... (Below threshold)

I had a bad day yesterday, too and then had an earthquake. It's sometimes tough to determine which comes first: the bad day or the earthquake that was going to happen whether or not I'd already had a bad day or not.

Meaning, sometimes those bad days happen. Laundry exists. Foolish users of cars is a tidal wave of negative reality. Employers will always underpay good employees. But nice coworkers are a treasure, as is compassion for your coworkers.

Speaking of laundry, I now have to do mine. Have a nice day, tomorrow, Jay Tea.

I tend to like short resign... (Below threshold)

I tend to like short resignation letters with a trite cliche'. My personal favorite is "up your nose with a rubber hose."

Although not for the feint of heart, if your situation calls for it - and if you have the balls - this kind of thing can be great for the spirit.

Even if you don't resign, I think you should still compose the letter anyway, and what better way than with a little help from your blogger friends?

I'd get the new job first, ... (Below threshold)

I'd get the new job first, THEN compose that letter or resignation. Letters, whether used or not, have a way of turning up when you least want them to.

Sorry, typo: letter OF re... (Below threshold)

Sorry, typo: letter OF resignation.

That "stupid loyalty" is om... (Below threshold)

That "stupid loyalty" is omnipresent and terrible.
I just got done talking to a friend about this.
He is an irreplacable asset to his company yet he
doesn't seem to be able to find a way to leverage
any vacation and/or comp time out of it.

I realize most things are easier said than done but
I'm convinced he can do it if he takes the right
steps. Don't threaten to quit or do anything
antagonistic. You've got to put the company on
notice that you will be needing certain times of
the week or month -- times which a normal job
should not be consuming. Give them any decent
excuse, real or ficticious. Tell them you have
to take some family member to appointments or
you are in charge of a youth group -- anything
that is important and preferably family related.
Any company has got to allow you time to tend to
family business -- especially in off-hours. If
they insist that you cancel some of your family
business, insist that you will need to make it up
and it will have to come out of company time.
How can they deny it?

Anyway, I'll stop there. Just some food for
thought. If you're a good employee (and I'm
guessing you are), there are ways to assert
yourself. I did it and, to my surprise, it worked.

Jay, I can't send you tea o... (Below threshold)

Jay, I can't send you tea over the web, but I can offer you sympathy.

I hate companies like that. I've worked for them. Buff up your resume and send it around.

Damn J, that sucks. I gues... (Below threshold)

Damn J, that sucks. I guess I'll forgive you for not writing my Katrina donation peice yet.

Good luck with wherever the employment takes you.

Once you are over 30 13 yea... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Once you are over 30 13 years doesn't mean a whole lot.

Working for a company that doesn't appreciate you sucks.

But the good news is yesterday I got to see the sun (hopefully you weren't so busy working that you missed the even, apparantly the sun has once again left the house, and is not to be seen, if the view out my window means anything).

...two raises of less th... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

...two raises of less than 3% each over the last 30 months -- not even keeping up with inflation.

You need to check your facts before you say things like this. The rate of inflation over the last several years has been less than two percent a year. For the last year, it was about 1.8%.

Crap, Steve. How about "cos... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Crap, Steve. How about "cost of living," then? Especially with rising gas prices? I just know I'm feeling the pinch...


If it helps any, Deb is 13 ... (Below threshold)

If it helps any, Deb is 13 years younger than me. Plus 7 months and 2 days. Just sayin...

For another, she's just ... (Below threshold)

For another, she's just too damned nice -- my rougher aspects would steamroller her, and "nice" people like her should be allowed to continue to be "nice," and kept from getting too close to brutes like me.

Being with me has actually done my wife a world of good. Knowing that I'm likely to come down hard on anyone who takes advantage of her, she is far more likely to stand up for herself now just to keep me from feeling the need to get involved.

I've found that the half pl... (Below threshold)

I've found that the half plus seven rule helps alot in these situations. Take half your age and then add 7, and thats the youngest person you can date. Always round up.

for example, 16/2 + 7 = 15

23/2 + 7 = 19

39/2 + 7 = 27

65/2 + 7 = 40

Just random crap I remembered from high school but it seems pretty reasonable

I share his pain.. because ... (Below threshold)

I share his pain.. because he and I share the same ordeal, I can walk anytime but I don't like to feel I abandon anyone., fortunately I just learned a of a new seasoned person being hired into my dept. apparently brought specificly by the manager for this store, Will I lose my need to be special? will I be expendable? time will tell

"half plus seven"? <p... (Below threshold)

"half plus seven"?

I wish I had known that rule when I was two... *laugh*






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