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Other good reads

One type of blogging I've never really done is the roundup of good reads at other blogs. It's just never occurred to me, but I've noticed a couple things people have said over the last days that really deserve more attention than they have been getting.

First up, we have yet more proof of the media bias in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Why is it whenever a Palestinian is killed, we get their name, age, occupation, and a couple of snippets of their lives, while murdered Israelis are lucky to be identified at all? One speculation that Meryl Yourish doesn't make -- but I'm tasteless enough to do -- is that after the Holocaust, identifying Jews by numbers instead of letting them be people became the trendy thing to do.

The sad thing is, no matter how much proof you dig up on this, it doesn't matter. Those that recognize it don't need more convincing, and those who deny it won't accept any proof whatsoever.

Over at The Belmont Club, Wretchard discovers that there is one thing the UN actually does quite well: taking the credit when things go well, regardless of how those good things came about. The decline of armed conflicts around the world is not due to the fall of the Soviet Union, for example. And the liberation of Afghanistan wasn't due to the US invasion, but because the UN sponsored the Bonn Agreement.

Russ over at TacJammer is the latest to awaken to the new Red Menace, as he uncovers the latest Communist Chinese plot to slaughter westerners.

And finally, frequent Wizbang commenter Bullwinkle takes a look at one aspect of the Tom DeLay case that shows just how political the whole thing is looking. In fact, he's making me think of writing a bit on it myself...

So, there's a brief roundup of some of the blogs I read on a daily basis. Those worthies cited above do good work on a regular basis, so if you like what you read there, go poking around the rest of their sites.

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Thanks for the Jayalanche! ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the Jayalanche! I have two questions:
What time am I supposed to come by to wash and wax the Shaggin' Wagon?
Since colder weather is coming don't we need to use 10W30 when I do the oil change?






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