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Tranquility Now!

I wondered why today has been a particularly peaceful day in my hectic life, and then it hit me - I'd left my cell phone at home this morning. Somewhere along my commute I realized I without the cold steel comfort of my address book and speed dial...

I said "WTF," and proceeded to have a lovely day.

I'm going to have to remember to forget my little wireless lifeline more often...

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I can't say I'd ever consid... (Below threshold)

I can't say I'd ever consider leaving my "wireless lifeline" at home, but the realization that much of our grief and stress comes from that little device is enlightening.

The world was a simpler place years ago, wasn't it?

I believe the phrase is "Se... (Below threshold)

I believe the phrase is "Serenity now" except that we all learned from Seinfeld that 'serenity now' means insanity later.
I resemble that remark.

Yea, well, I didn't forget ... (Below threshold)

Yea, well, I didn't forget my "little wireless lifeline" but it did have a dead battery. Funny that this of all days is when my house alarm decides to go off (which I think was my fault) and my phone was dead so I didn't get the call. My wife said, "I didn't even hear my phone ring." Yea, not in that bottomless pit of a purse!! Of course the person least able to handle technology, my mom, got the backup call and hustled right over to the house with HER cellphone that we got her for Christmas...yes, the lady that can barely set a VCR timer is more in communication than her "computer security expert" son.


I think this is something y... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

I think this is something younger people like me just don't get. I can remember a time before cell phones -- heck, I didn't even have one until I got into college -- but my younger peers do not.

It's a tool. You don't want to use it, you turn it off. I usually don't even have my ringer turned on.

I hear a lot of older people whine about being at everyone else's beck and call 24/7, but they forget that the sword cuts both ways. People my age think nothing of shooting a quick call to a buddy to get a bit of information. Most of us see the cell phone the way we see AIM -- it's an enabling device. Yeah, the world was a "simpler place", but everything took a hell of a lot longer to get done. Younger people don't have spare time to sit around with our thumbs up our asses - we don't subscribe to the "work like crazy until we're geezers and then retire" idea.

But it's all voluntary. Decrying the "tyranny" of the cell phone gets old fast.

Damn! BlogDog beat me too i... (Below threshold)

Damn! BlogDog beat me too it.

Funny thing, I just watched that episode on DVD






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