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A Bridge Too Far

If you're new to the story of The Bridge To Nowhere, Ronald Utt at The Heritage Foundation gives the history of the bridge project in, The Bridge to Nowhere: A National Embarrassment. It's an excellent primer.

Today the amendment, by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), to change the language of the original transportation bill by striking "for the construction of a bridge joining the Island of Gravina to the community of Ketchikan in Alaska" and inserting "for the reconstruction of the Twin Spans Bridge connecting New Orleans, Louisiana, and Slidell, Louisiana" will be considered.

Contrary to initial reports, "The Bridge To Nowhere" amendment has not been rejected, but Powerline reports that Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) has issued a vague threat to Senators thinking of supporting the amendment. That might be enough to kill the amendment.

Contrast Sen. Murray's words with those I personally heard in the Capitol building (just hours ago) direct from the mouth of Chief Deputy Majority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) [As transcribed by Mary Katharine Ham]:

"I do hear the level of frustration...We and our party intend to absolutely address that and get a handle on federal spending."
Apparently Senators haven't "heard" yet...

Mike Krempasky has it right - they're terrified of this amendment (and others like it).

Update: Club for Growth reports that "The Bridge To Nowhere" amendment is being discussed on the floor right now. Keep an eye on this page, and look for action on H.R. 3058, S.Amdt. 2085 (PDF/text), to see how the upcoming vote turns out.

Update 2: Club for Growth notes that ultimate defeat for the amendment. The good news is this was another issue that some on left and the right could agree on. Those who voted for the amendment include Virginia Senator George Allen - damn fortunate for him because I just got a letter soliciting campaign contribution today. Let's put it this way, before I knew how he voted I was thinking of how I could publicly tweak him here by announcing a contribution to his presumed challenger - Virginia Governor Mark Warner.


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Comments (5)

The one that was defeated w... (Below threshold)

The one that was defeated wasn't really defeated, it was tabled. Although it will effectively be the same thing, as it's unlikely it will be brought back up for a vote ever again.

That one was the amendment to cancel a project funding a parking lot at an art museum in Omaha.

A lot of the confusion comes from the reference most people are making to the "Coburn Amendment" like it is a singular thing. There are quite a few.

I blogged about the tabling of S Amdt 2093 (the earlier vote today) after that vote... I was wondering when they'd bring up the other amendments.

Note that among those doing... (Below threshold)

Note that among those doing the tabling are Louisiana's own senators. Jerks.

Murray is a DEMOCRAT. Dumbe... (Below threshold)

Murray is a DEMOCRAT. Dumber than teats on a alligator as well

Looking like a lot of "No" ... (Below threshold)

Looking like a lot of "No" votes so far... I'm not surprised, but I'm definitely interested in seeing who votes "Yes".

And I'd love to see if one of my senators from here in Georgia, who both voted to table the earlier amendment, have the balls to turn around and vote yes on this. I called both of their offices today, but it's not like they'll listen. After all, I'm just a constituent.

Hypocrites in both parties.... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

Hypocrites in both parties....voting for this would call to question individual pork...for Republicans ...what the heck is a Conservitive? For dem damn Dems...ah so you are are still the party of "high tax..high spend"...that is why I am an Independent...both Parties are feeding from the same trough...we, the people, are only important for photo opportunities...(a note for HilL Clinton etc...Feingold is laying down via his views on Iraq and this vote a voice for 2008....that the Party Centrist BS ain't gonna cut it) as for Repub contenders...better not call yourself a Reagan guy...That is why I am an Independent who vote for those that call for accountability...






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