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Congress And Blogs

So I was trying to get an urgent message to a couple Hill staffers about this mornings first ever 'Blog Row' on Capitol Hill. I was in fact replying to one of the messages I received about attending. I replied in plain text, and with no attachments...

To my surprise my reply was bounced - several times.

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
host xxx.house.gov

Message contains prohibited subject. Message rejected. Contact the intended recipient for an alternative method to transmit message. This subject may contain a virus.

What, you might ask, was the subject?
Re: Details for Tomorrows BLOG ROW
Anyone want to take a guess at which of those words I had to remove to get the message delivered?

Comments (9)

"Blog", of course. It's a s... (Below threshold)

"Blog", of course. It's a standard term in many mail filter products. And in many web browsing filters too.

How about a hard one?

"Tomorrow", of course. You... (Below threshold)

"Tomorrow", of course. You can't even think the word if you're in Congress.

Blog viewing is filtered/pr... (Below threshold)

Blog viewing is filtered/prohibited on DoD/DHS and I'd suspect most gov pewters.

epador, actually, probably ... (Below threshold)

epador, actually, probably not true of most guvmint. The only filtering we've got at my agency is whatever Websense snags.

It obviously misread it...<... (Below threshold)

It obviously misread it...

I would block blo grow too.


maybe they thought you were... (Below threshold)

maybe they thought you were making a play on words... like those "Buck Fush" kids. Maybe they thought you were really saying "Blow Rog" which sounds vaguely like something Scooby Doo would say to Swamp Man.

Obviously it didn't like yo... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Obviously it didn't like your grammer since you left the apostrophe off of "tomorrow's".

that is utterly amazing. in... (Below threshold)

that is utterly amazing. insular circle jerks.

I ran afoul of one sending ... (Below threshold)

I ran afoul of one sending email to one of my professors today. It was a link to a slashdot article about OpenOffice 2.0

I just put the URL as my message text and my sig has a URL too, that's the only reason I can figure it was rejected unless slashdot is in the spam filter.






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