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Live From The Capitol Hill Blogger Row

We'll I finally made it to the Capitol for coverage of the House Republican conference with bloggers. I'll be rounding up some of the early coverage on sites like RedState, Townhall, Rightside Redux, GOP Bloggers, and The Political Teen.

See all of the House Republican Conference
Blog Row photos at WizbangMedia.
  • Justin at Right Side Redux has video of Rep, Katherine Harris answering one of my questions about establishing a "vision" behind budget cuts. Harris admitted to being a big fan of blogs, admitting that she reads both the conservative sites and keeps tabs on the liberal sites that tend to bash her.
  • Pat Cleary at the National Association of Manufacturers blog sumarizes the responses of several members on energy policy.
  • Matt Margolis at Blogs for Bush has audio of Mike Pence answering questions on what's going on with Social Security reform.
  • The Political Teen is updating a single post with quotes.

  • Over at Suitably Flip they've figured out that live blogging is hard...
  • Mary Katharine has a pretty full selection of quotes at Townhall.
  • Tim Chapman, blogging on Townhall's Capitol Report. Start at the top and scroll down through his entries.
Note: If you've got a question, (especially in regards to budget cuts) you've got a couple minutes to enter them in the comment section.

Update: Sorry about the sluggish page response. We were having load and MySQL errors. That should be fixed now...


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Comments (9)

Tell them for me to get the... (Below threshold)

Tell them for me to get their stupid asses in gear on Social Security reform. Bunch of weak-willed idiots.


Will, Pence actually... (Below threshold)

Will, Pence actually talked about Social Security very briefly this morning. It wasn't too promising, but he did make it clear that House conservatives are still behind personal accounts. Some quotes at the beginning of this post. Probably not too encouraging, but thought I'd mention it.

Probaly too late, but; ask ... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

Probaly too late, but; ask when we can expect a true conservative (should be synonymous with Republican) pig picking? We need to get that pig down to the bones in a hurry!

I think it's great that the... (Below threshold)

I think it's great that they're doing this, but I'd love to know if the members would be more open to email or phone interviews with bloggers that are unable to drop everything and go to DC for an event like this.

Can we cut out the $100 toi... (Below threshold)

Can we cut out the $100 toilet seats?

Sure is. I finally got my ... (Below threshold)

Sure is. I finally got my e-feet under me though.

If you want a non-puffball ... (Below threshold)

If you want a non-puffball question, ask them what they're doing to prevent illegal aliens from taking Katrina rebuilding jobs.

Recent NOLA report on that here.

Alternatively, ask them, "Do you think there will be a huge political fallout from your constituents once they learn that illegal aliens took rebuilding jobs from victims of the hurricane and you did nothing or even helped it along?"

Yes, refinery capicity is a... (Below threshold)

Yes, refinery capicity is an issue, but that does not answer why crude prices have more than doubled in the past 2 years. What is causing this increase and what can be done about it in the near-term?

I sure wish they could have... (Below threshold)

I sure wish they could have asked the House GOP members why they had to pass S. 397 instead of HR. 800 today.

I covered S. 397's passage on my blog just a few minutes ago.






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