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Quote Of The Day - Virginia's DINO Soars Edition

"No one is going to out-gun, out-pray or out-country-value me"
Democrat Eric Ferguson, a candidate for a House of Delegates seat in southwestern Virginia, shares his campaign strategy. Think how conflicted hard-core liberals will be if he's sucessful... [WaPo]


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Comments (7)

OK, I haven't read the arti... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

OK, I haven't read the article yet, but...

It seems to me that if those were things he really believed in, he wouldn't need to say such a thing. IOW, it looks like Grade A, First Class pandering.

"I'll say whatever you sukka's want to hear so you'll vote for me!"

Hey, it worked so well for ... (Below threshold)

Hey, it worked so well for President Howard Dean...

Being a Democrat doesn't me... (Below threshold)
Just John:

Being a Democrat doesn't mean you can't be pro-gun.

Anyone who thinks Democrats don't/can't/won't pray is an absolute idiot.

What do Democrats pray for ... (Below threshold)

What do Democrats pray for -- besides Karl Rove and Tom DeLay going to prison on trumped-up charges?

Democrats that pray make th... (Below threshold)

Democrats that pray make them for the same reasons that the Republicans that sit next to them do.

We pray for our buddies that are still in the service, that they be kept safe, and failing that, that they do their duty.

We pary that people remember that He alone knows who serves Him, and that we do not serve as judge.

And we ask G-d for more like Zell Miller.

Good answer.... (Below threshold)

Good answer.

Well, I must concede one po... (Below threshold)

Well, I must concede one point to Christian Democrats, they are more like Jesus than Republicans; they surround themselves with theives and liars. :)






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