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Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

Earlier this week, former heavyweight boxing champion Riddick Bowe filed for bankruptcy, citing over four million dollars in debts. This started a great discussion/contest on a Boston talk station, as the host asked callers to cite other people who have "had it all," and then lost it all. (Before he took a single entry, though, he took Mike Tyson off the table as "too obvious.") People tossed out names like Michael Jackson, Pee-Wee Herman, O.J. Simpson, and Macauley Culkin. I couldn't get through, but I didn't hear anyone suggest the New York EMT who used to be David Lee Roth.

I'd make this a contest, but that would mean I'd have to judge it, and I'm feeling too lazy to do that (I'm taking a four-day weekend mini-vacation as a birthday present to myself). So I'll just let you folks all pile in and discuss it.

For some reason, I keep thinking that this would be a great thread for Michele Catalano...

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Al Hirschfeld. W. E. Hutton... (Below threshold)

Al Hirschfeld. W. E. Hutton. Johnny Winter.

Gotta think some more.

Whatshisname, the former ro... (Below threshold)

Whatshisname, the former rock star who wore those neat Mideastern pants that ballooned out when he danced (just fab to see). He built an expensive mansion, lost it all, and is now doing religious TV. Name starts with a T, I think. You know who I mean.

MC Hammer. ... (Below threshold)

MC Hammer.

This is not an individual, ... (Below threshold)

This is not an individual, but I think very significant. The failure of Air America Radio. The non coverage in the "Elite Media" of it's failure. A prime example of the failure of the "news" in our country. I am so discusted with the lack of real news I refuse to watch the "talking heads" on TV anymore.

NtvAmrcn, I dunno if that q... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

NtvAmrcn, I dunno if that qualifies. Not for being an organization, but did they really have that far to fall? It was all hype that they never really lived up to.


Something like 80% of all l... (Below threshold)
Dave A.:

Something like 80% of all lottery winners.

Jay,[["NtvAmrcn, I... (Below threshold)


[["NtvAmrcn, I dunno if that qualifies. Not for being an organization, but did they really have that far to fall? It was all hype that they never really lived up to."]]

I know the topic was for individuals. And agree that my post does not really qualify to the premise of this topic. But still significant, I think. Not because Air America was anything of significance, but because the lack of coverage of their failure and the reasons for their failure is not covered in the "elite media".

After all, the "elite media" promoted them plenty at their in their introduction to the airwaves. But fail to report what is happening now. If someone is interested in the details of this fiasco, you really have to hunt for the accurate news pertaining to it.

Now, my personal opinion of how an individual, "mighty", person has fallen is Bill Clinton. Anyone who digs just a little about him knows he is nothing less than a scoundral. I cannot understand why the "elite media" continues to try and prop him up.

<a href="http://www.usatoda... (Below threshold)

Cecil Fielder, by a mile.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Ric... (Below threshold)

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

The kid from Terminator 2.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.

Pete Rose and Joe Louis... (Below threshold)

Pete Rose and Joe Louis

I admired them both, greatly.

Sadly, Pete self destructed on the way to the Hall of Fame.

Even more sadly, though, was the case of the Brown Bomber (born Joseph Louis Barrow). He'd built up his physique hauling around 50-pound blocks of ice as a teen and (at 18) began his career boxing for $7 worth of food. He defended his boxing crown for 12 years, but ended up (due to debts and taxes) broke and resorted to finishing his days as an "official greeter" at a Las Vegas casino.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Willie... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Willie Nelson, Danny Bonaduce (sp?)

How has David Lee Roth lost... (Below threshold)

How has David Lee Roth lost it all? He will be replacing Howard Stern...that seems to be a pretty good gig in my book.

Hmmm.Frankly as so... (Below threshold)


Frankly as someone who has had to rely on EMS people several times in the past few years, I don't hold being an EMS person against anyone. **Anyone** who is willing to endure the tough work of an EMS person is A-OK in my book.

No exceptions.






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