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The Friday Night Celeb Spot

Because Friday night is not for the serious stuff...

  • Does Halle Berry have six toes? Consensus says she's got five and a serious bunion...
  • What does Britney's baby look like? If you know, Britney's attorney's would like to have a word with you...
  • Katie Couric interviews Bill O'Reilly in the "No Spine Zone"

  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl Carolyn Murphy had a 2-hour sex tape of her and her ex-husband "stolen." Appearing soon on an Internet near you...
  • Is Gene Simmons Ashlee Simpson's real father?
Link 'em if you've got 'em...

Update: What do Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith have in common?


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Comments (9)

Who cares about Halle's toe... (Below threshold)

Who cares about Halle's toes. C'mon. I'd hit it. You would too.

federspawn's pic be gone</p... (Below threshold)

federspawn's pic be gone

Hmmmm."Who cares a... (Below threshold)


"Who cares about Halle's toes. C'mon. I'd hit it. You would too."

Well. Halle, yes. Her *toes*? Not me.


Britney's baby pictures are... (Below threshold)
This little tidbit showed u... (Below threshold)

This little tidbit showed up in a Google search today:

Amount both George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein paid for the same handmade shoes from the Italian shoemaker Vito Artioli: $9753

from the Washington Blade s... (Below threshold)

from the Washington Blade story on Anderson Cooper & Shep Smith:
"How can we expect the construction worker making $20,000 a year to come out..."

...or the indian, the cowboy, or the policeman, or the biker.

Toes?? Who cares!? Ashlee... (Below threshold)

Toes?? Who cares!? Ashlee finally has something to be proud of....bring that over here....

Maybe that explains the oth... (Below threshold)

Maybe that explains the other thing Shep & Anderson have in common: They both covered Katrina like hysterical gossipy exaggerating GIRLY MEN.

I don't really give a rat's... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

I don't really give a rat's a$$ about who's gay or now. I certainly don't want to force someone to spill when he doesn't want to. And what the he!! right is it of ours to demand that Jodie, or Anderson, or Shep, or Bubba Klintoon for that matter, come out? Celebs have as much right to privacy as the rest of us. The only exception I would have is in politics, when a person's beliefs or orientation may strongly affect how he legislates.






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