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HuffPo Celebrity Alert! - Bloated Baldwin Brother Sighting

Alec Baldwin has been on The Huffington Post roster since day one yet never bothered to write a thing. Today he's laid down his tin foil mat at HuffPo to see how it suits him. Unfortunately for readers he's no Jim Lampley.

While their is nothing wrong with his short post, he's really just rehashing a point widely discussed on both the right and left (and in the comment section of another HuffPo piece). A less than stellar debut...

Comments (4)

Alec Baldwin should stick w... (Below threshold)

Alec Baldwin should stick with what he does best: Schwetty Balls.


Jim Lampley is SUCH a bimbo... (Below threshold)

Jim Lampley is SUCH a bimbo.

-S-And don't forgo... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


And don't forgot Schwetty Weiners, too.

"Why, that's the biggest Schwetty Weiner I've ever held."

Canteen boy wasn't impresse... (Below threshold)

Canteen boy wasn't impressed, I gather.






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