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In Wilma's wake, a call for help

While I always make a point of thanking Kevin for making my blogging career a reality, I don't as often give credit to my "blog-mother" -- the person whose blog inspired me to take up Kevin's "open-mike nights" and audition for my "guest posting" gig that's lasted over a year and a half. That is Meryl Yourish, whose blog I discovered one day while Googling Peter David, a favorite author of both of ours. I owe Meryl a great debt.

And now I have a chance to repay a small part of that debt.

Meryl's mother lives in Tamarac, Florida, and apparently Wilma paid Momma Yourish a bit of a visit. Meryl hasn't been able to get hold of her since the storm hit. If anyone has any details about Tamarac, please go over to Meryl's and tell her what you know.

And while you're there, Meryl's looking for a blogging husband, and I'm single, so any kind words you might have to say about me would be appreciated...

Update: Momma Yourish is fine. Dunno if this helped at all, but I was glad to do it.

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Went to her site to leave a... (Below threshold)

Went to her site to leave a link for a news article. She has heard from her brother down there and all are okay.






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