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My absolutely lousy timing

While I dearly love my new wheels, the delightul, lithe, sexy Shaggin' Wagon, I have developed one regret recently.

The defining aspect of a station wagon is the cargo area -- it has no trunk. And, therefore, it logically follows that I can't possibly have this option, not even as an expensive aftermarket refit...

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Come on now, you can do bet... (Below threshold)

Come on now, you can do better than that. Why didn't you buy the biggest freaken Hummer available. Would allow plenty of room for the butt monkey. I can't afford the Hummer, so I drive a big ass Suburban, 4wd. I love to piss the libs off with it. LOL

It's not a "butt monkey," i... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

It's not a "butt monkey," it's a "trunk monkey." And I don't believe that any of the civilian Hummers have trunks, either.


That's true, but they are s... (Below threshold)

That's true, but they are so big you don't need a trunk. The entire rear end of it has more room than a pickup truck. The real reason I drive a Suburban is I can haul all my tools required for my work in back, and still have room with the middle seats up to use it for social reasons. It is actually more economical for me that having two vehicles.

They have a model for peopl... (Below threshold)

They have a model for people with your dilemma, the console capuchin.

That's pretty funny. But I ... (Below threshold)

That's pretty funny. But I do not have a dilemma, I have a Suburban, which alleviates the dilemma I might have without it. But right now I am having to pay for it with the fuel prices. Still, I would have to pay more and be less comfortable with two vehicles.

I had a Dilemma once. A 196... (Below threshold)

I had a Dilemma once. A 1965 Dodge Dilemma.

Great car. And it had a trunk.

Jay...a construction guy wo... (Below threshold)

Jay...a construction guy working on the house next to me had this beautiful new Dodge Charger in that dark red color..the license plate on the front read TEA. I kept meaning to get a picture of it to you,but missed my chance. Maybe I will see it around the new area being developed nearby.







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