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PlameGate - No News Is Still News

Another week goes with no news from Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in the investigation into the Valerie Plame leak case. Just because there's no hard news, that has stopped speculation from running rampant.

  • Did Google out Valerie Plame? Perhaps Scooter Libby's assertion that he learned of Plame via a reporter was true. To my knowledge he never said that he learned of her via a conversation. This Los Angeles Time article shows just how plugged in Libby was. As we've shown in the past Plame's name and her relation to Joseph Wilson were hardly a secret..
  • In a profile on the investigation, which is about as good of a short summary as you're going to find, The Washington Post reports that Robert Novak was a cooperating witness - something long suspected, but never verified.
  • The Wall Street Journal highlights one ironic twist of the whole affair,
    Mr. Wilson's original claims about what he found on a CIA trip to Africa, what he told the CIA about it, and even why he was sent on the mission have since been discredited. What a bizarre irony it would be if what began as a politically motivated lie by Mr. Wilson nonetheless leads to indictments of Bush Administration officials for telling reporters the truth.
Update: Perhaps Google was not Libby's source after all. The New York Times reports that Libby learned of Plame via Cheney who was told of her involvement by CIA Director George Tenet.


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Comments (14)

What a bizarre irony it ... (Below threshold)

What a bizarre irony it would be if what began as a politically motivated lie by Mr. Wilson nonetheless leads to indictments of Bush Administration officials for telling reporters the truth.

I couldn't agree more.

I'm willing to publicly spe... (Below threshold)

I'm willing to publicly speculate that any prosecutions will be against reporters and probably Joe Wilson himself.

Judy Miller's stunt of turning over "misplaced" notes AFTER her release from prison certainly sounds like obstruction of justice to me (but I'm no lawyer).

Wilson lied in his NYT piece about classified matters and then showed his wife's face in Vanity Faire.

Don't see much at all that points to Libby or Rove, at least from public information.

McGehee,I wonder whe... (Below threshold)

I wonder when Patrick Fitzgerald will send out the indictment for Joe Wilson.....?

So far it hasn't happened, so I am just kind of guessing that perhaps Fitzgerald hasn't found Wilson to be a liar.


You folks are about to get ... (Below threshold)

You folks are about to get the biggest shock of your life. The inner workings of the WHIG are soon to be exposed to public scrutiny, and the biggest shitshow of American political history will rain down on you all.

Go and look at the record of Paddy Fitzgerald and ask yourself why he called KKKarl Rove to the stand 4 times in this case if Wilson and his wife are the target of this 2 year investigation.

Wise up suckers.

Ryan,I wasn't sure... (Below threshold)


I wasn't sure you were credible until I saw that clever triple-K thing on Karl Rove's name. Then I thought, "How clever and original! He must have a point!"

I am happy to leave the "or... (Below threshold)

I am happy to leave the "originality" to one of your chimp-in-chiefs national addresses.

One day you Bush supporters will wake up and realize what a colossal lie this presidency and it's policies have been.

Until then, keep up the sarcasm, it's sure to help.

That is about as original a... (Below threshold)

That is about as original as your beloved Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and the rest of you black helicopter conservatives saying Robert KKK Byrd. You guys now think Google outed the CIA agent? How does the kool aid taste? Wow, now you are really reaching. Come on, when your busted, your busted.

I guess we can chalk this up to another lucky Bush coincidence. Man, those are really piling up.

Congrats, Kevin, looks like... (Below threshold)

Congrats, Kevin, looks like your post got picked up on troll-o-vision.

That is about as origina... (Below threshold)

That is about as original as your beloved Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and the rest of you black helicopter conservatives saying Robert KKK Byrd.

Except for the minor detail that Byrd was actually in the KKK. But other than that.....

Thought 1: Funny how Fitzge... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Thought 1: Funny how Fitzgerald, Rove, Libby and Novak all honored their grand jury confidentiality commitment, yet the NY Times and Miller all felt compelled to blithly ignore it and let the public know that Libby was Miller's source for Plame. Cooper has trouble keeping his yapper shut, too.

Thought 2: And Rove's 4 times to grand jury? If anything, this strongly suggests Fitzgerald must be digging hard to find something, anything at all, on Rove.

Thought 3: Watch, if reduced charges come down, or no charges are filed (a real BIG possibility), the left will go apeshit over Fitzgerald as being a pawn of the Bush Administration and immediately challenge his credibility.

Thought 5: Hell, the American public is so lost on who outed whom to who and why that they barely give two shits about it any of it. Note to the Apoplectic: Conspiracies need to be easy for everyone to follow (i.e., lying about having sex, stealing tapes from a hotel room, stuff like that).

Thought 6: In the meantime, moving forward...

I kind of wonder how this c... (Below threshold)

I kind of wonder how this correlates with the Wilson exposer of the Great Bush Lie Machine. I know it made me sit back and reexamine a lot of what I was thinking about Joe Wilson. I still came to mostly the same conclusions but I had to look again:

TPM: Now, let me ask you a question as I guess it's four or five months now after the fall of
the regime, and to date, no evidence of weapons of mass destruction have been found. You
know, as the standard phrase goes, "Maybe it'll turn up" but it's looking less and less likely
that our fundamental appraisal was right, that there was at least chemical--at least a kind of
an ongoing chemical and biological capacity. Now, there's this whole debate in this country
about whether the administration hyped the evidence or deceived the public. It certainly
seems to me that there was a very broad consensus in this city, at least, that he, that Saddam
Hussein, maintained some sort of biological, chemical and biological capacity, certainly
might've been working on nuclear weapons, but very few people thought that he had gotten
out of the chemical weapons business. What did you think before the war and how did that
inform your--
WILSON: I always thought that he had chemical weapons because we knew that he'd
obviously used them, we knew that he had an appetite for them. There was no reason to
suspect that he wasn't continuing to manufacture chemical weapons as best he could. We
knew that he had biological precursors; the question was always whether he had perfected the
way of weaponizing the precursors--in other words, turning smallpox into a real weapon.
And we were all surprised when, in 1995, we found out after Hussein Kamel's defection that
his nuclear program was as far and vast as it was.
So all of those, I thought, were absolutely legitimate. Saddam Hussein had not complied, to
the satisfaction of the international community, with 687, it was important to get his
compliance. I thought it was important to establish beyond the compliance, long-term
monitoring, just because it was clear that just as long as his regime was in power, you had a
government that was prepared, not just to build weapons of mass destruction but also to use
them--he had demonstrated that.
The fact that we haven't found weapons of mass destruction is surprising to me, based on
that, but that doesn't negate the necessity of having a robust disarmament campaign against
him. Now, for all the reasons that everybody's articulated, the problem that I always had, was
the multiplicity of objectives that ended up being raised to get us over the top in getting
public opinion for the war, which sort of served to confuse everybody and to perhaps mask
the real reason we did this. And, more to the point, the necessity or the assumption that by
taking the--what I considered to be the highest-risk, lowest-reward policy option as your best
way of getting at disarmament, and/or preventing the transfer of weapons of mass destruction
from Saddam to an international terrorist organization. Invasion, conquest, occupation,
always seemed to me to be not the smartest way that we should go after the disarmament


page 25 of 27

I originally wondered about... (Below threshold)

I originally wondered about the origin of the Moonbat Designator, but for me now, I simply think of the moon, and night time, and the relentless desire to sleep both at night and through long delerious and meaningless posts that fail the logic and coherence tests.

It's amazing how the brainw... (Below threshold)

It's amazing how the brainwashed are in such denial. How long will it take for you Bush lovers to realize the lies this administration has been feeding you? Joe Wilson said the nuke threat was bullshit.... and it was true. Who then is the liar?

I didn't vote for Bush, but I supported him after 911 because I felt we needed to fight back and be unified. I remember saying to my anti-Bush friends...."I trust my President....If he says their's WMD in Iraq...I trust him". I trusted that his so-called "wise and experienced" foreign policy advisors would only go to war if truly necessary.

This Plame affair, along with much other info. has shown us that they did not. They did not look at all alternatives. They did not respect opposing views, and they attacked those who differed. Worst of all, they did not respect the value of life (both American and other) in the decision to go to war.

It simply amazing that people can still stay aboard and defend this administration. Think about it. Remember. Remember all the talk about WMD, it was everywhere, mushroom clouds, aluminum tubes, biological weapons, unmanned flying biological weapon dispensors, etc. And now we learn it was NOTHING. You can believe it was mistake I suppose, I'd say your a ignorant fool.

I can't speak for anyone el... (Below threshold)

I can't speak for anyone else but I know deep down that Saddam if he didn't actually have an active weapons program, he was very interested in restarting his previously existing programs, and as my post above shows Joe Wilson felt the same way. Even saying he was surprised that we didnt find WMD. If that makes me a moonbat I will gladly plead guilty.






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