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Al Franken Is At It Again

Michelle Malkin notes that Al Franken is up to his old tricks again. (Video). I can't say I'm suprised...


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Comments (21)

So F'n what.Maglal... (Below threshold)

So F'n what.
Maglalang takes umbrage at the Amazon plug?
Perhaps its from two things she lacks:

1.)A sense of humor.


Malkin's Amazon ranking today, the day her book goes on sale: #5,084.

Al Franken's Amazon ranking today, the day before his book goes on sale: #10.

- Magalang having fun at the expense of Air Americas' financial issues? That kind of deflates the 'limousine liberal' argument, doesent it?

Who has she taken a paycheck from?

-The "Reverend" Sun Myung Moon - the self-proclaimed "messiah".
-Joseph Farah - founder of urban legend known as the "Clinton Body Count"

- Maglalang is no jounralist, just another a**hole talking head.

Franken's lost it all right... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Franken's lost it all right. He hasn't done a good skit since his SNL "Reporter Lost in the Desert" skit just before Gulf War I. This is just trite and low-brow humor that doesn't even scratch the surface of funny.

That must be loosest use of the word "jokes" in a book title ever.

P.S. DUDA: #10 does not equal good. What did PT Barnum say? There's a sucker born every minute. Enough of 'em and you get to #10 at Amazon. Whoop-tee-freakin'-do....

"10 does not equal good. W... (Below threshold)

"10 does not equal good. What did PT Barnum say? There's a sucker born every minute."

Quite possibly true. - Franken's book is being beaten out by The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century by Thomas Freidman.

Ya, DUD, it is pretty funny... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Ya, DUD, it is pretty funny. The idea of Al Franken having the stones to physically confront someone who disagrees with him is pretty hysterical.

And is there any particular reason you call Michele Malkin by her maiden name? Common courtesy would dictate that if she prefers to go by her married name now, one would respect that wish. Unless, of course, one is an unreconstructed, unmitigated asshole who thinks that reminding everyone of her race (which she cleverly conceals by posting a picture of herself on her web site) is somehow germane to what she has to say. In that case, "common courtesy" is probably something you're not overly familiar with.


DUDACATTACK, I don't think ... (Below threshold)

DUDACATTACK, I don't think it's that she lacks a sense of humor. I think the video is just too close to Franken's typical behavior that it can't even come across as parody.

Oh and one other thing. Is... (Below threshold)

Oh and one other thing. Isn't it kind of weird how much pathetic clowns like Franken abhor the war and aggression, and yet they seem all too comfortable using it as a way of demeaning ideological adversaries? This video being a perfect example.

Maglalang is no jounrali... (Below threshold)

Maglalang is no jounralist, just another a**hole talking head.

At least it's her head talking, unlike DUD.

Get him out of a controlled... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Get him out of a controlled environment and Franken is just a dim-witted, nasty little drunk. I can't wait for him to hit the campaign trail, there aren't enough handler's in the world to keep him out of trouble. Maybe they will make a "reality" TV show of it, should be a hoot.

Harrrumph!!! How dare he?... (Below threshold)

Harrrumph!!! How dare he?

Certainly no one on the right has ever suggested such a hateful and despicable act? Nooooo!!!

I'll go out on a limb here and assume your literacy intake has included the likes of Coulter, O'Reilly, Malkin and other tin-foil hatted ilk.

So while you call out Frankens satire, the above mentioned right in weekly syndication bloviate their desires to see the NY times blown up, Liberals being beaten with baseball bats, re-institution of internment camps and alluding to the wild west to "shoot him between the head". Not much of their content is tinged with satire, is it?

As for my use of her Malkin's maiden name. Well, its not purely out of brackish spite but for her hacknkeyed remark over how Teresa Heinz changed her name (and subsequent hissy fits once Malkin was called to the carpet over it).

Quit acting like the bully on the playgound who finally has his ass beat-
"teacher!! he's hurting meee!!!"

...They and their defenders (you) will have to take it as much as it is dished out.

Can we drop the "satire" ta... (Below threshold)

Can we drop the "satire" tag with Franken. I'm tired of Maher, Moore, Franken etc., pulling the 'it's Satire" defence when their petty personal attacks raise hackels of their targets.

At least have the conviction of your beliefs to stand behind them, and not shift blame, play the race card, or give a litany of petty excuses.

Then again, it's usualy the Coward that hides behind such rhetorical sleight of hand.

And DUD:As I recal... (Below threshold)

And DUD:

As I recall Heinz changed her name only for the campaign. It's now back to Hienz. To the best of my knowledge, Malkin has always used her married name in her work.

Your loathing of Malkin is palpable and highly transparent, then again so are most liberal arguments. Just like Franken, you refuse to admit you just hate someone and let it stand, instead you have to trump up some worthless excuse as to why you are basing your argument on a personal attack instead of substance.

Al who?Actually, t... (Below threshold)

Al who?

Actually, the way this "comedian" carries on, I'm beginning to wonder if it's Al Anon. He seems to have issues (see Malkin's links) and can't control his response to them. To his credit(?) he's more fun to watch now than when he skitted on SNL.

Gosh darn streaming video a... (Below threshold)

Gosh darn streaming video and slow connection. I heard the soundtrack to his promo yesterday, but all I saw was a couple of the early frames. And, I completely failed to recall Franken's earlier real-life outbursts. I apologize for my slip ups.

Michelle Malkin has it exac... (Below threshold)
Aidan Maconachy:

Michelle Malkin has it exactly right. Franken does have anger issues. Too often his manic outbursts don't come across as funny, so much as disturbed.

DUD:As I understand ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

As I understand it, Michelle changed her name when she was married. Theresa Heinz and Hillary Rodham both made points of NOT taking their husbands' names until they ran into office, and they worried about hurting their careers.

You know, careers -- what Malkin has on her own, while Hillary and Theresa rode their husband's coat-tails.

Which side is the one that's supposedly better for women?


Ok, I gotta admit... I lau... (Below threshold)
D. Doré:

Ok, I gotta admit... I laughed. I did think it was funny, and I'm very conservative in faith and politics.

However, what's not funny is the awful truth that: if it was a conservative pundit kicking a liberal reviewer in the groin, then AND ONLY then would it be shown by the MSM to show how callous the right is. I could see a serious and concerned conversation between Matt Lauer and Katie Couric over how "out of touch" and "dangerously irresponsible" such an ad would be.


What's sad is that it's the funniest that Al Franken has ever been without Davis.

What would be really hilari... (Below threshold)

What would be really hilarious is having Franken actually attack someone...like me. Then I could grab his puny little wrists and make him slap himself.

'Well, its not purely out o... (Below threshold)

'Well, its not purely out of brackish spite but for her hacknkeyed remark over how Teresa Heinz changed her name (and subsequent hissy fits once Malkin was called to the carpet over it).'

You're a fucking liar - it's just the same racist bullshit OW pulled.

What is truly telling is th... (Below threshold)
Aidan Maconachy:

What is truly telling is that Franken gets applauded for this antic - apart from a few negatives from the pundits in here and on other conservative sites.

Just imagine for a second Ann Coulter kicking a liberal stoogie in the groin and smashing him in the head with a chair to celebrate the launch of a new book. There would be riots on campuses, wailing from editors and Democrats. Ann would be typecast as the worst kind of neocon reactionary hell whore ... everyones worst fears confirmed.

Al does it and it's like - "hey, whatever".

Yeah, Malkin has always use... (Below threshold)
Aidan Maconachy:

Yeah, Malkin has always used her married name professionally.

Lol came across this quote ... (Below threshold)

Lol came across this quote from Franken. Tells you a lot about the man's innate sense of humor ...

"Now, one of the things that the right wing doesn't seem to get -- they have an unbelievable obdurate resistance to understanding irony. So when you write, "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot," they don't understand. They say, "How dare you call him a big fat idiot?" And at the time, he was very fat, as you know, just a huge fat, fat, fat, fat, obese, morbidly obese, fat man. He's huge. Just his enormous gut and a big fat ass. But he had been engaging in ad hominem attacks, so there was a bit of irony within the title."

I'd like to see a dust up between Rush and Al. Don King might even be interested.






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