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Out of the mouths of babes...

When I was a bit younger, a young lady of my acquaintance (about 2 years old) was absolutely obsessed with fire engines. They were an unending source of delight for her. One time, she heard the sirens and tore through the house, running for the front windows. She leaped up on the couch, peeked over the back out the window, and pointed and shouted delightedly "Fire trucks! Fire trucks!"

But being somewhat new to speech, she kind of switched the first sounds of the two words.

That story came to mind when I read this story, and I think this girl's parents have a bit more of a challenge than the parents of the young lady I knew...


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Yes, well, my daughter has ... (Below threshold)

Yes, well, my daughter has that pronunciation problem, too. Except she has trouble with lots of consonant combinations... like "quack" comes out as "fwack" .... if we're lucky.

Many years ago, my parents,... (Below threshold)

Many years ago, my parents, with my 2-year old sister, went on a road trip with Grandma and Grandpa. My sister was working on toilet training with one of those little porta-potty things... They were about 20 miles down the road, when all of a sudden my sister exclaimed, "Oh sh*t!! We forgot the G*d-d*mn piss-pot!"

While my grandfather roared with laughter, my grandmother spent the next 2 hours chewing out my parents for using that kind of language in front of the kids... A long road trip, to be sure.

At an early age my Godson's... (Below threshold)

At an early age my Godson's S's were pronounced as F's. That led to many laugh filled nights, especially as I got him all excited about his Halloween candy - - that is until he was at the bank one day screaming about how much he wanted and loved those Suckers at the bank!

My son, when he was 2, real... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

My son, when he was 2, really loved (and still does) dump trucks. Except his 'p' was silent and the 'tr' came out as an 'f'.

Watching my brothers' faces... (Below threshold)

Watching my brothers' faces when my nieces and nephews make such pronunciation faux pas publicly is priceless. Occassionally encouraging their new-found vocal skills is an aunt's god-given right.

My daughter used to swap th... (Below threshold)

My daughter used to swap the SK sound, so "basket" sounded like "baKSet".

As you can imagine, I was rolling on the floor when my daughter tried to say "floppy disks".

Thanks for the link! It is ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link! It is a DAILY challenge to say NO!! DON'T SAY THAT! to Olivia while trying not to laugh. All you get from her is the f*bomb-it and NO!!!! DON'T SAY THAT!!!

*sigh* It is going to be a long winter...

Good timing, that! The O... (Below threshold)

Good timing, that! The Onion chimes in today with "Fire Truck! Fire Truck!" - except their version is cleaner, so there!


Submitted for your consider... (Below threshold)

Submitted for your consideration

a 4 year old girl.
blond, blue eyed.
the picture of sweetness

a neighborhood of homes with porches on the front lawns

women in their late 50's early 60's ( grandmother ages)

A new father still learning the concepts of what a growing child can do

As the blond haired wonder walks down the street escourted by the overprotective father, the girl babbles and says things which daddy just says Uhuh and that's nice sweetie

Now add the 3 women.. sitting on the porch less then 15 feet from child as she walks on sidewalk. easly noticed as there is nothing else on the street. father looks up and smiles at women as he passes and then hears..

"Daddy I am not ever gonna say Shit or fuck or any of those bad words ever"

I didn't know that a so called senior citizen's jaw could drop so far.. or that I could suddenly be faced with the total consequence of her future hinging on my next response.. if I punish her for saying it. it makes forbidden fruit.. if I applaude her.. I might make her encouraged to tell me that again and again..at even more embarrasing times.. So I drew my strength from my inner core and said the only answer that could be said..

Uhuh, Thats nice sweetie






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