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Headline Of The Day - Liberal Fantasy Edition

Poll: Bush would lose an election if held this year
CNN is a year late and a candidate short.


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And if Kerry had a glass as... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

And if Kerry had a glass ass he wouldn't flop but once.

That article says:... (Below threshold)

That article says:

The only issue on which Republicans came out on top was in fighting terrorism: 49 percent said the GOP is better at it, while 38 percent said the Democrats are.

Only people on the left are stupid enough to vote for someone that they themselves admit aren't capable of handling someone intent on destroying our nation. Cutting off your nose to spite your face would be an understatement if you used it describe them, it'd be more like daring someone to cut off your head to suppport your ideology, someone that wants to do it already.

The numbers may be true, un... (Below threshold)

The numbers may be true, until they actually put one of the actual potential opponents against Bush.

In fact, the Democrats could have taken the last election from Bush if they had an reasonable candidates to choose from. But since Soros and his ilk seem to be running the Democratic Party, they will likely lose again.

The last election was the Democrats to lose and they did. If Hillary runs, the next election will be the Republicans to lose.

Here's an even better headl... (Below threshold)

Here's an even better headline in CNN's breaking news banner:

No public announcement expected today from special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in CIA leak probe, source tells CNN.

Sounds like a SNL skit. This just in.... no new news.

Buried in the article is th... (Below threshold)

Buried in the article is this, though:

"However, all the numbers are within the poll's sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, so it's possible that the public's opinion has not changed at all."

Oh. Never mind.

I think thet're just re-pub... (Below threshold)

I think thet're just re-publishing the results from the same poll they used from June til November in 2004, aren't they?!

I wonder how the poll would... (Below threshold)

I wonder how the poll would've turned out if it had been held at, oh, FOX News's page or something.

What, you mean it would've turned out radically different? But why? You mean that more liberals than conservatives, Dems vs. Reps visit CNN, and vice versa for FOX?

Hellfire, I think I'm onto something here!


Ya know, a poll is only as good as the cross-section it represents. If you REALLY want to know what people think, randomly poll 10,000 people from every state, using a good mix of urban/rural selections and left/right leanings. THEN you might find out what people think, provided somebody didn't screw up/with the selection process and the pool of people polled (yay alliteration!) truly represents America.

And if I recall correctly, ... (Below threshold)

And if I recall correctly, the polls that out around the time of the Iowa caucus last year show 'unnamed Democrat' to have a better chance of beating Bush than any of the named contenders.

Bush the Centrist - liked by neither liberals nor conservatives, but for different reasons.

Another campaign contributi... (Below threshold)

Another campaign contribution from the MSM to the DNC.

How interestingly vengeful.... (Below threshold)

How interestingly vengeful.

... (Below threshold)
Tony Valeri:


Subject: Susan Estrich Bestows Her Failed Michael Dukakis Presidential Strategy on Hillary Clinton

Ms Estrich s new tome in which she continues to present Hillary as the smartist woman in the world and a moderate politician, deserving to become President of the U.S. in 2008 could not answer 3 basic questions presented to her by Bill O’Reilly in his interview of her this week, which was heard on Bill’s radio and cable TV programs on 10-26-05.

Question 1: What would Hillary’s plan be to solve the Iraqi war problem and rampant terrorism?

Answer: Duh, “she is . . . cliche, cliche, cliche.”

Question 2: How would Hillary handle the illegal immigration and border problems in America?

Answer: Ahh, “she is . . . cliche, cliche, cliche.”

Question 3. What would Hillary do to solve the health care problem in our country?

Answer: Humm, “she is . . . cliche, cliche, cliche.”

Susan knew nothing of Hillary’s real plans, thoughts or ideological precepts that would help solve the foremost problems presently affecting the American political divide. Of course Hillary herself has never been presented with such thoughtful questions before from the testicularly challenged, girlie man, mainstream Washington press reporters, much less, voluntarily presented such information herself.

The interview O’Reilly had with Estrich was devastatingly embarrassing for her who, you would think, after writing a whole book idolizing Hillary (The Case for Hillary Clinton) would at least had, herself, asked those same basic questions of Hillary before putting her on a Presidential pedestal, obviously because she is a full-fledged feminist, liberal woman in a moderate’s clothing, ideas notwithstanding.


Tony Valeri, Eugene, OR Tel: 541 607-6305 ([email protected])






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