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The only dead Muslim is a good Muslim

With the reports last week that US forces in Afghanistan had disposed of the bodies of some terrorists by burning them, yet another howl of outrage rocked the Muslim world. This was a grave insult to all Muslims, we had committed a horrible atrocity by not burying them with honor, and the foul perpetrators of this atrocity must be punished -- preferably after being handed over to Muslim authorities.

This got me thinking a bit. When some Muslims commit the Outrage Of The Week (bombing, massacre, rocket attack, etc. etc.) screaming "Allahu Akbar!", the rest of the not-currently-bombing Muslim population rushes to distance themselves from the terrorists, trotting out Muslim Standard Disclaimer #1 -- "they do not represent True Islam."

(This is usually followed by Muslim Standard Disclaimer #2, "you must not blame us for the actions of these bad people, who until so recently we embraced as brothers, right up until they blew up the bomb", then Muslim Standard Disclaimer #3, "What they did was terrible, but they were provoked by the West's support of Israel/the West's oppression of Muslims/the horrible obscenity of Piglet, Porky Pig, Miss Piggy, and piggy banks," and Muslim Muslim Disclaimer #4, "We fear a terrible backlash from vindictive Westerners, and demand you protect us and suppress any who criticize us, because they some day just might go beyond saying mean things -- and even that is too much for us to be forced to withstand.")

But I've noticed something odd. The instant the terrorists are not carrying out their terrorism, they suddenly revert to Good Muslims and must be treated accordingly.

Let's look at those terrorists we capture. They must be given full respect for their religious convictions -- the same ones that led them to commit their atrocities, the same ones they allegedly have perverted -- and the "good Muslims" get horribly bent out of shape if that isn't done. If they are not protected from "unclean" substances, "impure" women, not given a Koran and a prayer mat, not told the direction of Mecca and allowed to pray five times a day, the outcries heard are worse than if we were severing limbs and boiling them in oil and stretching them on racks. It seems that these people who have "twisted the peace-loving faith of Islam" must, at all costs, be allowed to continue to do so -- at the insistence of those who have denounced their version of that faith.

It even extends beyond death. In Afghanistan, our forces killed several terrorists. Local Afghans were apparently contacted and asked to dispose of the bodies in an appropriately respectful fashion, but they, as I understand it, said "they're foreigners, here to cause trouble, screw them" and refused. So the US forces, not really interested in digging graves in the sides of mountains, or hauling them to softer ground, and unwilling to simply leave them to decay, took the only option they saw: they burned them (in apparent violation of Muslim tradition, but in accordance with several other faiths, who view burning as an honorable method of body disposal, and actually in accordance with my own wishes).

I think it's time to call bullshit on the "mainstream Muslim" community. If the terrorists don't truly represent Islam, even as they scream "Allahu Akbar" and hit the detonator, then they must be consistent and not offer them the protection they are due as fellow Muslims. But if they want to offer them their sympathies, then they must readily accept the consequences of declaring themselves friends with the terrorists. They can't have it both ways.


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Comments (32)

Jay Tea, of course you can ... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

Jay Tea, of course you can have it both ways; the Muslims have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. You just posted about it. They have become the Politically Correct exploiters extraordinaire. They have taken the tolerance-for-anything-not-Christian to heights never even dreamed of by the ACLU crowd.

Our bleeding-heart-liberal crowd has hamstrung our military by not allowing the exploitation of our enemy’s weaknesses associated with their religion. That is a fundamental tactic of battle. We’ve put our Soldiers’ lives at risk unnecessarily to appease the tolerance crowd – so as to not offend the sensibilities of Islam. The lives of our very own people are worth less than the lives of our enemies. If you want to win a war, you turn the hounds of hell loose and let them do their job. Then you snuggle into your warm comfy bed at night and enjoy the fruits of their labor - liberty. Our military leaders will do everything in their power to minimize collateral damage and non-combatant casualties because they have that moral value. But, give them their full toolbox from which to prosecute and win the war. Don’t hamstring them with another politician-controlled war (remember Vietnam and Somalia?).

I thought there was some ad... (Below threshold)

I thought there was some additional reasons why the bodies were burnt.

If you want to win a war... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

If you want to win a war, you turn the hounds of hell loose and let them do their job.

"War is the remedy our enemies have chosen and I say let us give them all they want."
- General William Tecumseh Sherman

<a href="http://www.warrior... (Below threshold)
B Moe:


And why exactly am I supposed to give a shit what they think?

Hey if it looks like BS, sm... (Below threshold)

Hey if it looks like BS, smells like BS, tastes like BS, it's probably BS. Don't step in it. (With apologies to Cheech and Chong)

Bravo! I just hope you're n... (Below threshold)

Bravo! I just hope you're not this late coming to this conclusion, Jay. I disagree with calling "bullshit" on them, though. "Pigshit" is much more befitting.

When Americans wake up and realize that the teachings of Islam stand in diametric opposition to the roots of Western Civilization, maybe they'll realize that our "culture of tolerance" must have limitations.

<a href="http://2slick.blog... (Below threshold)

2slick said it best until I saw oldsoldier's comment.

Also, burning the bodies is... (Below threshold)

Also, burning the bodies is a public-health measure. Letting them rot is a real good way to spread disease.

They don't seem too concern... (Below threshold)

They don't seem too concerned about the treatment of their bodies when they are still alive. I've got to call bullshit on them claiming that burning a corpse is bad when they'll volunteer to get into a cement truck full of explosives and drive into a crowd of other Muslims vaporizing themselves and as many others as they can. They sure didn't mind incinerating the people in the World Trade Center either. Dead or alive.

"War is the remedy our e... (Below threshold)

"War is the remedy our enemies have chosen and I say let us give them all they want."
- General William Tecumseh Sherman

You people speak so lightly of war; you don't know what you're talking about. War is a terrible thing!

- General William Tecumseh Sherman

When Americans wake up a... (Below threshold)

When Americans wake up and realize that the teachings of Islam stand in diametric opposition to the roots of Western Civilization, maybe they'll realize that our "culture of tolerance" must have limitations.

Shall I start burning my American muslim friends now, or wait until they die?

What an excellent post, tha... (Below threshold)

What an excellent post, thank you!

Oh, and Mantis? Why wait.


Bullwinkle, you said what I... (Below threshold)

Bullwinkle, you said what I was thinking. Why is it OK for Muslims to be incinerated when blowing up others - and thereby themselves - but not OK to burn dead bodies when there's really no other immediate way to dispose of them?

Hey, Mantis, are you of the... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

Hey, Mantis, are you of the praying variety or would that be oxymoronic? Just curious...

I guess the depends, Mantis... (Below threshold)

I guess the depends, Mantis. Are your Muslim friends terrorists? If they are, don't wait. Light 'em if ya got 'em.

Jake,Oh, and Ma... (Below threshold)


Oh, and Mantis? Why wait.

Mostly because they're my friends and colleagues; they're good people working as accountants, engineers, teachers, and the like, and in my opinion they don't deserve to be burned alive. But you were kidding, weren't you? Ha ha.

Old Soldier,

Neither. As far as oxymorons are concerned, take it up with Sherman. I was merely trying to point out that his views on war were a little more complex than Steve's quote might lead one to believe. As far as your post goes, if you have a problem with politicians controlling war, maybe you would be happier in a country where elected officials did not control the military. Cuba or China, perhaps?

This war could use a genera... (Below threshold)

This war could use a general like William Tecumseh Sherman. There is a man who would not pull any punches. How do you honestly think he would execute this war.

All I see is comments rampa... (Below threshold)
Didi Kong:

All I see is comments rampant with American bias and hatred. Terrorism is a word that has come to be associated with Muslims, but religious extremism and fanaticism is the trade mark of most practicing christians in the United States of America and the Bush administration in particular. I believe declaring a war on a sovereign nation in the name of your religion declaring that they are evil and because they possess weapons of mass destruction which were
never found is an act of terrorism. You can make all the excuses you like for the atrocities your soldiers commit (I really want to know what excuses you might have for al-gharib) but the blame for the casualties of terrorism is squarely on the back your administration. You can praise the heroic acts of your soldiers and pretend like they ascribe to a code of honour but the fact still remains that most of them are victims of the poverty draft and none of them would have wished to put their lives in danger for nothing. In conclusion GO HOME YANKEES YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH in the lands of the muslims.

Don't you just love how sel... (Below threshold)
Dominic Paz:

Don't you just love how self-rightious Europeans are about everything? I mean they act as if the whole reason the middle east is all fucked up still isn't because of British and French colonialism - something I bet they'd like to forget. The fact of the matter is that in the larger scheme of things ... any negative impact on the world done by America is utterly dwarfed by what the Europeans (who now take up a holier than you attitude) have done ... look at the mid-east, Africa, Central America. And also look in Europe - at the attrocities they have committed, at the fact that religious terrorism still goes on there and that their governments pass blatentely racist laws. Fuck Europeans! Those hypocrates have no place telling others what to do - they have done enough. Mind your own business you skinny pathetic fags! They talk a big line when they're thousands of miles away, but the truth is that the average European wouldn't last in America - they're too weak.

the simple fact of the matt... (Below threshold)

the simple fact of the matter is if you kill you enemy and you survive thats all that matters.I suggest thermonuclear devices;death is instant and painless. I cannot think of a more merciful way to dispose of the muslim bastards.

The problem is that the "sm... (Below threshold)

The problem is that the "smart" ones get everything while the uneducated ones are brainwashed into becoming terrorists. This is started at birth. Mohammed was a sick fucking satan worshipper. How so many people got caught up in his line of shit just blows my mind. Maybe it's because Islam is such a peacful religion. By the way, it's being kept quiet by the liberal media but Muslims have been trying to attack military bases here in America for some time now. Just last week they killed one who tried to crash the gates in his car. Yes. The only good Muslim is a dead one. I think they should start with Gitmo. Put a bullet in the back of every one of those smelly fuckers heads.THEN they can close the base. Did you know when they asked our guys which way Mecca was we pointed west? Hee hee.

What ever you do, don't tru... (Below threshold)

What ever you do, don't trust Muslims! They fell for the ideology of a filthy murderous pedophile hook line and sinker. Liberals (Communists) in this great country want us to be tolerant towards a culture (cult) that bases it's existence on murdering anyone they can in the name of Allah. (Satan). Muslims are in America for one reason. To try to spread Islam to the point that it will take over the country. Rely on your second ammendment rights and arm yourself with as many weapons and as much ammo as you can. The day will come when we will have to take these filthy animals on in our own streets. I for one am ready for them.

The Muslims want us all dae... (Below threshold)

The Muslims want us all daed . We have to kill them first. And thta is KILL ALL of them.

Besides they smell like they have slept in their shit.



Hello. I was surfing the we... (Below threshold)

Hello. I was surfing the web and I found this website. I was looking for the words "good muslim". Yes I am a muslim. And I don't hate you, I don't hate any non-muslim human being, like my friends don't hate you or the friends of my friends or my relatives or their relatives. I am from Colombia SOUTH AMERICA, and we have guerrilla there, we have deaths and violence, and I would never blame a christian for that. There's a lot of ignorant people out there, unfortunatly, a lot of ignorant muslims too..but thank God ONLY a small percentage, out of the one billion muslims out there, are commiting these horrendous acts. And that means to any smart person, that we can't judge, and we shouldn't speak when we don't know what is Islam about. And specially we shouldn't speak when all what we know about Islam is what they show on TV. I learned how to drive in a driving course, I didn't learn watching tv.

it is sad that the cliche "... (Below threshold)

it is sad that the cliche "the only good indian is a dead indian" which was coined in 1876 after the masacre of 546 women and children at Crowe Creek, (search: the foulest crime in the annuls of american history) now transmogrifies into the latest hate victims of the United States. Narrow minds? Yes; but sad for those minds. Yes: be angry but translate that anger into something more positive. Search on 'brick lane' and 'paki bashing' and become aware how Pakistanis in the UK of the 1970's rode the storm of violence aimed at them and emerged as committed British citizens. Yes, their sons and Grandsons have mutated into the nogs we see on the news today but the only way to counter this is to turn the other cheek, This may be (oh fuck this... I can't be predujicially injusticed anymore...)

It's time for us all to sta... (Below threshold)

It's time for us all to stand up and conquer...stop them before they strike again. We have learned nothing from our lax and ignorant immigration. so it is time that we take this away from the incompetent governments, and start cleaning house internally.

It would be a dream if open season on the rags began...after all, the bleeding hearts justify and explain away their bullshit, so maybe if we begin to make the worthless muslim miserable and afraid to even leave their homes, they will stop coming! As long as they can get away with all their bullshit and we continue to allow it, it will never end.

So today, grab a rag and pull it off their head for all those soldiers and innocent victims of Allah!

In some ways I can understa... (Below threshold)

In some ways I can understand why you are so paranoid and afraid of my religion. It appeared as if America was knocked for six on 9/11. You say we embrace the terrorists ‘as brothers’ but you have no idea how much hatred and disgust we harbour for them. These so called Muslims that are associated with Al- Qaida have killed thousands more Muslims than Americans or Christians. Yet your paranoia has a double standard, its okay for a Muslim taxi driver, Doctor, Corner Shop to serve you but as soon as you get home your rant ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORIST BASTARDS! Your economy would collapse if the migrant workers decided to take the week off together. My family, as well as the majority of the Muslim population in the west, are law abiding, tax paying, and devoted to the community. I’m sure your thinking ‘ye ye, I’ve herd it all before’, but why don’t you take it on yourself to knock on your Muslim neighbours door and ask him if it’s okay if you asked him a few questions about his religion/lifestyle. You’ll soon realise we’re not so different.

Black Jack Pershing had the... (Below threshold)
allah sucks:

Black Jack Pershing had the right idea kill the muslims bastards and cover them with pig blood and bury them with pigs and their entrails.Along with a picture of Mohammed!!!!

If all these muslims who re... (Below threshold)

If all these muslims who reckon they hate the terrorists as much as we do spoke up and condemmed them, and helped to get ''rid'' of them, maybe we could start to believe them. Untill that time I will carry on believing , a good muslim is a dead'n.

I for one, despise ALL form... (Below threshold)
Nookie Egg:

I for one, despise ALL forms of religion. Not just muslims. Religion is probably THE main cause of problems, violence and wars within the world today. It always has been that way (the crusades for example), and always will be that way (going with the hype surrounding them, muslim terrorists). Religion and State law have combined to be one entity, which clearly does not work. By having this religious blockade over people's minds, all it does is give people an excuse to act how they "interpret" passages that they read in a book. People are going to no doubt complain about this, and say "Christianity" is peaceful and it's only "muslim scum" who are a threat. As Didi Kong said, Christians are as much a threat as any other religion. The only way I believe we will ever gain peace in this world is if the ENTIRE 6 billion people of the world unite, abolish religion and actually COMMUNICATE with each other. But of course, you can't tell people what to believe, I guess that's their choice to follow blindly something that has never been proven to exist. IF religion were true, over the thousands and thousands of years, ONE "real" version would have been established, instead of the dozens that exist today, each telling different stories, each commanding and manipulating people in different ways.

islam is a religion of peas... (Below threshold)

islam is a religion of pease,charity and family love
and is the fastest growing religion in the world
and it will rule the world one day

All non muslims to arms...m... (Below threshold)

All non muslims to arms...muslims everywhere are your enemy! Seek them out and get them before they get you!






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