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Massachusetts Attorney General goes on drug-crazed rampage

Massachusetts, like many other states, is having a bit of a problem with Oxycontin. There are a lot of Oxy addicts around, and many pharmacies have had to post signs saying that they have none on the premises -- any prescriptions will take a day or so to fill. And while the drug's power for those who truly need it are legendary, the brutalities of its abuse are equally terrifying.

So Massachusetts' Attorney General (who's running for Governor) thinks it's time to kick up the fight a little. He wants to go after the problem at what he sees as the source of the problem, one of the biggest reasons Oxycontin is so readily abused.

So, is he going after addicts, who demand it? Dealers, who obtain it through illegal means and cater to these addicts? Doctors who over-prescribe the drugs, getting them out of the control of the drug industry and into the general populace.

Nah. Tom Reilly is obeying the legendary advice from Watergate, and is "following the money." He's threatening to sue the drug's manufacturer.

According to Mr. Reilly, the real problem is that Purdue Pharma made a very powerful, very effective drug, and then tried to sell it to doctors. They had the nerve and the gall to try to put a powerful new pain-killer into the hands of those who treat those people who have severe pain, to give them one more tool in their efforts to help people live longer and better lives.

Mr. Reilly isn't just trying to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. He's declaring it open season on the geese, and is posting a bounty.


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I hear the manufacturer is ... (Below threshold)

I hear the manufacturer is working overtime to try to come up with a time-release mechanism for the pill that isn't defeated by crushing (what the addicts do). It's not like they don't know there's an issue; they're trying to make the drug harder to abuse.

According to Mr. Reilly,... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

According to Mr. Reilly, the real problem is that Purdue Pharma made a very powerful, very effective drug, and then tried to sell it to doctors.

Capitalist bastards.

I understand this because I... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

I understand this because I was born, raised and lived the first 20 years of my life in southeast CT - Yankee liberalism bears no semblance to sanity. Next, Reilly will take on all the auto manufacturers for the highway deaths that occur each year. After all, if they hadn’t made the automobiles…

Oh, by the way, I escaped from CT in Sep of 1967.

Quite a misleading title...... (Below threshold)

Quite a misleading title...

In order to comply with the... (Below threshold)

In order to comply with the law perhaps the pharm can just make a placebo to sell to Mass? That way they won't be troubled with the trials and tribulations of effective medication, and they can just pretend they are doing something. Yeah, thats it...the companies could solve this problem by simply making their drugs non-effective. Non-effective solutions would surely appeal to the liberal mindset of that State. Wouldn't it?

Considering Reilly's minset... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

Considering Reilly's minset on Purdue Pharma's roll in the Oxycontin addicition problem; what do you suppose would be his position realtive to the addiction of a whole class of people to social welfare? Do you suppose he would go after the bleeding heart liberals that legislated such an addictive program?

Sounds like pillboy Rush li... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

Sounds like pillboy Rush lives in the wrong state(although Jeb's daughter was able to score)...you do remember that Rush admitted being an Oxy abuser and the investigation for his "shopping" is still going on...????

Remember that the "follow t... (Below threshold)

Remember that the "follow the money" phrase originated in the movie. The follow who wrote the screen play came up with it. It's not in the book & "deep throat" never uttered those words to Woodward & Burnstein.

Joe, they have indeed come ... (Below threshold)

Joe, they have indeed come out with the time release pill.
My Mother picked up her prescription today, take one in the AM and PM. she is pain free for the first time in 4 months.

Which brings me to Reilly.
How does he benefit from this ignorance, campaign contributions from Purdue and drop the suit, or from a competitor and file the suit?

One thing is sure; the people who need the drug will pay a lot more for it because of this idiot..

One unique thing about oxyc... (Below threshold)

One unique thing about oxycontin is that it has both immediate release and long acting properties, so patients like CS's mom can start using it and get immediate results.

Oxycodone tends to have fewer unpleasant side effects than morphine, and the oxycontin preparation is easier to manipulate chemically for illicit ingestion, unfortunately, thus making it more popular a drug to abuse.

Its a tough problem, but so backaswards to sue the drug company that made such a truly effective medication for pain control. Makes me wanna use the N words so Gilliard's Corollary will kick in and end this...

Attorney's General? Aren't ... (Below threshold)

Attorney's General? Aren't they all on a "I want to be Pres someday" power (with your Money) trip?
What fools allow them such unbridled power? Pogo was right again!

This "sue the big guy" is nothing but cashing in on sin. Pure hatred (envy )of the large capitalist' successes. Never mind that that is what gives them their jobs!

I left Massachusetts years ago only to move into another moral and political swamp-Connecticut.

I read this topic. I think ... (Below threshold)

I read this topic. I think may be more optimistic opinion...






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