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Oh My! George Takei Comes Out


Actor George Takei, best known for his role as Mr. Sulu in "Star Trek," came out as homosexual in the current issue of a magazine covering the Los Angeles gay and lesbian community.

Something tells me we're going to be hearing a lot of The Sulu Dance! on the Howard Stern show tomorrow. (Alternate site - endlessly looping version)

George Takei Discloses His Homosexuality - [AP/Yahoo!]


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Comments (18)

I never saw that one coming... (Below threshold)

I never saw that one coming.

(rolls eyes)

How do you say "Duh!" in Ja... (Below threshold)

How do you say "Duh!" in Japanese?

I should have added:<... (Below threshold)

I should have added:

not that there is anything wrong with that...

Come on. Those skin-tight ... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Come on. Those skin-tight uniforms they wore? They were all gay!

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

It wasn't so much the unifo... (Below threshold)

It wasn't so much the uniforms as it was all that "beaming" each other up and down that gave it away for me. I'm an understanding and relatively tolerant guy though, what propulsion system you prefer is ok by me, I just wouldn't want my brother marrying one.

He's gay, Jim.... (Below threshold)

He's gay, Jim.

Thinking about it, Kirk, Sp... (Below threshold)

Thinking about it, Kirk, Spock, Checkoff, McCoy, and even Scotty got the girl. Sulu is the only one who never did.

Anyone suprised by this has... (Below threshold)

Anyone suprised by this has never heard an interview with the man. That, or you're using a Soviet era gaydar...

I would have been more impr... (Below threshold)

I would have been more impressed with his courage had he come out as a Republican.

Secondly, probably the closest to "duh" in Japanese would be MOCHIRON ("of course")

Not sure they have a "duh"

I read about this a long, l... (Below threshold)

I read about this a long, long time ago. So am not sure as to what the "recent" event is about here, his announcement and such. As in, the guy's been notoriously out for a long, long time and it isn't like no one has noticed before now, nor written about it before.

Yes, this is definitely OLD... (Below threshold)

Yes, this is definitely OLD news, as they say.
I heard about this a LONG while ago.
I mean other than having suspicions while watching "The Naked Time". heh.
I suppose it's possible though that it hasn't previously been published and advertised in the mainstream media. But I'm pretty sure this has come out in some type of public way in the past... Not just word of mouth.

"... and I'm bald!"... (Below threshold)

"... and I'm bald!"

You mean, at some point, h... (Below threshold)

You mean, at some point, he was 'in'?


Dammit Jim, this is a stars... (Below threshold)

Dammit Jim, this is a starship, not a bath house!

Now we know why Sulu kept o... (Below threshold)

Now we know why Sulu kept ordering the helmsman of the U.S.S. Excelsior to steer toward Uranus.

It should be noted, however, that Sulu did score with a woman at least once, because in the movie "Star Trek: Generations" we are introduced to Sulu's daughter Demora.

How did Sulu end up with a daughter? Rumor has it that, while visiting his home town of San Francisco, Sulu was drunk and had a one-night stand with someone whom Sulu mistook for a transvestite. The next morning, Sulu was surprised to discover that the "transvestite" was a real woman.

Just look how happy he is w... (Below threshold)

Just look how happy he is with his pointy thing out.

Set phasers to fabulous!</p... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Set phasers to fabulous!

Thanks for the Sulu Dance m... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the Sulu Dance mp3.






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