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Twas The Night Before Fitzmas And All Through the House...

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...
[OK, so it's not quite a mouse]

Say what you will about liberal bloggers, but damn if the don't come up with some inventive nicknames. Many of the cast of characters in the Plame investigation have wildly creative names... Robert Novak is known as "The Douchebag of Liberty" and Karl Rove is widely referred to as "Turd Blossom" and President Bush is known by all sorts of permutations of Chimp, Bush, and Hitler.

Anyway, you might already know the lefty bloggers are calling the day Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald ends his investigation Fitzmas, since they view possible indictments as big bowtie wrapped gifts for Democrats. That, of course, makes tonight Fitzmas Eve.

Well this Fitzmas Eve The New York Times is throwing lumps of charcoal in liberal bloggers stockings, since I don't think they're going to be happy with a single indictment of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Jr.


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Comments (11)

The lefties will be especia... (Below threshold)
John S.:

The lefties will be especially unhappy because Fitzgerald has a snowball's chance in hell of actually winning a case in court. The basic problem is that no crime has been committed.

I will be disappointed if t... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

I will be disappointed if there are any indictments of WH officials since, as John states, there was no crime. If Libby is indicted for getting mixed up on his testimony about his involvement in the "not a crime", it may be technically perjury, but it still stinks. Out in the real world Judges/Grand Juries don't indict witnesses for "lying" when it is determined no crime was committed.
The good news, that Kevin missed, is that if Libby is indicted, the ball is now in his court to call a lot of people and question them, under oath, about their involvement in a political smear campaign against a sitting President on the eve on a Presidential election. To include the release of classified information.
That's not to say we have to wait for the Libby trial. Fitzgerald may still come through with a Mickey Mouse indictment against Libby followed by show stopper indictments against the Wilsons and their gang of thugs.
I'm also displeased, if true, if he continues the investigation of Rove. Either indict or let it go!

Dick Cheney is known as "Bi... (Below threshold)

Dick Cheney is known as "Big Time".

After two years the focus is now on the Wilsons, MSM, CIA, and the Dem Party. This isn't over yet. No one in the WH will be indicted.

So what. President Bush can... (Below threshold)

So what. President Bush can immediately pardon Scooter even before any stupid trial. Patrick Fitzgerald is overdoing this entire thing. The person I want to see in jail is Joe Wilson. Not just any jail, send the traitor to Gitmo.

i think the reporters like ... (Below threshold)

i think the reporters like saying LIBBY over and over again, because it harkens back to the Watergate Days, with Liddy, Liddy, as in G Gordon. Those were salad days for them.

It's my understanding that ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

It's my understanding that Bush himself gave Rove the "Turd Blossom" nickname -- something about waste matter having remarkable growing powers, and flowers growing from compost heaps and the like. But I must admit to being impressed by "Douchebag Of Liberty."


Reuters says neither are go... (Below threshold)
kirk:> Special cou... (Below threshold)


> Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald does not
> plan to act in the CIA leak case

Uh, you forgot the last two important words of that sentence fragment..."on Thursday." Today is the big day for indictments, if any come.

On another note, Kevin, isn't "Turd Blossom" actually Bush's nickname for Rove, not some liberal concoction?

This is all so ridiculous...the left calling it Fitzmas is just preposterous, like it's some big present to them to have the administration knocked down. I'll be happy if our justice system just works like it's supposed to; if someone committed a crime, punish them. If they didn't, let them go free. Either way, the best attempt at getting to the truth should be what we're hoping for.


You know, the right-side bl... (Below threshold)

You know, the right-side bloggers are no slouches themselves on nicknames:

John Edwards:
Silky Pony. Also, the Breck Girl.

John Kerry:
The Tall Sad Tree

Bill Clinton:
The Sink Kemperor

Hillary Clinton:
PIAPS (which, I believe stands for Pig in a Pantssuit)

Douchebag of Liberty, Rober... (Below threshold)

Douchebag of Liberty, Robert Novak, was coined, I believe, by John Stewart.

That's Jon Stewart.... (Below threshold)

That's Jon Stewart.






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