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Invasion is the sincerest form of flattery

Whenever I read another denouncement of the United States, be it from the far left, the UN, some international bunch of do-gooders, or someone else with way too much time on their hands, I'm reminded of an old saying:

"People vote with their feet."

Some times it seems like no other country in the world has the problems we do with illegal immigration, or at least at the same magnitude. As rotten, corrupt, evil exploitative, oppressive, imperialistic, racist, sexist, brutal, violent, and criminal as we are, nonetheless there seems nowhere else on Earth where so many people want to come -- and stay.

Part of it is geography. We are a very large country, with very large, unfortified borders. But simple convenience can't explain it all away. There is something very right with this country, and a lot of people know it. And they want to be a part of it.

This is not to be construed as a softening of my stance on illegal aliens -- I think that we have one of the fairest and most generous immigration policies in the world, and those who can't abide by its lax standards ought to be treated very harshly.

Oh, and OK, I confess. The largest factor behind this posting was to use the pun in the title. I've only done that once before, so I felt entitled.

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What if we deported all of ... (Below threshold)

What if we deported all of the whiney liberals, to make room for immigrants that know a good thing when they see it?

For generations people have... (Below threshold)

For generations people have had the good sense to want to come to the US and be Americans. My parents' generation is a good example. So eager were they to be Americans that after coming here as children, they enlisted in droves to fight WWII for 'their' country. Nothing seems to have changed judging by the current crop of enlistees. Gob bless 'em.

As my dad likes to say, "Re... (Below threshold)

As my dad likes to say, "Remember, people tie inner tubes together, throw them in the ocean, hop on and then pray they make it to our shore a mere 90 miles north."

As bad as we sometimes think it is here, it must really suck elsewhere.

Thank you LJD for perhaps t... (Below threshold)

Thank you LJD for perhaps the most profound question I have read today.

"The largest factor behind ... (Below threshold)

"The largest factor behind this posting was to use the pun in the title. I've only done that once before, so I felt entitled."

Another pun or a happy accident?

...or as comedian Richard J... (Below threshold)

...or as comedian Richard Jenni said, "AMERICA - 20 million illegal immigrants can't be wrong!!"






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