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Worst Week Ever/Best Week Ever

Earlier this week the mainstream press was awash with stories of this being President Bush's "worst week ever." We'll forgive them their hyperbole since their evidence was pretty strong: looming indictments in the Plame case; the faltering Miers nomination; and the 2000th military death in Iraq.

Magically just a few days later the sun is shining brightly on the White House again. How so?

For starters. I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Jr. was the only administration official indicted in the Plame case, and he was only indicted (in essence) for lying about his conversations with journalists. At his press conference (liveblogged by Michelle Malkin) Fitzgerald said, "We have not made any allegation that Libby knowingly/intentionally outed a covert agent." They also haven't accused anyone else in the administration with any wrong doing. Fitzgerald also said, "This indictment is not about the war. Not about the propriety of the war. This is stripped of that debate and focused on a narrow transaction..." Today the hopes of liberal Bush critics have been severely dashed by the limited scope of Fitzgerald's indictments. As Paul Mirengoff at Powerline notes, "the political fall-out is likely to be almost non-existent."

Next, the withdrawal of Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court ends a particularly contentious inter-squad fight for Republicans. With reports that the new nominee is likely to be either Samuel A. Alito, Jr. or J. Michael Lutting, the expected Monday announcement will make the Miers nomination a distant memory.

If the new Supreme Count nominee is announced Monday the Plame case will quickly be drained of any energy that is still left after this weekends talk shows.

When the new nominee is announced the left is sure to raise a fuss. Assuming that Bush follows through on his campaign pledge to nominate a justice in the mold of Scalia and Thomas the right, and the punditocracy, will quickly engage as they did with Chief Justice Roberts nomination. In that case President Bush's poll numbers are sure to head upward as an energized base prepares for a confirmation battle of historic proportions. The reason Bush's poll numbers are so low now is that the Miers nomination has temporarily turned off a lot people who voted for Bush. You don't get below 40% approval ratings without a lot of Republicans checking the "disapprove" box - a condition that should prove to be temporary.

Turning all of the negatives of last week around is well within the reach of the White House. It all starts with the Supreme Court nominee...

As for Iraq, in case you've forgotten, we already won that war...


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Comments (33)

Today the hopes of liber... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Today the hopes of liberal administration critics have to have been severely dashed by the limited scope of Fitzgerald's indictments.


Methinks you misunderestimate moonbattery. I've already seen alot of comments from the alternate reality based community that indicate they still don't get it.

Yeah, how could we not get ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, how could we not get the fact that an assistant to the President being indicted and a SCOTUS nominee going down in flames represents a good week? On second thought, these days it kinda does.

Keep spinning. Getting dizzy yet?

top aide to cheney is indic... (Below threshold)

top aide to cheney is indicted criminally today. very dew left in the country who can vote for the criminal republican party. and this is good news to conservatives?

Chris,Geez, haven'... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Geez, haven't you been paying attention? Many, many conservatives were thrilled (myself included) over Miers withdrawing of her name! The GOP infighting is over as far as she is concerned. Onto a another and hopefully better SCOTUS nominee....

Slight correction: Office of the VICE President. And indicted�which is decidedly not an admission of guilt just a probable cause to go to trial on—significantly reduced charges. No Rove. No Cheney. No great collapse or 'crumbling administration'. Just one guy.

And that ain't the indictment party the Left was hoping for—just more like a, I dunno, casual, aw-damn! get together.

Any victory in a storm, I say.

(Click the link, you'll get a kick out of it. I might go, just to be a straw that stirs that s***. Kidding...)

Please don't tell the paren... (Below threshold)

Please don't tell the parents, spouses, children, grand parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, co-workers, hometown merchants, former teachers, of the service people who died today and any American's with a brain that the war is over.

Poor Chris Mathews was almo... (Below threshold)

Poor Chris Mathews was almost in tears with his dissapointment of only one indictment. And that one not relating much to the original purpose of the investigation.

j.:Where in the he... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Where in the hell did you get that from??? Kevin said we won the war (yes, the initial part of the war), and he's right. But no one said it was over. You pulled that out of thin moonbat air.

J. Michael Luttig would be ... (Below threshold)

J. Michael Luttig would be my preference but either Luttig or Samuel A. Alito, Jr. would be great. Both have the capacity to manage (and well) the Hearing process, although Alito would, in my view, have a rougher go of it. I can't imagine a finer Supreme Court Justice than Luttig, in all capacities, an excellent human being and Constitutional academic, among other things I find very appealing as to him as our next Justice.

The Left will never be happy, never be constructive and among those I include the Libertarians who have run amok in the GOP lately as to Miers and Bush for nominating her. Thank God they're now pacified to some degree...but...I think the preferable path here is to learn how to survive them with the least damage as possible.

It's difficult to be constr... (Below threshold)

It's difficult to be constructive when you're method is criticism. It's entirely possible to make effective and realistic criticism when and as necessary, as needed, but for liberalism in the country today, it seems to be synonymous with criticism only and lacks leadership because of that. And, because of that, there's that philosophical inherency there that the S.C. has to remain their area of "final" legislative opinion, so, about the S.C., that's the entire argument right there: who'll interpret and apply the Constitution and who'll use concepts to imagine and affect legislative decisions.

Everything else is based upon personal animosities, it seems, at least based upon the type of negations I receive on a site of mine. Thank God for the encouraging folk.

I'm still marvelling at and... (Below threshold)

I'm still marvelling at and about Patrick Fitzgerald! It's so refreshing, literally, to hear his intelligence and lucidity. The man is truly great.

Peter F.Slight cor... (Below threshold)

Peter F.

Slight correction. Libby was Chief of Staff to the Vice President and Assistant to the President. You can look it up.

And the fact that "Many, many conservatives were thrilled (myself included) over Miers withdrawing of her name," still doesn't make it a good week for the President. Are you suggesting that he was thrilled? That was the point of the post, remember?

You also bold face indicted like it's a big imporvement over being convicted. All that could ever happen is him being indicted (no, I take it back. There could have been no charges at all.) And significantly reduced charges? Reduced from what? There were no charges until the indictments were handed down. If you think looking at five felonies and 30 years (and no, I don't think he would get anything close to that) is a piece of cake, you might want to check with Libby on that.

As for the link you provided, I'm not sure what the point was. I never predicted that anyone would be indicted, especially since the Intelligence Identities Protection Act is so restrictively written. I don't own everything any left wing blogger or commentator has ever said. As a matter of fact, I hated it whenever I would see someone talking about treason, because it was highly doubtful that treason was ever going to enter the picture, and it allows apologists like yourself to claim victory because Libby only lied to the Grand Jury about leaking classified information.

Believe me, there's been plenty of wild claims on the right (I'm still waiting for those Plame/Wilson indictments) but I recognize that not everyone on this site owns everything that some unhinged commenter writes.

We have won the war ?? Damn... (Below threshold)
john Ryan:

We have won the war ?? Damn the MSM for missing that story !!

It time for John Corzine to... (Below threshold)

It time for John Corzine to have a BAD week!! Corzine Rumor

Scooter Lewis?... (Below threshold)
Not Tony:

Scooter Lewis?

Chris,And I'm goin... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


And I'm going to brief because I'm going home for the weekend...

1.) Oy vey, I guess I have to spell everything out. Significantly reduced charges/lowered expectations in comparison to what was hoped for by many on the Left. And no, I wasn't suggesting (at all!) that Bush was thrilled with Miers resigning, but it certainly takes the heat off, cools the in-party fighting and makes the base ('apologists' (ugh) like me) happy.

2.) The point of the link is that it is funny. You know, ha-ha, look-at-these-folks-are-having-an-indictment-party kind of funny. I thought it was/is clever of them, really. Sorry, my friend, but you read wayyyyyy too much into that and went into 14-year old defensive mode. That's a YP, not an MP.

3.) Please don't refer to me as an apologist; it's a weak and tired word/refrain the Left uses to describe anyone who defends anyone in the GOP. Furthermore, I certainly haven't defended Libby for his alleged crimes, only for the things he and others are certainly looking to be clear of.

Have a good weekend. And try to laugh a little, huh?

If anything, it was a week ... (Below threshold)

If anything, it was a week of political overload. Even for junkies. I'm not complaining, kept me busy, out of trouble, and tending to my new lil baby blog.

This post is only a shout out Kevin. Thank You ....
(successfully accomplished my first trackback over at OTB) http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/archives/12481

Praise Allah

This was a very nice "Lick ... (Below threshold)

This was a very nice "Lick my wounds" post. It ain't over fella's.

Nice spin though!

any of you Moonbats know ho... (Below threshold)

any of you Moonbats know how many years after 1945 it was before German insurgents stopped shooting at Allied troops ?

Because if you do then WWII ended that year and not in 1945 according to your chickens**t measure of winning and losing a war ...

Name me one liberal warrior that has honorably served his country in the last 40 years ?

don't even think of Ghegis Kerry, I said honorably served ...

Lefties are given to conspi... (Below threshold)

Lefties are given to conspiracy theories. That's especially true when they think they've got the administration on a roll with the latest Tremendously Damaging Scandal and then something comes up and distracts everyone from it.

For instance, a couple of years ago there was the "yellowcake" scandal, such as it was. And then our soldiers in Iraq found and killed Qusay and Uday. Suddenly yellowcake was last week's news and no one cared any more, and lefty loonies (i.e. Democratic Underground etc.) were speculating that Qusay and Uday had actually been killed weeks before and their bodies were only then being thawed out as a way of distracting everyone.

I'm counting down the hours until someone on the left decides that the whole Miers debacle was actually deliberate, due to the fact that the new nominee will distract everyone from the Tremendously Important Scandal of the Libby indictment. That crafty Bush actually made Miers the nominee so that she could withdraw her nomination at just this time in order to distract everyone!

Wanna bet me?

Worst week ever, WORST WEEK... (Below threshold)

Worst week ever, WORST WEEK EVER!!!

Who writes this crap??????
Did one of the so-called journalists ACTUALLY have the nerve to say that?

Um, what about the week of September 11, 2001?

Geez, the MSM just doesn't get it.

This week could have been a... (Below threshold)

This week could have been an unmitigated disaster. But, let's see... Stock market rebounds, taking off after Rove walks away scot free (which is proper for an innocent person to do). Al Franken doesn't get to see Rove and Libby "executed." One indictment for counts peripheral to the actual "crime" that the Left was spinning, and that of a person whose name was unknown outside the beltway 21 days ago.

Harriet Miers withdraws, showing that the conservative crackdown is in high gear. nonetheless, the movement promises to support a true judicial conservative with a track record.

House slams through budget cuts and President agrees to shepherd even more of them through. Janice Rogers Brown can now (hopefully) get the nomination that she deserves.

President Bush nominates Ben Bernanke to the Fed, ensuring a sustained market rally and the end to interest rate creep.

The schadenfreude that the Left had a week ago today turned to hubris by Tuesday. Today it is embarassment. Bad week? GREAT week!


Jeff, please enlighten me -... (Below threshold)

Jeff, please enlighten me - it might be ironic, but please give me one reliable source and shred of evidence that there was shooting at American Soldiers after June (yes, June, not May when the war in Europe ended) 1945 on German soil - well or American, British, French and Russian soil to be correct. Please enlighten me with your wisdom, or it was a snark, then it was a good one. still laughing.

reliable means certified eyewitness account, not an American pundit "quoting" someone

PeWi: The <a href="http://w... (Below threshold)

PeWi: The Nazi "Werewolves".

<a href="http://en.wikipedi... (Below threshold)
Morning SDB .....<... (Below threshold)

Morning SDB .....


"soon the island was overrun by the Allies. The remaining Japanese soldiers, Onoda included, retreated into the inner regions of the island and split up into groups. As these groups dwindled in size after several attacks, the remaining soldiers split into cells of 3 and 4 people ....

for 29 years, Onoda continued to live in the jungle, ready for when his country would again need his services and information. Eating coconuts and bananas and deftly evading searching parties he believed were enemy scouts"

More importantly, did twice... (Below threshold)

More importantly, did twice as many soldiers die from Nazi insurgents after Germany's surrender as dided during the war? It defies logic how you can say "We lost 800 soldiers winning the war, and another 1200 in mop-up operations.

ChrisThere's no lo... (Below threshold)


There's no logic. It's not war. It's murder. We're not leaving, the greater majority want a rule of law. And want us to stay to insure it's arrival.

I really have the hardest of time understanding people's defense of murdering human beings? By your logic, whomever kills the most. Carries the moral imperative.

War is also a state of mind. The strategic battle is over. The murderers are incapable of understanding. They will continue to kill, until a bullet to the brain stops them.

They are incapable of reason and logic. They are not human.

Now you guys done gone and ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Now you guys done gone and confused a moonbat with facts!

He's gonna be mad now!

What? "moral imperative.?" ... (Below threshold)

What? "moral imperative.?" Huh? Where the hell did you get that from? My point was about artificially declaring victory when the war are still going on. What the hell does that have to do with moral imperatives?

And hey,Sheik Yur Bouty. I appreciate that you don't want to do any heavy lifting, mentally speaking, but "Moonbat" is kind of losing steam. It's pretty obvious that the people who still use "Moonbat" a lot are the ones with not much else to offer. And you definitely fit in that crowd. Try coming up with an actual argument next time, instead of being the one who's always offering to hold other people's coats.

Chris Dancing arou... (Below threshold)


Dancing around words I think not a game most want to play. You however can call it what ever you want. Feel free.

In the previous Gulf War. We did not slaughter all the combatants on the field of battle. We called it over, we retreated. Saddam was out of Kuwait.

Now, his military machine is no more. His rule ended. With respect again for the dignity of life, soldiers were alllowed to surrender. All that are left now, are walking talking bug sh*t. Consuming human lives.

Feel free to take up a collection for uniforms, insignias, and regimental flags. So that the muderers can face our soldiers toe to toe. Instead of slaughtering 26,000 Iraqi men, women, children, and babies as they go through their daily lives. And try to join the 21st century.

Moonbat? D*ngleb*rry works for me.

... (Below threshold)
Tony Valeri:


Subject: The Real U.S. Senator Charles Schumer

Someone recently described politically correct, leftist, liberal, social fascist Charles Schumer in 7 words:








They certainly apply to his anti-American tactics in throwing a wrench into every political debate initiated by a duly elected Conservative Administration.

His efforts to bring down President Bush, by any means necessary, regardless of the damage this does to Americas security, culture and economic balance at home and abroad.

Therefore, I have only one word to describe Senator Schumer:


Tony Valeri, Eugene, OR, Tel: 541-607-6305 ([email protected])

Steven, there is no way I'm... (Below threshold)

Steven, there is no way I'm taking that bet. I live in a university town and some of the bumperstickers...

well, they are almost charming in their madness, or they would be charming if they were cuter. Fortunately there aren't many around.

here is a liberal that hone... (Below threshold)

here is a liberal that honerable served the military - Pat Tillman. He gave up millions of dollars to fight a lie of a conflict. How dare you say that there are no liberals that have honeralbe severed in the war - what kind of a piece of trash are you? Let's talk about the leader of these neo-conservatives, in which you lap up all of the lies and trash that he spews without questioning anything, whatya think about that douchebags military record? This piece of poo said that he was in the Air Force and he was in the national guard for like three days!!!!






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