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A Giant Loss

After nearly five years online Michele Catalano has brought down the curtain on A Small Victory.

There are many things I could say at this point, and many stories I could tell. Perhaps another day. What I will say is that very few writers that have ever touched me at a visceral, personal level - the kind of words that rock you to you core. Michele is one of those few, and her exit from ASV leaves an gapping void in the blogosphere.

For that I am extremely saddened...

Farewell ASV, the little dead girl will be missed...


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Comments (7)

I mourned the loss of ASV w... (Below threshold)

I mourned the loss of ASV when Michele FIRST decided to step away from the computer. And I mourned the second time, too. I'm not mouring this time...she'll be back. She can't resist - it's in her blood.

Thanks for the kind words, ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the kind words, Kevin. Some day I'll write tell-all book about blogging and you will feature prominently (can you hear the mwahahahahaha in that?)

David - you should read the note I left on the blog page of ASV.

There will be no coming back this time. This is a happy ending for me, one that I came to on my own terms. I'm going to be concentrating on my fiction writing and there's just no time for both.

ASV will be greatly missed ... (Below threshold)

ASV will be greatly missed from my morning read, my afternoon read, and my evening read.

Michele'w writing post 9/11 and during the opening stages of the Iraq war were touching in a deeplpy personal way and still felt today.

Thank you for your work at ASV, Michele. I look forward to the fiction.

Well I'm looking forward to... (Below threshold)

Well I'm looking forward to the fiction project.

Well, that just ruined a pr... (Below threshold)

Well, that just ruined a previously excellent weekend. You will be missed, Michele, and I hope you pop your head up occasionally in the comments sections.

I'm going to ferverently ho... (Below threshold)

I'm going to ferverently hope that this is some kind of Halloween trick.

It's been great, Michele. If you have to return to blogging or smoking, please choose blogging!

That's too bad. Good luck t... (Below threshold)

That's too bad. Good luck to her.

I still think she'll be back someday, once she's settled in her new work. Has there ever been a writer who turned to commercial publishing and stayed away from blogging forever? It's like a race driver announcing that he's giving up his car and riding the bus for the rest of his life. Never happens. :)






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