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Alito Smear Document Came Directly From DNC

If you're attempting to mount a sleazy smear campaign against Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito inferring that he is in some way in bed with the mob, it's probably best not to electronically sign your name to it. As Mike Krempasky at Red State points out one of Howard Dean's little loose cannons at the DNC (Chris Pendergrast) is responsible for this little piece of slime...

A couple more items of interest about the not for attribution memo.

First it was written July 7, 2005, implying that the DNC developed these anonymous hit pieces on every possible Supreme Court nominee prior to Roberts nomination. Second, while Prendergrast might have been the original version, DNC research director Devorah Adler was the most recent editor. For someone who was just promoted into the research director position in September, Adler stumbles right out of the gate...

Here's a text version of some of the document properties:

Title: how they made their $$, personal holdings, the whole deal
Author: prendergastc
Company: DNC
Created: Thursday, July 07, 2005 6:34:00 PM
Last saved by: AdlerD
Revision number: 3

Hey Howie, you and your DNCeniacs just got 0wned! by Microsoft Word... YEEAARRRRGGHHH!!!

Update: Via The Political Teen, video of Chris Matthew lambasting Democrats.


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Comments (30)

Yep. But, wait, there's MO... (Below threshold)

Yep. But, wait, there's MORE!

Just a matter of time till ... (Below threshold)

Just a matter of time till this is explained away as another dirty trick by Rove...

What's up with the July 7 c... (Below threshold)

What's up with the July 7 creation date?

Oh yeah, and to the DNC.... *slap*

These guys are just effing ... (Below threshold)

These guys are just effing brilliant, aren't they?

I love the part in the properties that says, "how they made their $$, personal holdings, the whole deal".

You'd think they'd be smart enough to just leave the "MS User" default in there, but they're probably terrified of someone else taking credit for their brilliant work.

Hilarious. Busted!... (Below threshold)

Hilarious. Busted!

Is D Adler the code name fo... (Below threshold)

Is D Adler the code name for Lucy Ramirez?

The scary part is how much ... (Below threshold)

The scary part is how much BS went unchallenged by the MSM before blogs and conservative radio. If it weren't for blogs the MSM would've taken this memo and run with it.

Microsoft Word has busted D... (Below threshold)

Microsoft Word has busted Dan Rather, The UN and now the DNC. I bet somebody is calling Bill Gates to get that fixed soon...


macofromoc: you are so rig... (Below threshold)

macofromoc: you are so right about that...looking over our U.S. history past, it sure is a puzzle that just might be held together with Crazy Glue.

I'm not surprised.... (Below threshold)

I'm not surprised.

Microsoft Word ... (Below threshold)

Microsoft Word has busted Dan Rather, The UN and now the DNC. I bet somebody is calling Bill Gates to get that fixed soon...

That's a feature, not a bug!

Well I'm pissed. For two d... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Well I'm pissed. For two days I've listened to those highly professional men and women of the MSM/DNC make a brilliant argument that Samuel Alito is the scariest man on the face of the earth. So I rush over to Party City to get my Samuel Alito costume for the Halloween party tonight.

They've never heard of him! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

How do we really know Prend... (Below threshold)

How do we really know Prendergrast actually wrote this? Couldn't any Jackass write up a doc and make it look this way. It wouldn't be surprising if the DNC was responsible, however it could just as easily be a bunch of bullshit made up by the RNC so Bush propaganda mouthpieces can talk it all up. Maybe you guys are just desperate to get your criminals out of the spotlight.

Microsoft Word has buste... (Below threshold)

Microsoft Word has busted Dan Rather, The UN and now the DNC. I bet somebody is calling Bill Gates to get that fixed soon...

Bill Gates is Rove's puppet!!!

Houston,You might... (Below threshold)


You might have a point that it could be made up by the RNC except the DNC has been mailing this file to every press outlet for a few days now.

I don't think the DNC asks the RNC to draft their talking points for them.

Even Chris Matthews admitted he got his copy from DNC people and was told to not attribute it to them.

Sounds like a Hate Crime to... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a Hate Crime to me. I want an independent counsel and a Grand Jury with indictments!

I'm with epador. Bring on ... (Below threshold)

I'm with epador. Bring on the special prosecutor! I want a multi-year, multi-million dollar investigation that will result in Howard Dean's chambermaid being indicted because of something she didn't remember she said on July 8th, 2002. That'll show 'em!

On a more serious note, why don't they just hire someone with computer competency? These sorts of paper trails are bonehead simple to erase.

Houston,If you'll ... (Below threshold)
Bat One:


If you'll check carefully, you will see that this particular copy of MS Word is registered to DNC.

Look, here's an idea for you. If you find it simply unimaginable that the DNC folks would actually have done this (and done it months ago in preparation for this next SCOTUS appointment), maybe its time you reconsidered your allegiance to the moral misanthropes that run the Democratic party. After all, not only did they try to pull this sort of sleaze, but they are clearly too inept to do so without being caught... hardly much of a recommendation.

Not to be dense, but where'... (Below threshold)

Not to be dense, but where's the "smear"?


"Not to be dense, but where... (Below threshold)

"Not to be dense, but where's the "smear"?"

Ummm...implying the guy has mob ties or sympathies. Sorry to have to add it, but, "D'uh".

Bat One et al."If ... (Below threshold)

Bat One et al.

"If you find it simply unimaginable that the DNC folks would actually have done this..."

First of all, I said it "wouldn't suprise me" if it came from the DNC. I was just bringing up the point that it may not be fact. If you've ever installed software before, its pretty damn easy to put "DNC" in the registration. So if you're going to argue a point, please make it a good one.

However, I will concede it just may very well be the DNC.

I will say though that your panties are way too much in a wad over this. I may be biased, I'll admit, but I read the memo and I never got the implication that they were trying put Alito in with Mafia. Frankly, I would hope that the DNC has more than this on him since it seems like a pretty stupid point. They say "Alito Embarrassed Government by Failing to Obtain Crucial Mafia Conviction". The fact is, that you do win some and lose some so I'll agree this is kind of weak.

But to get all upset is even more ridiculous. You calling them "moral misanthropes" and this info. "sleaze" based on this memo is a bit overboard. I'm sure your opinion is based on alot more than this, but you should say so, otherwise it kind of makes you look like a emotional wreck.

Lastly, in the spirit of your moral accusations, I guess you're ok with criminal misconduct in the top leadership of this white house. You should take a close read at the indictments. It is clear Libby is guilty and very likely he's taking the fall for our actual president cheney. I guess you're still rationalizing these guys to be good honest people. Where there's smoke there's fire.

This is why I write all of ... (Below threshold)

This is why I write all of my smear memos in Vi.

~~~Company: DNC<br /... (Below threshold)
San Diego Shawn:

Company: DNC
Created: Thursday, July 07, 2005 6:34:00 PM
0wned! by Microsoft Word... YEEAARRRRGGHHH!!!
...so if these file property details are correct, what does this tell us about the priorities of the national headquarters of the second biggest political party in the US?

...what was the date again that this file was created?

...does 7/7/05 ring any bells? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7_July_2005_London_bombings

...on the day of a major terrorist attack against our greatest ally (Britain), and perpetrated by our greatest enemy (qaeda), the DNC is busy creating numerous judicial smear documents among their staff and passing the docs around for revision and editing.

shame on Howard Dean and the DNC for this but thanks for exposing your true lack of seriousness and leadership. God help any future US electorate that gives National Security management back to the dems.

mantis,lolv... (Below threshold)


vi is the ultimate word processor!

If you're attempting to ... (Below threshold)
Big Worm:

If you're attempting to mount a sleazy smear campaign against Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito inferring that he is in some way in bed with the mob, it's probably best not to electronically sign your name to it.

And if you're attempting to assert an idiotic smear against the DNC, it's probably best to actually read the document in question,which does nothing of the kind.

Right-wing stupidity has been turned up to 11 of late.

Oh, yeah, and you should sa... (Below threshold)
Big Worm:

Oh, yeah, and you should say "...nominee Samuel Alito implying that he is in some way..."

The only things doing any inferring are you and the rest of the unhinged Right.

Houston,One of the... (Below threshold)
Bat One:


One of the most basic characteristics of conservatives, all too often misunderstood or ignored by those on the left, is our optimism. We are positive, forward-looking, and hopeful. We expect tomorrow to be better, not just for ourselves, but for others as well. We understand why it is that people still flock to this country as they have throughout our history… and as they do to no other place on earth.

When there are problems, we confront them and find solutions. Not wallow in angst and umbrage.

I do not find my “panties in a wad” to borrow your tedious cliché. On the contrary, the apparently DNC-developed memo, like the stolen personal financial information of Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele last month by Democratic operatives, only demonstrates the desperation, discord, and virulent hypocrisy of those on the far left. All of which can only mean an even brighter electoral future for those of us on/in the Right.

Rather than being disheartened, I’m delighted. In the five years of the Bush 43 Presidency, the Democrats have yet to offer anything positive to the American people. No legislative proposals of any substance, no policy alternatives, nothing but a tiresome parade of negatives. Meanwhile, the situation in Iraq continues to improve, as do those in Afghanistan and the Lebanon. The American economy is growing robustly, while federal tax revenues are increasing sharply, even as the deficit declines, both in real dollar terms and as a proportion of our expanding GNP. Even the rise in oil prices and interest rates have had only negligible effect on the economy.

One of the basic tenets of our optimism is our faith in the wisdom of the American people, and their inherent ability to see thru the drivel and the bombast and the sanctimonious BS so haplessly doled out by the do-nothing Dems.

A couple more instances of desperate flailing like the Alito memo or Michael Steel’s stolen credit report and President Bush’s nomination of Janice Rogers Brown to replace Justice John Paul Stevens will sail through a filibuster-proof Senate on a voice vote.

As some thoroughly forgettable Senator remarked last year on his way to nowhere in particular, “Bring it on!”

Bat One,Karl says ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Bat One,

Karl says your're not supposed to tell them what they really need to know to fix themselves.


Bat OneFor you/Rep... (Below threshold)

Bat One

For you/Republicans to claim ownership of the optimism and pride for our country shows me how ignorant you are about the "other side." I am not trying to insult you. I just think we're are a lot more alike than you think.

Without question, this country is beautiful in so many ways - it would take me hours to write about. I'll just say I concur with you on your positive attitude (I hate negative people).

The possible key difference between you and I (maybe republicans and democrats although I hate to generalize), is not in how positive/optimism we see things, its how better we see things can become. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Repubs don't think things can get better. I'm saying that an important part of growth and improvement is self-reflection.

I see my country and I see greatness. But I also see a political system dominated by money - should I be prideful about that? I see a country that has created so much wealth for so many people due to our economic systems, capitalism, and free spirit. But should I be happy that thousands of people in our own country still live in poverty? Not to mention the suffering throughout the world.

The fact is too much wealth can also lead to tyranny and waste. I look at the waste of a Hummer and I think about how many thousands of people that could be fed if that dumn ass would buy a Surburban. Don't get me wrong again, I am not saying that we should mandate that people who work hard for their money should be forced to do anything. I am just pointing out an observation - and solutions do exist but I won't get into that now.

I think the reason you and Repubs are so happy and optimistic, is because you/I have EVERYTHING you/I ever needed. You and I have wealth, health, comfort, etc (I will assume). Go live on the other side of the tracks and I guarantee you you would not be feeling so warm and fuzzy inside.

Lastly, just because pundits say Dems have no solution doesn't make it true. Repubs own Congress and are unwilling to listen or compromise. So of course you won't hear the others' solutions.

How is a document that focu... (Below threshold)

How is a document that focuses solely on Alito's court decisions and track record a "smear"? And I find it hypocritical that Ronnie Earle losing the Hutchison case is somehow proof of his incompetence and partisanship, but Alito blowing a major mob case big time is soemhow not supposed to be mentioned? I saw no inference whatsoever that tried to tie Alito to the mob. It said he blew the cae and embarrassed the government. So if an Italian prosecutor tries a mob case, no one is ever allowed to comment on it becasue it might be construed as a slur? Yeah, tell me again about that awful liberal political correctness.

And of course the document was put together in June. Do you think either party waits until someone is nominated, then starts figuring out who they are? Do you think there's any possibility the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee has done any research on potential Democratic challengers in 06, whether they've declared or not? You guys are either naive or disingenuous. I think it's the latter.

So Chris Matthews declared it "sleazy?" I take it to mean that he has impeccable credibility in your eyes now? Funny how these guys are clowns with no credibility until they say something you like.






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