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Picture Of The Day - Ex POTUS And The SCOTUS Daughter

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From the official White House photos, check out the positioning of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's family. Slick Willie points out his favorite, Alito's daughter Laura...

Update: Admit it, this is exactly what you were thinking...

Via Suzy Rice


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Comments (22)

And she looks soooo pleased... (Below threshold)

And she looks soooo pleased to be there. With that expression, she kinda looks like Christina Applegate in "Married w/ Children".

Title has to be</p... (Below threshold)

Title has to be

Porn and Purity!

Yeah, yeah. Just a bunch of... (Below threshold)

Yeah, yeah. Just a bunch of fluff.
What eveyone really wants to know is can 'Ol Phil boogy down as well as Jack "Dirty Dancing" Roberts.

OMG, they do NOT look happy... (Below threshold)

OMG, they do NOT look happy at all! Yikes.

Alito's daughter is smokin'... (Below threshold)
Radical Centrist:

Alito's daughter is smokin' hot!!!
Check out the pin's she's riding on!!!

If the "official" portrait ... (Below threshold)

If the "official" portrait in the background was just a foot lower the Smile on Slick Willies face would me even bigger. Can a painting "cop a field"?

You would hope the White House staff would have had better sense than to have them stand in front of that pic.

I can't imagine that any of... (Below threshold)

I can't imagine that any of them are looking forward to the next few months.


"We support you Daddy."

Geez... Roberts got criticized because his little kids were too cute and too freshly scrubbed.

Those poor kids! Mom looks... (Below threshold)

Those poor kids! Mom looks rather proud, as this is likely the fulfillment of the parents' collective ambition, but the kids look freaked.

I imagine the daughter is thinking:

"I'll never be able to go out on a date without "chaperones" ever again."

That picture is just beggin... (Below threshold)

That picture is just begging for a Photoshop. Extend Clinton's arm, so his hand is on her....

Where is a pic of A-boy and... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

Where is a pic of A-boy and SEC Frist at the coffin of Rosa Parks? I was crying...his position on the black women who sued for discrimination is out...Anyone who believes that A-boy won't give the jitters to Soccer Moms who have had or want to keep their options open to choice is a fool...as for Clinton? What about Bush who lied about...well everything...This will be a put up or shut up not for the Dems but for the Goldwater soul of the Republican Party...Bush remains the coward he has been all of his life..ya think over 50% of our population will not notice a woman being trashed out without an up and down vote replaced by a man who believes the govt has the right to force them to take pregnancy to birth?
Many Independents are like me, former Republicans,who are not forgetting the sell-out..

Try breathing into a paper ... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Try breathing into a paper bag, Drew, sometimes that helps.

This abortion issue is a re... (Below threshold)

This abortion issue is a red herring.
Abortion was legal in 17 states before the SCOTUS found that abortion was protected under the right of privacy which it also found in the 14th amendment which for 200 years did not exist.

Does anyone with a smattering of common sense believe that by this time abortion would not be legal in all 50 states? There is no doubt in my mind that Roe was overturned in the next five minutes the individual states would all make it legal within five days.

The point is, it isn't abortion that the leftists want to protect. Its the rule by judicial fiat of the third branch of government. Why? Because they cannot convince the voters to support their socialist/marxist/stalinist beliefs so they force them on us with the judiciary.

If the SC overturns Roe and... (Below threshold)

If the SC overturns Roe and each of the 50 states makes abortion legal, then at least it will have been done the right way.

Exactly Laddy.The pe... (Below threshold)

Exactly Laddy.
The people will have made their choice,

I am thrilled and ready for... (Below threshold)

I am thrilled and ready for their fight. I love when the dems are upset.hahahaa

Dems/liberals: "Innocent pe... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Dems/liberals: "Innocent people killed in Iraq, count their deaths! End capital punishment! Euthanasia is humane! Kill the babies!"

Repubs/neocons: "Casualties of war are expected! Let's fry 'em all! Remember Terrry Shiavo! Save the babies!"

If either side were consistent that would utterly amaze me.

Caption: "Who's your Daddy?... (Below threshold)

Caption: "Who's your Daddy?"

RE: The PhotoBill ... (Below threshold)

RE: The Photo

Bill Clinton's thought balloon: "I wonder if Laura Alito likes cigars."

Laura Alito's thought balloon: "Damn it. This outfit looks horrible on me. Why did I let Mom talk me out of wearing my blue dress?"

Martha Alito's thought balloon: "Remember, Martha, it's just a painting. Clinton can't touch Laura."

Phil Alito's thought balloon: "So where are those hot White House interns I keep hearing about?"

Peter,The constanc... (Below threshold)


The constancy is there. In the first two items, the folks involved made a choice to end up where they did, the second two hypotheticals did not. There's this little thing called "free will". Look it up sometime.

Cybrludite,If your... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


If your post was any more cryptic in would be enshrined in a mausoleum.

Laura: But Mom, it gives me... (Below threshold)

Laura: But Mom, it gives me the creeps, it's like his eyes are following me.

Mom: I know dear, but the picture is perfectly safe...as long as the cigar box on his desk is closed. Now, smile pretty.

Laura: OK.

God clinton is hot and i ai... (Below threshold)

God clinton is hot and i aint crazy






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