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Headline Of The Day - Fantasy Football Edition

Nutt Says Dick In, Johnson Out When Playing Cocks
Arkansas coach Houston Nutt announced that he is taking the redshirt off Casey Dick, who will replace redshirt sophomore Robert Johnson as the Razorbacks' starter this weekend against the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. I on the other hand will still be awaiting a call up to the tabloid headline big leagues at The New York Post. That place hasn't been the same since Dawn Eden left...

Razorbacks to start freshman QB - [The State]


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Comments (7)

That's classic! I doubt an... (Below threshold)

That's classic! I doubt anyone would be able to top that.

I've been listening to this... (Below threshold)

I've been listening to this on the radio for a week now, and it never hit me. Brilliant.

Reminds me of the huge sign... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of the huge sign in front of a fraternity house on gameday when the seminoles played the gators a few years back that read... "Our Johnson is bigger than your Weinke" referring to the two teams quarterbacks.

just an fyi: allahs link on... (Below threshold)

just an fyi: allahs link on the left menu is all off linking hard c0re pr0n smut. dont know if wizbang wants to be linked that close to that kind of content.

That really is awesome!... (Below threshold)

That really is awesome!

I can't match the original insight, but I’m always willing to try sloppy seconds, and hopefully build on the riff. How about this:

“Hog’s Nutt: Dick will Face Cocks while Johnson Rides Bench.”

And for extra credit:

“Heffner to Reverse Roles and try Receiver Position”

Or:"Nutt: Dick ... (Below threshold)


"Nutt: Dick grows into starting job, Johnson deflated"

announcer:"after t... (Below threshold)


"after the hard sack by the Cocks, Nutt pulls the injured Dick out of the game to be rubbed down by the trainer."






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