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Trash TV

Today, there's news in the burgeoning Judge TV market. Former Massachusetts Superior Court judge Maria Lopez has signed on with Sony Pictures Television to host her own court show.

For those unfamiliar with Judge Lopez, here's a little background. She had a long and distinguished record on the bench, distinguished by an unfailing sympathy for the defendants lucky enough to stand before her. Her hostility for prosecutors was legendary, being caught on tape one time loudly ordering a protesting prosecutor to "shut up and sit down."

Her most famous case, the one that led to such an uproar that she eventually had to resign, was a sexual assault case. A pre-operative transsexual kidnapped an 11-year-old boy and ordered him to perform oral sex on him. When the boy refused, he threatened the boy with a screwdriver pressed to his throat. Judge Lopez felt the would-be molester's pain and persecution, and fears of assault in prison, and sentenced Charles "Ebony" Horton to probation and a year of house arrest, with unrestricted and unmonitored time off for school, church, counseling, and medical appointments. It was when the prosecutor, who had asked for 10 to 12 years, protested, that Judge Lopez issued her famous "shut up and sit down" order.

Judge Lopez is married to another pillar of the community. Her husband is the publisher of the Boston Phoenix, the free weekly tabloid that makes most of its income from ads in its "adult" section -- with listings for escorts, strippers, massages, "adult personals," phone sex, "TV/TS," "Fantasy/Fetish," and other such things.

(No, I don't have a subscription.)

Maybe it's time for a change in the standard courtroom shows. Maybe America is ready for a criminal-coddling, bleeding-heart, prosecution-hating judge to take her bench to the airwaves.

But if we're lucky, she'll crash and burn and sink into the oblivion she has so richly earned.

Kevin adds: Just a guess, but I'm betting her studio publicity photo might have something to do with why she's getting a TV gig instead of collecting a retirement check...

Comments (10)

Kinda looks like Valerie Pl... (Below threshold)

Kinda looks like Valerie Plame sucking on a lemon in that Boston Herald pic of her

Newsflash:Judge Bo... (Below threshold)


Judge Bob Perkins recused from DeLay's case

She sounds exactly what the... (Below threshold)

She sounds exactly what the Democrats want in a Supreme Court nominee!

Democrats activating from t... (Below threshold)

Democrats activating from the bench.

I think it's fair to project just who her audience will be, and has been.

Do you know who appointed this person to the judiciary? Not only judiciary, but the state Supreme Court?

And what laws she "interpreted" and then reinvented to indulge someone with obvious mental illness, to encourage him becoming even more disturbed (guy with screwdriver to the neck of 'obstinate' victim who refused to comply with sexual assault)?

Just curious because therein exists the corruption of our legal process, right there.

Kidnapping, sexual assault.... (Below threshold)

Kidnapping, sexual assault...these issues seem to have escaped this vile person's scope of acknowledgement and respect.

Massachusetts has itself to blame here for even allowing this woman to enter a courthouse in anything other than an orange jumpsuit.

Last thing...interesting ho... (Below threshold)

Last thing...interesting how that article about Lopez and the planned TV Show from SONY, interesting how they describe the guy ("Ebony" Horton):

"...Horton was accused of kidnapping and threatening a then 11-year-old Dorchester boy with a screwdriver after he refused to give the transvestite oral sex."

No mention of sexual assault. While they do mention "kidnapping" they then support this wretched and indulgent "judge"'s mentality and moral decay by referring to the sexual assualt upon THIS CHILD as mere "threatening," making note to reprimand THE CHILD for having "refused" to (give a kidnapper, child rapist and mentally disturbed [d'oh] assailant) comply with a rapist of children.

The incident is evidence enough for just about any and all reasonable adults (and even children) to recognize that someone sexually assaulted a child, even to the extent that the incident is described here (kidnapping and the assault itself with threatened context is enough to my view to qualify as a sexual assault upon a child, and whehter or not there was further assaultive activity would just be a case of how many more years the assailant merited for the assault already committed).

The woman from the bench is, herself, guilty of same, given her indulgence of the acts before her. Seems to my view to evidence that sexual assault -- worse, upon children -- are often the work of ENTERPRISE between two adults, sometimes often with the aid and assistance from among many others. This woman represents to my view one of such an enterprise, that exists to assist in sexual assault upon minors, and who knows how many other assaults of those and other types upon others in society?

Looks like SONY is joining in. People can always complain to and about SONY for preparing to host this awful content, and should...who knows what else this wretched person has planned? SONY deserves a big failing on this one and should hear from people as to why.

Enough conversation, which ... (Below threshold)

Enough conversation, which one of you is going to get Jay a subscription to the Phoenix? Those tranny ads aren't going to read themselves.

"Massachusetts has itself t... (Below threshold)

"Massachusetts has itself to blame..."

If you understand Massachusetts, they wont see need for blame for this perversion of justice; just credit!

It's a symbol of both the sickness and success of liberalism, and Connecticut is doing it's damned best to out do them! Southern New Hampshire has been contaminated likewise, by northward immigration from the Bay state.

Airbrush, botox, or both.</... (Below threshold)

Airbrush, botox, or both.

"Judge Lopez felt the would... (Below threshold)

"Judge Lopez felt the would-be molester's pain and persecution, and fears of assault in prison..."

Too bad she didn't grow a brain and feel the "would-be" victim's pain, persecution and fears of being attacked by this vile animal again, or the fears of parents that their kids could be the next victims.

Oh, for the days of "hangin' judges..."






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