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Downtime Update

At 10:00PM (Eastern) Wizbang will move to a new server, which should solve the load issues we've been having. The process is supposed to be seemless... I'll update this post with status updates.

Update (1:10AM): If you're seeing this text you're seeing Wizbang on it's new server!

Comments (7)

It's 10:38 EST. Don't know... (Below threshold)

It's 10:38 EST. Don't know if you've moved yet, but you came up okay!


Commenting seems to work...... (Below threshold)

Commenting seems to work...

Gosh, everything seems so m... (Below threshold)

Gosh, everything seems so much BETTER!

(Seriously, works fine)

What time would that make i... (Below threshold)

What time would that make it in Indiana? We didn't change our clocks; we don't go on Daylight Savings until next spring. Then I get to move my clock back and forth twice a year, yippie!

OOOps, that is all but the northwest counties and some in the south. They already move back and forth, so I guess that would put them on a different time than I. And next spring their going to add 5 more to that list.

I'm so confused; I wish they had left the whole thing alone!

Oh wait a minute, this thread is supposed to be about your update. Sorry about that.

Seems to be working well though, I just couldn't resist going off about our messed up time zones.

w00t I see it! I'm special.... (Below threshold)

w00t I see it! I'm special.

Is the RSS feed working? I ... (Below threshold)
David C Wisdom:

Is the RSS feed working? I haven't been able to load any new posts since Jay Tea's WASP post on Rosa Parks...

As far as I know they're wo... (Below threshold)

As far as I know they're working. You might need to refresh the feed, or failing that resubscribe.






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