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Getting in touch with my inner bomb-thrower

I've always been a bit of an anarchist at heart. Every now and then, something will come up that just brings out severe anti-establishment notions. Previously, my finest moment was when Manchester, NH was considering doing random drug tests on high-school athletes. I'm a big believer in the "no unreasonable searches" covering things like random drug tests, so that rankled me. I called in a local talk show and asked them just what they thought would happen if I (or someone else) were to assemble a list of innocent substances that would yield "false positive" readings on drug tests -- such as poppy seeds are alleged to show a positive test for opiates.

Earlier today, I had another of those moments.

They were arguing about the current insane notion in Massachusetts, the one involving givign in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens. The current champion of this idiocy is Tom Riley, the state's attorney general and candidate for governor.

He was using every argument in the book to rationalize giving breaks to illegal aliens. But then he said the magic one:

(parphrasing from memory) "After all, we're all immigrants, or descendants of immigrants. Alll of us came here from somewhere else, and we ought to be more compassionate to those who just want to do what we all went through."

That got me thinking. If we're going to go by that sort of standard, and go back to the earliest days of our settling this continent on the issue of immigration, why shouldn't we apply the same sort of logic to other issues? Say, guns?

"Our ancestors all owned guns, for the simple right of self-defense against hostile Indians and wild animals. Later, they needed them to protect themselves against a brutally oppressive government. They would be appalled to see how far we've gone from their original ideals, as enshrined in the 2nd Amendment."

I dunno if it'll fly as an argument, but it certainly seems at least as plausible as some I've heard...

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I think it would be just ab... (Below threshold)

I think it would be just about perfect if we were to move the UN to Massachusetts and we may as well send them Ellis Island and the Statute os Liberty too. After which, all the surounding states can set up botrder patrols to stop any leakage of illegals.

Jay TeaNO NO NO NO... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea


We are a nation of LEGAL immigrants (for the most part). Even as colonies, people had to follow procedures. This is false logic: legal immigrants, also known as legal residents or naturalized citizens, are allowed to pay instate rates.

(I'm assuming here--if THAT'S the question, instate rates for LEGAL immigrants, I support that).

Me thinks you sample too ma... (Below threshold)

Me thinks you sample too many poppy seeds!

No, just joking. But I agree with goddessoftheclassroom, that we are all legal immigrants, and that is a major difference. One difference many people do not understand.

Gee... a Massachusets liber... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

Gee... a Massachusets liberal Democrat (and attorney, please note) trying to masquerade as a constitutional "originalist." Can we expect a public endorsement of Judge Alito's SCOTUS nomination by Mr. Riley any time soon???

One might be tempted to assume that even a Democrat could comprehend so modest a concept as "illegal." Silly notion, that. How sad that the likes of Tom Riley should now prosper in a state that once bragged of the likes of John Adams, Sanuel Adams, Paul Revere, and other genuine heros and true revolutionaries. Today they'd be dismissed as "wingnuts."

Do you think he would accor... (Below threshold)

Do you think he would accord the same privilege to students who are American citizens and want to immigrate to Massachusetts from their home state? After all, by his reasoning, there are no true aleins then. At least that's my interpretation.

The tuition issue is not at... (Below threshold)

The tuition issue is not at all about whether one is an illegal immigrant or not. A legal immigrant or natural born citizen from another state, cannot get in-state tuition in MA.

This is all about paying taxes and the handouts promoted by the left. If you pay taxes, you get in-state tuition. If not, you don't. The leftward mentality is to GIVE things to people because it sounds all warm and fuzzy on the surface. The problem is, to give, you have to TAKE from some one else.

If these moonbats are so passionate about this issue, why not dig deep into their own pockets? Have a friggin Joan Baez concert to raise money for the illegals to get an education... Maybe Cindy Sheehan wants to write a check?

Thank you, LJD. The only w... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

Thank you, LJD. The only way Democrats have to expand their voting base is to expand the “recipient” population. Those who receive tend to view their benefactors favorably (remember welfare?). Illegal immigrants are a potential voter gold mine for the Democrats – not to mention a security risk to the rest of us.

Jay, I like your logic approach, but I don’t think the 2nd Amendment really needs to be any plainer. If we succeed at overturning the liberalism of the Supreme Court and return to an originalist philosophy, then I’m sure you will find some contentious gun control cases coming before a Supreme Court that will be decided in the favor of the 2nd Amendment.

Would your logic apply to say doing away with the taxes imposed on tea? I’m sorry, I know that was bad. But, I just couldn’t resist some bad humor this morning.

JT,I didn't hear the... (Below threshold)

I didn't hear the whole show, but I did hear the caller who made the point that if you live in NH and work in MA you still pay MA income taxes --but can't send your kid to UMASS (like you'd want to. . .) paying in-state tuition. No doubt this is another issue that the voters will have no say on (like the death penalty, gay marriage, etc.)

I think you should the atto... (Below threshold)

I think you should the attorney general up on his offer Jay. Ask him to setup a program that gathers up the illegal aliens and has them go through the same naturalization process our ancestors did to become citizens. He's not asking for the illegals to go through what our previous generations went through. He's asking for a shortcut for them. He wants to give it away rather than having them earn it.

"...we ought to be more com... (Below threshold)
Dave A.:

"...we ought to be more compassionate to those who just want to do what we all went through."

An Attorney General who doesn't know the difference between legal and illegal?

Doesn't the Peter Principle ever come into play in Massachusetts?

Dave, Massachusetts and the... (Below threshold)

Dave, Massachusetts and the Peter Principle? I have just one word for you: Dukakis.

Under the reasoning in MA, ... (Below threshold)

Under the reasoning in MA, why don't we all apply to MA schools as residents. After it would appear that they have no residency requirement other than to be in the state.

BTW, do you know how many poppy seeds it takes to give a false positive? How about 9 lbs!

Let's see...legal immigrant... (Below threshold)

Let's see...legal immigrants in our nation's history...health screenings, evidence they understood (and swore allegiance to) our U.S. Constitution, and all that after being polite enough to ASK for entry and to APPLY for citizenship. BEFORE immigrating to the U.S, at least the application and invitation part.

THAT is the history of the United States: people who planned and planned on being law abiding. And then were. Most people, anyway.

Look at today's population of the incarcerated...and who they are, how many are illegal aliens, particularly.

This issue of attempting to change the concept of who an American is, what it means to represent our country, this entire issue is deteriorating the nation itself. Our history of immigration of the honorable and legal kind is being pummeled with a denigration about the country I've never witnessed before.

Yeah, Richard, I remember m... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Richard, I remember my application to the university of my choice...I had to wait for their decision and then do what they decided. And pay what my legal residency in what state said I owed for the privilege of attending.

Where's the RESPECT for this process today? It's a privilege and not a right to receive an education. People have to work for it, prove eligibility, and then pay for the privilege of being provided with the eligibility.

Who or how this whole gimme-think came to be lately about education, I just don't know because even PUBLIC educational processes have a price.

It's the result of creeping Communism/Marxism into the U.S. It really, really is, the presumption that anyone "should be" given these things, that the individual does not have to prove merit or legitimacy or effort to receive an education. It's also ruining our public educational process.






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