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I think it's safe to say it wasn't stolen for parts...

I'll most likely never own a Ferrari, let alone drive one. I'll probably never even get a ride in one, and the one time I touched one, I got a dirty look from the owner.

Nonetheless, I gotta feel for this poor guy...

I wonder what kind of reward he's offering?

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The 355 Challenge cars are ... (Below threshold)

The 355 Challenge cars are track-legal only, and from what I understand, the ones done up in the special Tommy Hilfiger livery are, as the article states, very rare.

This link has a photo of a 1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge Hilfiger about halfway down the page. As you can see, it kind of stands out, even compared to other, more "pedestrian" Ferraris.

My prediction: someone from that garage is going to be implicated in the theft.

I'm thinking that someone was looking for one of those cars specifically, paid for the info on where to find one unattended, and arranged a very professional theft. The car is probably on a boat on its way overseas right now. (That alleged flatbed sighting? Not a good sign.)

And if the owner doesn't recover his car, this is his opportunity to get into one of the all-new F430 Challenge cars, which were unveiled this past month!

I'd advise him to stop using that garage, though.

In summation, it pretty much sucks to be Andy Sanborn of Henniker, N.H. right now.

Alex is right. That poor ba... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Alex is right. That poor bastard's Ferrari is on the way to Baharain.

Please note the irony of th... (Below threshold)

Please note the irony of the Geico ad next to this story...

LoJack. The best 800 dolla... (Below threshold)

LoJack. The best 800 dollar investment that shmuck never made.






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