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You Know Your Life is Surreal When...

Author's note: I'm presently leading a completely surreal life in New Orleans after Katrina. Being overwhelmed by the thousands of things I'd like to blog but can't, I'm reduced to sharing only the most absurd of my observations in this new Wizbang category labeled "Surreal Katrina." I can't type enough words to paint an accurate picture of life in New Orleans. Consider these posts a (hopefully) humorous peek at life in a war zone.

You know your life is surreal when the guy next to you in traffic is wearing a Hazmat suit and you don't get alarmed.

And you know your life is completly surreal when you realize you just drove for 2 blocks next to a guy wearing a Hazmat suit and you didn't even notice.

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Speaking of surreal, get re... (Below threshold)

Speaking of surreal, get ready for the new Michael Moore movie on Katrina. From his movie website:

"The Cannes Film Festival (May 17th through May 28th 2006) is pleased to announced that Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11) will debut his new documentary, "Katrina: The Wrath of Bush" on Monday, May 22, 2006 at the Cinema de la Plage...[The film] examines the Bush administration's failures to prevent and respond to the largest "natural" disaster to strike the United States since Hurricane Andrew hit southern Florida in 1992. Filmed in the days following the initial disaster, "Katrina" exposes what should have been done before and after the hurricane devastated New Orleans. Once again Moore uses his "biting humor" to try and expose what he calls "favoritism and corruption" that is "rampant within the Bush administration." Moore also tracks down prominent figures within FEMA for questioning with a tenacity matched by few."

Had I known that was you, P... (Below threshold)

Had I known that was you, Paul, I would've waved...

Yeah, New Orleans is surreal. Even more so than a house full of famous has-beens getting all excited over a drunken mini-me pissing in the corner.

No, you know your life is <... (Below threshold)

No, you know your life is really surreal when your girlfriend is wearing a Hazmat suit, and you think "hey, she's lookin' kinda sexy tonight..."

Honestly, I thought life in... (Below threshold)

Honestly, I thought life in NO was already surreal before the hurricane. Name me one other city that has drive-through daqueri stands. Now that's surreal.

If I were targeted for one ... (Below threshold)

If I were targeted for one of Michael Moore's "interviews," my answer to each question would be along the lines of, "Hey, that isn't what you asked me during rehearsal."

Oh dear, my sides hurt. Oh ... (Below threshold)

Oh dear, my sides hurt. Oh wait, that was supposed to be funny right? I sure hope so but great observation all the way around.

I have friends in NO that s... (Below threshold)

I have friends in NO that say the current "sign up" bonus for a job at Jack in the Box Is $10,000. And the weren't joking.






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