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2005 Weblog Awards - Call For Categories


One of the things I like to do before the Weblog Awards start is give folks an opportunity to suggest new categories or ones that should be eliminated. Go there and let us know what you'd like to see in this years Weblog Awards.

The final design of the site should be up this coming week. We'll have a full compliment of logos you can use to link, so don't bother grabbing the one above since it may change...

Nominations will start November 10th or 11th.


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Comments (15)

How about best internationa... (Below threshold)

How about best international group blog - one that is run by two or more people from different countries?

For intelligent Conservativ... (Below threshold)

For intelligent Conservative discussion

I recomend this, for radio talk show host

The link would bewww... (Below threshold)

The link would be

~Hey, I think I see "GERMAN... (Below threshold)

~Hey, I think I see "GERMANY" in there in the middle jumbo of the logo.~

Best blog run by a guy name... (Below threshold)

Best blog run by a guy named McGehee.

I might actually have a fighting chance...

How about Best Blog run by ... (Below threshold)

How about Best Blog run by Someone Named Either Drachenberg or McGehee. At least that way I can get a second place trophy.

How about "Technical Achiev... (Below threshold)

How about "Technical Achievement" for a geeky-but-cool design, feature or function? Not a professionally developed blogware plugin, but something the actual blogger developed or adapted in a unique way for his/her own site?

[I'm thinking of things in the same general category as the drop-down blogroll buttons I use, but I'm biased.]

[Plus, I lifted most of the code for those from a few different sources - I don't write javascript.]

So that I can win one, how ... (Below threshold)

So that I can win one, how about a "Most Neglected Blog" category?

Maybe just Blog categories ... (Below threshold)

Maybe just Blog categories like highschool or college: Freshman Blog, Sophomore Blog, Junior Blog and Senior Blog, then more for TrackStar Blog, Best in Science Class Blog, things like that. I think the process tends to degenerate into something similar to a highschool popularity contest, is my point and the actual process is more along the lines of who can influence the most "in kids" to vote for them...

BLOGS WITH SKILLS, that's it, yeah: Best Blog With Skills.

Sort the blogs by domain na... (Below threshold)

Sort the blogs by domain name and distribute awards alphabetically.

I'm gonna put in another pl... (Below threshold)

I'm gonna put in another plug for "Best Blogger From New Hampshire Without His Own Blog."

Seriously... how about blog-like online comic strips? Day By Day, User Friendly, and Helen, Sweetheart Of The Internet all seem like good contenders, but I'm sure we all know who is the favorite...


I would like to see Conserv... (Below threshold)

I would like to see Conservation Blogs. There are many good ones out there that are not blinded by politics and present both problems and solutions in rational, workable terms.

I'd like to see more conser... (Below threshold)

I'd like to see more conservative blogs like Brad Miner's at www.compasspointsblog.com
He presents a fair and balanced view and the images he posts are very cool. I'd nominate him for best new conservative blog.

Wife of deployed soldier bl... (Below threshold)

Wife of deployed soldier blog

Most meaningful interactive blog

Group of Conservawomen

RepubliJew blog (mine)

best blog to drink while reading

I like the way you are doin... (Below threshold)

I like the way you are doing it:)
THe colors are nice.






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