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A legitimate use of "fake, but accurate?"

In the last day or two, several people have questioned whether or not the infamous "Oreo Incident" occurred. To recap, it was reported that at several campaign events, people have thrown Oreos at Maryland's Lt. Governor, George Steele, who is running for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. (Earlier, I said he was running FOR Lt. Governor, not AS Lt. Governor -- my apologies for the misstatement.) The reasoning behind this seems that he is what some people call an "Oreo" -- "black on the outside, white on the inside."

Now, let's get one thing out of the way. If Mr. Steele (who has been the target of some of the dirtiest political tricks so far, including staffers of Senator Charles Schumer's stealing his credit report in a fishing expedition) exaggerated or fabricated these incidents, he ought to withdraw from the race immediately. There's no place for that in politics.

But let's look at how people reacted to that story. I was outraged and appalled, but not overly surprised. But a lot of Democrats -- including those holding public office -- defended the tactic. In fact, Maryland State Senator Lisa Gladden, a black Democrat from Baltimore, openly stated that "Party trumps race, especially on the national level." Others have called him an "Uncle Tom," and one liberal blogger even posted a picture of Steele altered into a blackfaced minstrel, with the caption "I's Simple Sambo and I's running for the Big House." (Gilliard has since removed the picture, but nothing -- NOTHING ever truly disappears from the Internet (Just ask Markos "Daily Kos" Moulitsas about his gone-but-never-forgotten "Screw them" posting) -- countless bloggers saved copies of it, and posted it on their own -- see one example here.)

I think it's incredibly enlightening that when the incident was first reported, there was very little skepticism from any side doubting it. And it confirms what I said earlier -- the Democratic party seems to view blacks and other minorities as their "property," and woe to any who stray too far from the plantation.


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Comments (9)

My given name is "Bubba" so... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

My given name is "Bubba" so I've always gone by my childhood nickname of "Agamemnon".

Was the title of this post ... (Below threshold)

Was the title of this post a joke? I really hope so. "Fake but accurate" is a terrible standard, no matter who invokes it.

Anyway, I keep reading "It's been reported that..." and yet still no one's provided a link to the initial reporting. Link please? I don't agree that Steele needs to withdraw in case this story has been fabricated or exaggerated...because I haven't read any statements from his camp saying these incidents happened. He doesn't need to apologize or withdraw for something incorrectly reported by a Washington Times editorial, right?

Again, I agree that there's no question that the behavior of some Dems regarding Steele is pretty disgusting. But that doesn't in any way legitimize "Fake but accurate."

Not exactly "pelting" the L... (Below threshold)

Not exactly "pelting" the Lt Gov, but happy to oblige, Earl.

[email protected]&R, that link doesn't ... (Below threshold)

[email protected]&R, that link doesn't appear to work. It just pops up and says search expired.

Sorry...Is what happ... (Below threshold)

Is what happens when you link to stuff people want money for you to see.

here is the relevant info:

David Nitkin, Sarah Koenig and Howard Libit
Published on October 1, 2002
? 2002- The Baltimore Sun

They booed Ehrlich's wife and parents, he said, and distributed Oreo cookies in the audience -- a racial insult apparently aimed at GOP lieutenant governor nominee Michael S. Steele, who is black. Schurick also said he thinks they vandalized the cars of several Ehrlich supporters, scratching paint with keys.

The ol' bait and switch tac... (Below threshold)

The ol' bait and switch tactic. I believe some Democrats are indeed racist and ignorant. But I believe the same could be said of Republicans, or Greens, or *insert political party here*.
Liberals say right wingers hate gays, blacks, and non-christians, right wingers say liberals really hate blacks even more and are traitors.... Blah blah blah...
You're just feeding the flames my friend..
feeding the flames...

Jay?Um, it's "Lt. ... (Below threshold)


Um, it's "Lt. Gov. Michael Steele." No idea who George is.

<a href="http://www.georges... (Below threshold)


You know, the guy who played Tor Johnson in "Ed Wood."

You can see how easy it would be to confuse the two.

Rob -- thanks for the link.... (Below threshold)

Rob -- thanks for the link. I agree, "distributed" but not "pelted" seems like a minor distinction -- it's disgusting and racist regardless. But is there any other source of the allegation besides the word of Ehrlich's spokesman? The allegation was made in the heat of a tight race for MD governor...the spokesman's not exactly an unbiased source. (He then goes on to mention a couple keyed cars; I'd like to have seen his evidence.)

Again, not to say it didn't happen. But unless there's some additional confirmation, it is just an allegation. A serious one, of course, but not one that can just be presented as a fact, as is being done on a number of conservative sites.






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