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Ashlee Simpson's McMeltdown


Ashlee Simpson was caught on video in a drunken meltdown at a McDonald's. She's quite the little drunken diva... (Watch The Video - backup link)

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Comments (46)

What a waste! I would be <... (Below threshold)

What a waste! I would be such a better millionaire.

God....are you listening?

White trash plus tons of mo... (Below threshold)

White trash plus tons of money = white trash.

who among us, though, has n... (Below threshold)

who among us, though, has never been drunk at McDonald's?

How do I view it? There is... (Below threshold)

How do I view it? There is no play button. Is it real or windows media?

'who among us, though, has ... (Below threshold)

'who among us, though, has never been drunk at McDonald's?'


Ashlee Simpson probably tri... (Below threshold)

Ashlee Simpson probably tried to use her "treasure chest" to pay for a Big Mac.

ICall,Agreed. Let ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Agreed. Let he without sin of being drunk at a MickeyD's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box or an In and Out burger, cast the first french fry.

Is that a miracle of engine... (Below threshold)

Is that a miracle of engineering or did she pick up a set of honkers someplace?

Waffle House is my late-nig... (Below threshold)

Waffle House is my late-night drunk food choice.


<a href="http://s2.putfile.... (Below threshold)


Thats the link for those who are too lazy to view the video page's source.

Oh the memories of my youth... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Oh the memories of my youth. Yes I did show up drunk at McDonalds at lot before I grew up. And I can't sing. So much in common with the youthful Ashlee.

Just like her skanky sister... (Below threshold)

Just like her skanky sister she's got her plastic tits screwed on. They're almost as big as her effing nose.

Don, surely that should be:... (Below threshold)

Don, surely that should be: poor white trash, plus tons of money = rich white trash.

Hmmm.I thank and b... (Below threshold)


I thank and bless God for each and every moment that I don't hear her singing.

you say white trash like it... (Below threshold)

you say white trash like it's a bad thing?
I think Ashlee is incredibly beautiful with or without fake tits / with or without fake career.

My friends and I were more ... (Below threshold)

My friends and I were more of the Denny's drunk variety...but we were never rude to the staff.

Jock: I think the formula works how I had it originally:

White trash plus tons of money = white trash

This way you can add the "tons of money" to poor white trash, rich white trash or anything in between and you still get white trash.

From Ashlee to Paris...scum is scum and money has nothing to do with having class.

Meltdown??? Are you kiddin... (Below threshold)

Meltdown??? Are you kidding? What I witnessed on the video link did not look like a meltdown. She was drunk and acting semi playful with the "customer" that had a video recorder. And do you buy that the video came from a "customer". If it was a customer then it was the news crew buying a burger and calling themselves "customers" for the news story. Come on!!!!

All she wanted was an appli... (Below threshold)

All she wanted was an application for work, I guess that's why she kept asking for the manager.
Knowing how talentless she is, I wouldn't get the manager either.


It's the acid reflux, peopl... (Below threshold)

It's the acid reflux, people!

Sheez! A little compassion here....

I want a f*****n' Big Mac ... (Below threshold)

I want a f*****n' Big Mac and I want it now! Don't you know who I am? I'm Ashlee Simpson, and I'll buy this f*****n' store and have you fired, goddammit! Give me that Big Mac now! I ain't drunk and I don't care if you've called the cops, gimme that f*****n' Big Mac and large fries!

Aww, shux, guys....the vide... (Below threshold)

Aww, shux, guys....the video won't load. What did she do????

jeez guys, get off the poor... (Below threshold)

jeez guys, get off the poor girl...and let me on.

Where's her brother Bart?</... (Below threshold)

Where's her brother Bart?

McDonalds?? Everyone knows... (Below threshold)

McDonalds?? Everyone knows late night drunkenness calls for gyros, pizza puff and cheese fries. Lightweight.

"who among us, though, has ... (Below threshold)

"who among us, though, has never been drunk at McDonald's?"

That shut me up.

Whoa, did somebody order a ... (Below threshold)

Whoa, did somebody order a double McWhopper?

Jock: I see trash myself b... (Below threshold)

Jock: I see trash myself but it's not always, if rarely, white. Time to stop the racism about white folks and just call Trash what it is: Trash.

Ashley isn't even blond. Among other cosmetic amenities noticable in the photo there...money buys a lot of amendments, a lot of helpers, a lot of everything.

I just can't figure out why everyone who isn't blond (or redhead, either) seeks the look. It's not hard to figure out who is and who isn't and mostly by skin tone, eye color and features. I understand covering GREY hair, but trying to present as blond and/or redhead when you are anything but is an irritant to me...now THAT's Trash, of any racial kind.

I'm still finding it laugha... (Below threshold)

I'm still finding it laughable that Madonna actually claims she's never had "face work" done (recently said, like a month ago or so). Take a look at her earlier "Like A Virgin" photos and look at her face now...nose is "amended," entire facial skin has been lifted, eyes redone (twice, to my figure), lips...she's had more cosmetic work done than Barbie has plastic. What I can't figure out is why people try to say they haven't when it's so obvious they have. Just admit it, fer Heaven's sake. More that indicates Trash status, by the way, people who act like that.

Oh, and her teeth...entire ... (Below threshold)

Oh, and her teeth...entire new set. I suppose Madonna can deny "face work" having been done by some squeaky standard there but, honestly: Trash.

How many of you guys know t... (Below threshold)

How many of you guys know that Marilyn Monroe was a redhead? The blond look was cosmetics only, pure cosmetics, because she had hair color same as mine and that's red-blond-red.

One word: Slut.... (Below threshold)

One word: Slut.

What in hell is the big iss... (Below threshold)

What in hell is the big issue? I would be hard pressed to find issue with what I see here, given what I see every weekend at our local taverns and fast food eateries. You do not have to be a popular diva or star to see this stuff every day in any public eatery. Hell, I have made a fool of myself more than once at these places. Sometimes you just want to have a little fun. I am not a fan but I will not condem anyone from what I saw in this rediculous video.

Is it just me or is everyon... (Below threshold)

Is it just me or is everyone simply nuts. I think my wife is prettier than almost all of these "stars". And she is much easier to love. God, I could write a book about how wonderful she is. I prefer her to any "star" on the planet!

I think the appeal to her i... (Below threshold)

I think the appeal to her is that she's the skank you can get while her sister is the skank you can't get.

Suzi is right.Blac... (Below threshold)

Suzi is right.

Black hair is the hottest.

And I'll bet this dipweed looks like a trainwreck without makeup.

Begging to differ, red is t... (Below threshold)

Begging to differ, red is the hottest. Wavy red, below shoulder length, eyes hidden, Italian sexy red.

Hmmmm OK McCain, you win.</... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm OK McCain, you win.

And having finally seen that video, I was right -- she DOES look like a train wreck without make-up.

In response to earlier post... (Below threshold)

In response to earlier post someone is F*cking nuts if they think a star telling you that you don't get a picture unless you kiss thier feet is playful. What would happen if the crack got pissy!!! Lets face it. Money can buy friends, it can buy your way out of trouble and it can buy you a Big Mac. Now if it would only buy you some class and a singing voice Ashlee could stop being a no tallent ass clown.

You Guys it was just one F'... (Below threshold)
Ashlee S:

You Guys it was just one F'in night, leave me alone i'm only human. I apologise to all my fans out there who had to see me in this manner, as i was suffering Acid Reflux. And As for those who think i'm White trash..... You know who u r mutha f*kers, You can all go F**k yourselfs, you and the whole of Canada. Canadians are just asholes cauz they can never be americans.
Anyway Thanks to all my fans out there, and thanks to god. People dont forget to buy my new record, its out in stores TODAY.

Cool. Ash got drunk and go... (Below threshold)

Cool. Ash got drunk and got funny at Micky D's. Good stuff all around.

how classy! that is how a ... (Below threshold)

how classy! that is how a REAL woman should act ...

i didnt know she got fake boobs too.

dam she got drunk...thats f... (Below threshold)
big fan:

dam she got drunk...thats f'in hot...she should have gotten NAKED!

common people! you're all b... (Below threshold)

common people! you're all bitchin about a 20 year old getting drunk. hate to break it to you but she's not the only one.
and its thanks to people like all of you that she stays so popular. people who have any sense would see the video, chuckle and forget about it. you're making it into a bigger deal than it is.
you guys can trash talk her all you want but she'll still be making more money then all of you combined and she's having the time of her life doing it.

id still f**k her drunk fak... (Below threshold)

id still f**k her drunk fake tits and all

y guys people are so mean a... (Below threshold)

y guys people are so mean and i think that getting drunk in McDonalds is just fine and she has an amzing voice.

Doesn't she know that you g... (Below threshold)

Doesn't she know that you go to Krystal when you are sh**-faced at 3 in the morning??






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