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"I think I'll go for a walk."

Colleges are always looking for money, and one of the more reliable sources has always been successful alumni. They are usually willing to kick in a few bucks for their old school.

Unless, of course, the school goes ahead and kills off 500 of them.

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Look at the bright side... ... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

Look at the bright side... how many people get to read that they are dead? They were listed as "dead", not brain-dead, right?

Didn't I see this in a Mont... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Didn't I see this in a Monty Python movie?

"I'm not dead!"

Yeah, just like New Hampshi... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Yeah, just like New Hampshire to blame Texas. Since few of us Texans ever get to New Hampshire, you couldn't prove by us those people weren't dead.

OC Chuck, I was thinking th... (Below threshold)

OC Chuck, I was thinking the same thing. That "I'm not dead yet!" quote is priceless.

I dunno, guys. When I was i... (Below threshold)

I dunno, guys. When I was in college I had classes where everyone but me and the professor must've been dead.

And in most of the others, the professor was too...

OC, Silver, that's where I ... (Below threshold)

OC, Silver, that's where I got the title. I was hoping it would be subtle enough that not everyone would catch it right away.


I caught that one right awa... (Below threshold)
Jeff B:

I caught that one right away. Love that movie.






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