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What If Peace Broke Out In The Alito Confirmation Process?

Alexandra von Maltzan at All Things Beautiful wonders what would happen if all sides in the debate on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel Alito were, for lack of a better term, civil. No more name calling, insults, race/religion/sex baiting, etc. Sounds like a good idea, right?

In some quarters the argument may have devolved into whether or not Alito is going to march in to unsuspecting females houses and forcibly take charge of their uterus's, but honestly in the more well regarded blogs on both the right and left I've yet to see that happen. Take for example, Jeff Goldstein addressing Kevin Drum and Garance Franke-Ruta. There's plenty of other places to find investigation into Alito's record with a minimum of pejoratives, you could read up at Talk Left, Patterico's Pontifications, Talking Points Memo, and Powerline. Those sites (and many others) are discussing Alito's extensive judicial record in terms of what they may say about his ability to be confirmed.

It is said that consumers vote with their wallet. In the case of blogs, consumers vote with their eyes and keyboards. For civility to breakout in the process readers, not bloggers, will have to affect that change by averting their eyes from invective and toward civil debate.


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The Senate RINOs aren't ind... (Below threshold)

The Senate RINOs aren't indicating any hesitation about Alito so I think it's safe to conclude that regardless of blogger angst, rancor or abject love, Alito's going to be confirmed.

It'd be amusing if it wasn'... (Below threshold)

It'd be amusing if it wasn't so sad, but over there on Kevin Drum's site, people are actually arguing that "the fetus" "while inside the woman's body" is HER property, belongs to HER and that the father, the other parent of that CHILD, has no place being informed if that woman choses to take the life of that child. The word, "fetus" refers to a life stage of a human while in development, and yet still very much a living person.

Liberals will argue to a point of murder that "control" is worthy of debate, while the life of a human being in the womb is not.

What if the President was a... (Below threshold)

What if the President was a uniter not a divider?

What if Republicans were conservative?

What if Democrats were liberals?

I really don't know! It's hard to imagine any of the above.

I generally agree with this... (Below threshold)
Cultural Conservative:

I generally agree with this post, but I am astonished that someone who presumes to operate as a quasi-journalist could be ignorant of the rules of punctuation.

Doesn't being a conservative mean that you have a respect for rules and traditions? Doesn't it mean that you have a respect for competence?






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