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Adventures in Carbo Porn

Here in Manchester, there's a Bouyea-Fassett's bakery outlet. It's where their bread products go once they're within a few days of expiring and get yanked from stores. They're just as good as the fresh stuff, and about half the price -- which suits my budget just fine.

That's where I got addicted to Thomas's English Muffins. They used to carry such interesting and delicious varieties. Maple French Toast, Cinnamon, (NOT Cinnamon Raisin -- raisins are horrible perversions of perfectly decent grapes), Blueberry. But those all fell by the wayside, one by one, as people became more health-conscious, and were supplanted by wheaty, grainy, fibery variants. Fortunately, I can still enjoy Sourdough.

The breads were a similar story. I dabbled in various types, discovering that I couldn't stand rye bread, but was quite fond of sourdough (again) and italian. Also, a lot of the wheaty varieties actually weren't half bad. Currently I'm dining on Sunflower Flax, which actually has sunflower seeds embedded throughout the bread. It's odd, but I like it.

And every now and then I discover some new vice. The latest is Thomas's Toasting Bread. It's a loaf of bread, but made from English Muffin material.

Then they started getting fancy with THAT. I wasn't that impressed with the Chocolate Swirl Toasting Bread, but the Cinnamon was pretty good. And then came my downfall.

Corn Toasting Bread.

It's basically corn muffins, baked into a loaf and sliced. And it toasts in the most wonderful fashion.

I think I might have to burn down the bakery. I might end up going to jail, but it just may save my life.

And the smell of that fire will be absolutely heavenly.

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Arrggghhhh! Nostalgic pang... (Below threshold)

Arrggghhhh! Nostalgic pangs for my native New England. My Dad used to toast us up some Thomas's English Muffins on Sundays. Great stuff.

And I had to read this just as I was about to leave to go grocery shopping ... while trying to stay on my diet ...

Burn down the bakery?... (Below threshold)

Burn down the bakery?

What are you? Some sort of French muslim youth?!?!?!

I thought Thomas's English ... (Below threshold)

I thought Thomas's English Muffins were a nationwide thing. Lord knows I love some muffiny goodness upon occasion.

The things I learn...

Next thing you know I'll find out that birch beer and funnel cakes aren't national bestsellers!

Your post brought back memo... (Below threshold)

Your post brought back memories of my grandfather, who (before I was born) had a job delivering Thomas's English Muffins. It also reminds me of early Saturday mornings with my dad, when he would help me use the toaster to make some TEM's for breakfast.

They truly are amazing, and if you ever, by some horrible misfortune, end up with a cheap, smooth-on-the-inside English muffin on your plate, the difference is obvious.

By the way, if you feel like suffering some true carbo-torment, taste an Entenmann's corn muffin.

"By the way, if you feel li... (Below threshold)

"By the way, if you feel like suffering some true carbo-torment, taste an Entenmann's corn muffin."


BTW, Thomas' is now owned, along with Entenmann’s and other brands, by the George Weston Bakeries, Inc. No wonder we love their stuff - GWB. :-}

Ooh, raisins! We likes rai... (Below threshold)

Ooh, raisins! We likes raisins, we does.

Have you tried Pepperidge F... (Below threshold)

Have you tried Pepperidge Farm Toasting White?

English muffins are surpris... (Below threshold)

English muffins are surprisingly easy to make at home. Very simple and very quick. You WILL need a bunch of tuna fish cans though.

Is there a way I can delete... (Below threshold)

Is there a way I can delete these posts?

"The latest is Thomas's ... (Below threshold)

"The latest is Thomas's Toasting Bread. It's a loaf of bread, but made from English Muffin material."

. . . Umm . . . I thought "English Muffin material" was bread.






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