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Cindy Sheehan's Circle Of Friends

St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Ron Harris thouroughly debunks the twisted lies spread by Cindy Sheehan's ex-Marine pal Jimmy Massey. Massey has been touring the country with Sheehan and has claimed knowledge of dozens of separate acts of atrocities. Reporters across the nation dutifully acted as stenographers for Massey's often conflicted claims - never once checking with other reporters in Iraq embedded with Massey's old unit.

Harris was the first mainstream reporter to check Massey's stories from top to bottom; exposing him as an outright fraud. They've got a name for that kind of work - it's called reporting. Publishers who have been running Massey's lies ought to demand a little of it from their editors and reporters.

Harris's story comes the same week as Mama Moonbat shares the stage in San Francisco (at "The World Can't Wait' rally) with the leaders of the SF chapter of The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) who organized the protest.


Zombietime has an excellent photo essay on the rally.

Perhaps we should take to calling her Hanoi Cindy?


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Comments (28)

Far left winger hangin' w... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Far left winger hangin' with a communist???...who ever would have imagined that???

Why are we mentionin... (Below threshold)
B's Freak:

Why are we mentioning her at all? Come on, this story has become the reality TV version of Where's Waldo with less drama. Until someone realises that the same way Bill Clinton tore away the shield of legitimacy from NOW, Cindy Sheehan exposes the lunacy of whoever she aligns herself with, I don't care. Her next stop should be Tunis. Hell, Bush make the AntiAmbassador and send her out to protest against American interests wherever he wants to get things done our way.

I like "Cindy Sharia" bette... (Below threshold)

I like "Cindy Sharia" better than Hanoi Cindy, although her contributions to communism certainly rival her enthusiastic support of radical Islam...

I've always called her Cind... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I've always called her Cindy Sheenanigans. And I just love how it "shenanigans" is defined, too: 1 : a devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose.

It's so perfect.

In regards to Massay, I thought the Apoplectic Left "questioned everything and everyone, man!" because, "ya know, ya just gotta question everything and everyone, dude".

Unless, of course, that person(s) whole-heartedly endorses and promotes your point of view, especially against The Man, then to question him or her would just be, ya know, silly. It's all just part of a vast right-wing conspiracy anyway...

That's one fetching pattern... (Below threshold)

That's one fetching pattern on the scarf he's sporting., seem's as though I've seen it before.

Call Cindy Sheehan what you... (Below threshold)

Call Cindy Sheehan what you want, but I see Jimmy Ma$$ey as a 35-years-ago Johnny Kerry. I hear Ma$$ey's book and DVD'$ are $elling bri$kly.

Massey joins the ranks of A... (Below threshold)

Massey joins the ranks of Arnett, Rather and Salinger in the phoney miltary stories. The press didn't check on the facts of the case because they wanted it to be true. Rather is the poster child for that attitude.

At least Massey actually served in the military unlike the other anti-war "hero" Micah who lied about his even being in the military. There was another story awhile back about some pinhead with the nickname of "Babe" that some reporter just ate up the guy's story of military life--all of which was a complete and total lie.

That story was originally here: http://www.freetimes.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=2354

And was thouroughly debunked.

Well, A.N.S.W.R. has funded... (Below threshold)

Well, A.N.S.W.R. has funded Sheehan...the Crawford Kamp was/is a shooting tip from the Palestine Peace House in Crawford, built there not at all by accident.

Sorry, Crawford Peace House... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Crawford Peace House, not "Palestine..."

This is disgusting: the L.... (Below threshold)

This is disgusting: the L. A. School District bussing kids to the protests...(scroll to bottom of page for link).

About the S.F. people, they ALWAYS have their faces hidden. Masks, throwing bombs, yelling screed, Code Pink's founder (what IS her problem?!)...the U.S. flag as "bad", those jihad looking folks...the whole thing is disgusting.

You want to talk torture an... (Below threshold)

You want to talk torture and attrocities? I read this today on MSNBC...


I was searching for Veteran... (Below threshold)

I was searching for Veteran's Day activities in the area, when I came across some info from the UMASS Amherst Chapter of Students Against the War (or whatever) and their "Week Against the War". Cindy Sheehan is speaking on NOVEMBER 11th! (As is it were HER day to spout off!) The "speech" will take place at UMASS, at the conclusion of their tasteless hippy-fest.

I am appalled. I am all for free speech, but such an action on Veteran's Day, goes way to far. Interesting also that this tasteless chain of events occurs coincidentally with Veteran's Awareness Week.

What a total, complete disrespect for her own son, and all who have died to secure her freedom of speech. It is all I can do to keep myself from driving down there and beating them senseless. Any one else who thinks this is B.S. please contact UMASS and the ungrateful, disrepectful turds in the SATW group. Selfish, thankless, f-ing bastards.

What a crazy left wing nut ... (Below threshold)

What a crazy left wing nut this cindy is, how dare she try to find the truth behind why her son had to die, how dare she try to question the reasons for the war since they have actually changed several times and since the original reason given turned out to be false.....how dare she

Gaz. She knows how and why... (Below threshold)

Gaz. She knows how and why her son died. Any mother would be destroyed by the news but most of them at least *try* to honor the memory and wishes of their son or daughter.

By all accounts Casey believed in what he was doing. I believe he may have even volunteered for the mission in which he was killed.

Cindy is not searching for answers, though she may be searching for meaning... but she's doing it standing atop her son's grave waving "look at me! look at me!"

Am I supposed to respect that?

Sorry Gaz, but she could le... (Below threshold)

Sorry Gaz, but she could less about her son's death. She was anti-Bush before that and by all appearances she appears to be happy he died to give her and her Communist Party friends an excuse to campaign. Finding the truth? hah, what a pathetic joke.

Oh, and like the meme the left perpetuates WMD wasn't the only reason. It was one of 7 as stated in every speech the Pres gave and including both resolutions passed by Congress. But then again, how dare we bring up the truth.

Is it just me or does anyon... (Below threshold)

Is it just me or does anyone else look at that picture and see John Kerry in a blonde wig?

What a disgusting thing to ... (Below threshold)

What a disgusting thing to say that someone would want their own son dead, is that how low the american right has sunk now or may be you know something about american society in general that a mother would want her son dead to her the president, your guys are just amrchair morans, the same stuff is happening in the UK when soldiers are dieing their mothers and fathers are wanting to know the turth.

YOu guys wont know what the truth is if it kept smacking you in the face, truth is god told Bush to go to war to free the people so he did, this god fella he's clever he only happend to choose the country with the second biggest oil reserves int he world and which looked like an easy bet to defeat.

Gaz- You Commie jerk.... (Below threshold)

Gaz- You Commie jerk.

What gives this ONE moonbat woman the right to take the stage on Veteran's Day, a national holiday designed HONOR EVERY service member since Armistice Day (WWI)?

YOU are disgusting. Check yourself, and learn to spell (moran!). Also, try capitalizing when you use the word "Americans". (Likely not a keyboard slip).

Massey now qualifies to run... (Below threshold)

Massey now qualifies to run for president representing the Democrats in 2024. Any fake medals?

LJD: The only mor... (Below threshold)

The only moran round here is you and your rightwingg nuts along you, about the spelling well sorry but when i'm talking to a bunch of brainwashed ignorant idiots i dont really take it that seriously, so i was rushing a bit. I do apologise nice one though when you lose the argument start attacking the spelling.....lolzzzzz......what you gona do when you lose the war which is where AMERICA is heading in Iraq

O.K., now I know who I'm ta... (Below threshold)

O.K., now I know who I'm talking to.
I still wonder why you have no respect for the Americans who put on the uniform, in the name of world peace and order. You probably live in a country who's asses we've saved in recent history. You're welcome, prick.

Yes typical brainedwashed f... (Below threshold)

Yes typical brainedwashed fool, the world is not black and white its all about self interest, i am from the uk so you properly did save this countriea ass but i was'nt born her so its not an issue to do with me, now i fully accept that attacking Iraq was not just about Oil there were other factors too but to think that oil had nothing to do with it at all is just plane stupid.

You can say prick as much as you like but its not going to change the reality of the war, have you ever heard of something known as an un winnable war....well if you have'nt you'l be hearing a lot more of it soon

Let me spell it out fucker.... (Below threshold)

Let me spell it out fucker...

Friday is Veterans Day, to honor U.S. Veterans of campaigns since WWI.

It's not about Iraq. It's not about Cindy Shithead. It's about her son, who she disrespects, continually, along with me.

Understand, wanker?

Go burn with your buddies in Paris, o.k.?

P.S.364 days a yea... (Below threshold)


364 days a year I have to listen to your kind of bullshit. What great country did you move to the U.K. from, to know so much about freedom and sacrifice?

Friday is Veteran's Day. This week is Veteran's Awareness Week. Can't you just shut your friggin pie hole for one day? One week?

Regardless of your current, warped views, you simply cannot deny the role of the U.S. Military in preserving peace and freedom in the world. Have some respect.

Gaz reminds me of the fool ... (Below threshold)

Gaz reminds me of the fool at my local paper who published three anonymous military-bashing comments on Memorial Day last year.

Lsten assholes i aint got n... (Below threshold)

Lsten assholes i aint got no issue with your bludy veterens day and i dont deny the importance of the role the US troops played in ww 2 the point i raised was how the hell can anyone think a mother would want her son to die in the war.....even you wackos must admit that was an outrageous thing to say

GazThere is an old C... (Below threshold)

There is an old Chinese saying that: A man has planted a tree, raise a child, and written a book. Without doing at least two of those, you cannot understand what the Chinese guy was saying. But I know, and I also know that you do not. We do not think, nor did anyone, if I read correctly, that Cindy wished her son dead so that she could take advantage. But when it happened, she did take advantabe, and she has continued to do so.
In every war, young men die (and now young women do too), and mothers and fathers grieve. They cry out, and those close to them comfort them. We all grieve for them, as we grieve for those who die in traffic accidents, or just have heart attacks, aa a close friend of mine died this week.
But the death of one soldier, or of 1.000 soldiers, or of 2,000 soldiers does not mean the war was wrong. Or the intelligence which was proved incorrect does not prove the war was wrong. It could well be that the war against Iraq, judged by history, could be judged a good idea, if the history of the "Middle East" improves because of it. You do not know, and I do know, and most assuredly, Cindy Sheehan does not know.
The "Middle East" is a cesspool of repression, persecution of minorities, and dictators who maintain power through secret police and torture. In Syria, for example, when I was last there, I was told that about 80% of the citizens were paid by the government to report on anyone who said anything against the regime. When they had a problem with a group that intended revolt, they simply wiped out the whole suburb where they thought the problem resided. That meant every home, every citizen, every man, woman, and child in the "offending area." Study, my child, study.

Massey is no fool. How many... (Below threshold)

Massey is no fool. How many of you clowns telling lies for free ever gets to fly half way around the world to be a key speaker at a "peace forum" featuring other great leaders like Hun Sen and George Galloway. Bow down before your masters....







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