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Quote Of The Day - Lipstick Lesbians Edition

"Alcohol, sex and cheerleaders are apparently the ingredients for a hot story, because I am getting flooded with calls."
Laura McElroy, Tampa police spokeswoman, commenting on the world-wide interest in the story of Carolina Panther cheerleaders Renee Thomas, 20, and Angela Keathley, 26, arrested after a late-night sexual encounter in a Tampa bar turned ugly. I can hardly imagine why people (especially males) would be interested, though I imagine that if you changed the word "story" to "fantasy" you'd be on the right path...

See NFL Cheerleaders Gone Wild! for all the photos and video reports.


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Comments (8)

Fantasy Football Cheerleade... (Below threshold)

Fantasy Football Cheerleaders!

Just what we all needed.

As an original Carolina Pan... (Below threshold)

As an original Carolina Panthers permanent seat license owner, I hope this episode brings the value of those damn things up to close to what I paid for them.

Their trip to the Super Bowl a couple years back didnít do it. But maybe some drunken lesbian cheerleader action will tip the scales.

Has anyone checked them for... (Below threshold)

Has anyone checked them for steroids?

"Alcohol, sex and cheerlead... (Below threshold)

"Alcohol, sex and cheerleaders are apparently the ingredients for a hot story"

You think?

I bet if you had a cable network named Alcohol, Sex, and Cheerleaders (ASC) you could put Spike TV out of business. Lord knows the beer companies have been suckling off of that particular teat (...mmm) for years.

unemployed lesbians, hmmm w... (Below threshold)

unemployed lesbians, hmmm what can they do for a living?...gee...do you think they'll get an offer from Playboy?

Can't believe they fired th... (Below threshold)

Can't believe they fired them. They're losing an opportunity here.....

The Panthers are missing ou... (Below threshold)

The Panthers are missing out on a goldmine by not having a Pay Per View of "Lesbian Cheerleader Sex and Ass Whupping Extravaganza!".

...and somewhere there is asome guy writing Penthouse Forum saying, "I never thought it would happen to me but I walked into a bar and there were two NFL Cheerleaders having sex in the bathroom and then got into a catfight..." and no one would believe the story...

Hmmm Drunken cheerleaders, ... (Below threshold)

Hmmm Drunken cheerleaders, well what the NFL doesn't pick up maybe the porn industry will lmao






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