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Quote Of The Day - T.O. Bootlicker Edition

So when you really think about it, the disgruntled NFL player really has only two choices these days: Stay quiet or create a real-life version of the Jerry Springer show at the team facility.
Sports Illustrated's Jeffri Chadiha, opining about the reasons behind Philadelphia Eagles receiver Terrell Owens's season ending suspension.

Full disclosure: I'm in first place in my fantasy league; in no small part due to having Terrell Owens on my team. To say I'm a little pissed about his suspension - not for drugs or criminality, but rather for general assholery - is an understatement.

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The number one team (me) in... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

The number one team (me) in my fantasy league also has T.O., too, so I feel your pain. But I might not be that big of a loss, though—unless he's your only WR stud, then you've got problems.

Here comes the Drew Rosenhaus spin machine...

i feel your pain. i had vin... (Below threshold)

i feel your pain. i had vinnie testaverde several years ago. it was going to be his break out year. first game, he snaps his achilles tendon, after all these years, he's never recovered. now t.o. didn't have an injury, but it always hurts win you lose a marquee player.

Chadiha's analysis is prett... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Chadiha's analysis is pretty spot on at the end, too:

I'm sure he's (T.O.) sitting somewhere with a big grin on his face because this was exactly what he wanted once his hopes for a new contract vanished months ago. I'm also betting that somebody else will try the same course of action in the near future. When it comes to changing addresses in the NFL, acting like a fool is becoming a more convenient way of doing business.

And there's only one team that would take on a a-hole like T.O.: My Raiders.

Can you imagine? T.O. and Moss on the same team? Poor Kerry Collins, that would drive him back to booze for sure!

I wonder if McNabb and Jeff Garcia will form a "Former QBs of T.O." survival support group?

With a $49 million contract... (Below threshold)

With a $49 million contract, T.O. had nothing to be disgruntled about.

So none of the people Chadi... (Below threshold)

So none of the people Chadiha highlights are out of control, mentally stunted, emotionally deranged, near-psychopathic freaks who would be incarcerated absent life-long codling and special treatment? But, instead, are brilliant strategists, fully in charge of themselves and their environment, able to psychologically manipulate and control those who’ve attained their position though intellect alone? Wow, who’d have thought.

Kevin, I feel your pain. I ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I feel your pain. I did great in my fantasy team last year, because I had both McNabb and Owens on my team...at the same time, I died with them, when Reid sat them down at the end of the season then they decided to play like mopes in the playoffs.

TWO demands a trade to Phil... (Below threshold)

TWO demands a trade to Philly. SF jams him up by trading him to Baltimore. TWO has the player's association step in and quash that deal and force the Philly deal, so that TWO can be happy.

And now, a couple of years later, we have this.

Karmic payback for TWO would be for him to be traded/sold to the Lions, so that he could have a nice, happy reunion with Steve Mariucci and Jeff Garcia, but it looks like TWO is holding out for Atlanta - it seems he wants to play with Michael Vick now.

Getting traded to Oakland would be perfect, though - that way, no one would see him in the home market (all Raider games are blacked out nowadays) but he'll be able to act his usual fool on the road. The Vampire will have to figure out a way to bill Oakland and/or Alameda County for half of the contract, tho. Don't discount the drinking quarterback angle in Oaktown - it worked pretty well for Ken Stabler.

Better yet - trade him to the Cowboys, and he can do the Center Star dance all he likes and no one will give a rip. And Jerry Jones may just be stupid enough to pick up that contract.

What a Jackhole.

Trade him to Edmonton, I he... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Trade him to Edmonton, I hear their offense needs some help.

Now, I'm a huge Eagles fan,... (Below threshold)

Now, I'm a huge Eagles fan, but I am so damned sick of TO that I hope the Eagles don't even make it to the playoffs. Any team that put up with that jackass for this long deserves what it gets. I don't care how great of a player he is, he's an asshole who shouldn't be playing for anybody.

Though I don't think I need to worry too much about my Eagles getting very far... *sighs*

With his contract and his p... (Below threshold)

With his contract and his penchant for locker room upset, only the most foolhardy coach would look at him him. He certainly wouldn't be touched by Belichick or Dungy.

This guy would fit in well in the NBA though.

"assholery"Great!<... (Below threshold)



Is there anything more path... (Below threshold)

Is there anything more pathetic than admitting you participate in 'fantasy' sports?

ICallMas,Yes, admi... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Yes, admitting to blogging! LOL






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