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Talk show host accused of murder

I've often spoken kindly of talk radio, and to be perfectly blunt, I've used it as a resource on numerous occasions -- not always with attribution. There are a lot of parallels between blogging and talk radio; the host does most of the talking, but often the audience contributes the most valuable insights.

But not all is sunshine and light in the talk-radio business. One noted talk-show host (by others; I've never heard of the guy) by the name of James Keown, who has (or, more likely, had) a show in Missouri and was apparently the toast of the town.

But Mr. Keown apparently was living a double life, and one well beyond his means. A married man, he liked living the single life. And he rubbed elbows with the high and mighty, wiping out his and his wife's savings in an effort to keep up appearances.

Until it finally got too much for him, and he allegedly poisoned his wife.

He was arrested while live, on the air. And there are a hell of a lot more details here, here, and here.

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Wasn't there another "I gra... (Below threshold)

Wasn't there another "I graduated from Harvard (or some other) and you should let me take your daughter to some far-off state, etc" recently?

And if so, does it relate to this, either directly or indirectly?

Obvioulsy wasn't a conserva... (Below threshold)

Obvioulsy wasn't a conservative or the Headlines would have read "Conservative radio host poisoned wife"

MQ, that was the first thin... (Below threshold)

MQ, that was the first thing I noticed about the article, too.

Don't suppose someone has a... (Below threshold)

Don't suppose someone has a recording of the arrest?

Can Al Franken be far behin... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Can Al Franken be far behind?

Is it just my imagination o... (Below threshold)

Is it just my imagination or does Mr. Keown bear an odd (facial) resemblance to Scott Peterson? Maybe those phrenologists were on to something.

MQ, you got it backwards. ... (Below threshold)
Frank A.:

MQ, you got it backwards. He IS a conservative talk show host, but you wouldn't know it reading CNN's coverage today. No mention. Now, were it a liberal talk show host, liberal commentator, liberal voter...






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